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Why Is Crowd Control So Good In Low Elo? Malphite, Amumu, Blitzcrank?

Why Is Crowd Control So Good In Low Elo?

Thinking of most of the Notoriously good champions in low elo Malphite, Amumu, Blitzcrank etc. they have one thing in common. They are relatively easy to play and offer engage and CC. Amumu is really good in low elo because he can offer tons off cc and a bandage toss engage while using ult he can catch multiple people out of position. Malphite’s ult offers engage and even if the enemy could win the fight they seem to be scared to fight after getting 3 man + Malphite ulted. Blitzcrank is pretty straight forward as even in higher elos if you get hooked there is a good chance you are going to die. Blitzcrank landing a hook in lower elos may be a lot more rare but once it does land the team that gets hooked most definately won’t fight back as a hard ingrained fear lies in every bronze players psyche. “OMG I got Blitz hooked GG” Even though their team may be up 30 kills, if you get Blitz hooked they cannot overcome the Blitz fear and start running away and flaming the guy that gets hooked.

I would say another more dominate thing in low elo is the complexity of each champion being played. You can be sure a Bronze Lee Sin or a Bronze Zed is going to lose the game simply on the fact that the champion is far too complex to be played at a lower level consistently enough to have over a 50% win rate, you can be sure of it. Bruiser seem to rule low elo as they usually have engage plus the enemy carries havent learned yet how to kite properly and will most likely get caught out of just plain be out of position vs a champion like Wukong. Champions like Pantheon absolutely destroy low elo solo queue as they are easy to play and offer cc plus damage and every one in low elo runs in fear without kiting the bruisers because the fear we talked about earlier. If lux in a low elo knows how to land a bind it is most certainly a kill.

I would also suggest that natural pushing champions can dominate low elo as well, champions like malzahar who naturally push the lane and force the enemy to farm under tower have a significant advantage in low elo. Why? Because in low elo no one knows how to farm under turret well enough to even go even on cs plus the push champions can cs very easily with their wave clear. you can win lane just on pushing alone in low elo. Kayle is also a really good champion in low elo as all you have to do is press E and shred through their whole enemy team with no mechanics required. Playing any carry lane or champion in low elo is pretty much a waste of time as bruisers and engagers will rule this elo as mentioned before. Garen full tank top lane should win a lot of low elo games. Shaco and champions like Evelynn will always be strong low elo as one of the biggest mistakes in low elo is positioning and these champions along with twitch absolutely punish positioning mistakes. If you are struggling in low elo try out some of the champions listed above as you will surely be able to squeak out some wins!

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Why Is Crowd Control So Good In Low Elo? Malphite, Amumu, Blitzcrank?


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