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Top 10 Historic God Tier Champs In League Of Legends

If you are looking for A high quality list of the most Historic God Tier Champs then look no further. This list is going to be from all the seasons of League Of Legends and who we believe has been the most OP over the years. Champions that have been released after the game came out will be considered as well.

10. Lee Sin

Lee Sin has been a solid jungler for the most part ever since his release in season 1. He is not very noobie friendly but offers extreme gank potential if you can land your skill shots. Lee Sin is coveted by many high elo and pro players for a reason. If you can unlock Lee Sins full potential the possibilities are enormous. Lee Sin is an extremely mobile champion that has a lot of early game pressure but falls off more late game and mostly gets built into a tank late game. If you are experienced in League Of Legends I would guess you have already tried Lee Sin out.

9. Ahri

Ahri has been around since season 2 and has been viable in pretty much every season since then. She has bounced around in popularity coming in and out of the meta. If you would have mained Ahri when she came out you would have treated yourself well from then until now. Ahri can lane pretty good in most match ups and doesn’t have too many hard counters.

8. Renekton

Renekton was introduced into League in season 1 and has been a solid Top Laner for a long time. He struggles against ranged match ups as all melee champions do. Renekton has high all in potential with his two dashes and a stun. Renekton is pretty much one of the champions you think of when you think of Top Lane.

7. Soraka

Soraka was one of the original 40 champions in League Of Legends and has been annoying people with her heals since day 1. I remember a time when Soraka could give herself mana and heal herself, she had infinite sustain and could lane with the best of them. Soraka is most definitely one of the easiest champions to learn as she can be played very passively and sit behind her ADC and heal like there is no tomorrow.

6. Ekko

Ekko hasn’t been around as long as most the other champions on this list. He came into the game in season 5 and was overpowered for a long time. He is definitely a God Tier Champ just by how long he was extremely strong. He has fallen out of favor a little but recently but still remains a viable solid pick. Ekko has a lot of potential and can be played top, mid, or jungle for the most part.

5. Maokai

Maokai came in the game in season 1 and has been solid for a long time. Maokai used to be considered a jungler back in the days when The Oddone used to play him for TSM. He is now considered a Top Laner and is a really strong tank. Maokai has a lot of CC and slows and like mentioned before is extremely tanky which is always good for a Top Laner.

4. Janna

Janna was one of the original 40 champions in League Of Legends and has remained pretty consistent throughout her time in League. Janna has always had a consistent high win rate for a reason. Janna Is currently at a 55% Win rate as of writing this, she is very good at peeling for her ADC as she has multiple forms of cc and peel and heals. Janna’s passive gives 8% move speed to nearby allies which used to be global and was outright overpowered for a long time.

3. Orianna

Oriana has been around since season 1 and has been pretty consistent throughout her Reign as one of the staples of Mid Lane. Orianna has a ton of wave clear once she gets a little bit of mana sustain. Orianna’s team fights are what make her really strong as one ShockWave can change the course of the game. Orianna is definitely a God tier champ as she can be really good team mate with a lot of ball combos.

2. Annie

Annie was one of the original 40 Champions in League Of Legends and has been strong basically ever since her release. Annie’s burst potential and ability to delete carries is top tier. I would say Annie is strong enough to play in any lane and is definitely a solid pick for a new player as she has a point and click stun and a lot of damage to follow that stun up with. If you are looking to main any mid laner I would look no further. If you are looking to learn Annie I would turn to Annie Bots Stream to learn how to play Annie.

1. Riven

Riven came out In the beginning of season 2 and is still to this day a very very strong champion. Riven requires a lot of skill to play with her animation cancels but her all in potential is disgusting. Nothing strikes fear into the enemies eyes when they find out they are going against a Riven main. Riven comes in at number 1 and is definitely the most historic God Tier Champ in the game.

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Top 10 Historic God Tier Champs In League Of Legends


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