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Does Virtual Reality affect the perception of human mind?

How Human body adopt surroundings? How technology like VR affect consciousness of human mind? Answers of such question based on a book name, Understanding Media. It is a history-changing book. It is all about the initial thoughts of the worldwide web and other related terminologies as global village, media, and messages. Some 30 years ago, he successfully conceived the comprehensive idea of ‘the medium is itself the message.’ Marshall McLuhan is the man behind all these revolutionary theories. His thought-provoking idea of interchangeability of the modern terms as

1. Media


3. Medium

4. Message

The Extensions of Man

In his book, Understanding Media, McLuhan explored the dimensions of technology in relation to the human mind and its perceptions. For example, you yourself are no more alone, your technology buddies are with you 24/7. How amazing it is! You and your technology are co-operative enough with each other. It helps you as much as it can but within its limits. A passenger, as well as the pilot of an airplane, is well aware of the limitations of an airplane. Such as it can fly only in the air rather than any other medium. So, a pilot can never think of taking it into the sea.

While calculating how much VR affect consciousness of human body, we should understand that human body readily adapts to its surroundings. When you sit on the bed for hours and hours. You may notice that after this long sitting time span when you try to stand, you stagger. Same happens when you try to cross a road or drive a car while using a mobile phone. Your mind cannot switch over thoughts so fast. Your mind is on the phone, rather than concentrating on the road. This leads to a number of accidents. You have seen a number of signboards on the roads, saying ‘Do not use mobile phones while driving.’ This technology totally makes your individuality unclear. McLuhan says that the technology itself does not interfere our behavior or personality whereas the material it provides totally transforms your individual character.

Humans of today, Cyborgs

The cyborgs are no more imaginative and inspirational creatures, as we, human beings are cyborgs now. Andy Clark and Dave Chalmers, belong to the same thinking platform and explained the new horizon of mind beyond the body. As modern society is completely dependent on technology and VR affect consciousness. These modern cyborgs are obsessed by the medium of technology. The first sight of colorful candies craves them to earn points by touching them. All drivers prefer to use GPS system instead of making use of their cognitive skills. Rather than trusting their intuition, they take willingly the long route as GPS directs them.

Social media is an infringement and violation of your privacy. Your accounts are no more safe but we, living in the modern world consider ourselves liberals by giving others access to our individuality. People with limited social media education are the worst victims of this radical change. As they do not have any slightest idea, that how destructive this change could be. Extended mind theory of Clark and Media Extensions of McLuhan explain that your mind not only controls your body but also keeps you aware of the thoughts and feelings of the person sitting next to you. This takes you on a psychedelic trip with the feelings and mindset of your neighbor.

Conclusion on VR affect consciousness

Virtual reality is all around in the modern society. The world has become a global village in the words of McLuhan. Humans become so much indulged in the usage of technology mediums that there is no fine line between yourself and the surrounding. That day is not far when human beings will become robots. The need of the time is to preserve human characteristics.

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Does Virtual Reality affect the perception of human mind?


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