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Mid Or Feed – Dealing With An Lol Troll.

We are going to have a look at one of the most frustrating things in League Of Legends and that is…Getting stuck with an Lol Troll. Nothing can mount frustration worse than getting stuck in champion select and someone picks Trundle Mid. Ah Trundle, the actual real Troll we meet again.

Mid Or Feed…

“Mid or feed” used to be one of the most frustrating tactics in Seasons before when in ranked there was no roles assigned to each person and everyone had to copy paste “Mid Please” in chat before the next guy to call his role first.

There are players in League Of Legends that troll even up to the high ranks of lol.

High Elo trolling is obviously less rare because so much more attention is payed at the higher levels from Riot Games that the more attention that is on the person the more likely someone from Riot is watching a High Elo steam and personally bans the person. People who troll and get mad at players and tell their teammates their weaknesses and “Nice Flash” types of guys are extremely annoying and one must ask themselves if these guys are really mad at you or just plain trolling? They get your team to want to not win anymore and make everyone on the team mad. As soon as your team gets mad at the Lol Troll it’s basically over at that point. People start breaking down and not caring about winning anymore. This is why you will most likely find lol trolls at lower levels of the game. Bronze and Silver contain the most amount of trolls for a reason. They make everyone on your team not want to win and that significantly reduces your chance of winning by a huge percentage. If you are playing an aram you can show them my Aram Tier List.

Mid or feed Lol Troll

The best way to deal with an Lol Troll is to…

The one thing you can do is troll them right back. If they say “Mid or Feed” you can just lock in Zilean ADC and watch them cry. The secret is you are actually going to set up a pocket pick just for this very occasion. Practice your pocket pick on occasion so when Mr. “Mid Or Feed” shows up you can whip out that Lux Top and actually win the game. Obviously there is more ways they can troll you like playing Udyr support with Clarity. Just stick to the game plan and mute them and carry the game. When you troll them right back they lose the desire to troll you.

Run it up mid…

Running it up mid was a classic strategy by just Straight hard feeders since the beginning of Lol’s existence. The idea is that you basically run straight up mid lane and just feed kills over and over until your team forfeits or you guys just straight lose the game. Tyler1 the famous streamer was banned for doing just this exact strategy except he decided to stream it to hundreds if not thousands of people at the time. It remains to be discovered how exactly the straight hard feeders get enjoyment out of doing this. My best guess is that they just need attention and are doing what they have to do just to get it.


Troll the troll or be trolled.

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Mid Or Feed – Dealing With An Lol Troll.


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