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Top 5 Best ARAM Champs In League Of Legends

This Is our opinion on the best 5 Aram champs in League Of Legends. Most of this may come as no surprise. We tried to do the best we could to be as accurate as possible. Check it out…

#5 Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune comes in at number 5 for multiple reasons. Miss Fortune is a ranged Champion for starters. Ranged champions in ARAM are pretty much a must. Her Q can poke enemies while still staying safe and getting CS. Her E can slow enemies making it a great disengage tool. By far the number one reason to pick Miss Fortune in ARAM is her ult. Bullet Time does insane damage and can pretty much win you any team fight if the enemies clump and you get a good ult off. I think out of all the AD Carries you want to get Miss Fortune if you can.


#4 Sona

Sona is a nightmare to deal with in ARAM. Her heals become increasingly annoying as she gets her mana pool up. When sona gets max cool down reduction and a big mana pool it can be frustrating to deal with. Sona offers a speed boost to her and her team which is really good on ARAM. When Sona gets a Lich Bane watch out, SHE HURTS! Slap a Death Cap somewhere in there and now you have a recipe for some serious DPS. Her ultimate Crescendo can lock multiple champions up and be an initiation tool or a peel tool to keep other carries alive if needed.


#3 Xerath

Xerath is one of the best raw poke champions in the game and it’s no wonder he is one of the Best Aram Champs. Xerath is just point blank ridiculous when it comes to poke if you have someone that is playing him that is good at hitting skill shots. I’ve played many games where the enemy Xerath would legit 1v5 our team with poke as the other 4 people on their team weren’t engaging on us and we couldn’t engage on them. Xerath just sits in the back and pokes at long range until you get low then he pulls out his ultimate and cleans you up. If you can land skill shots, PICK THIS GUY.


#2 Vel’Koz

Another poke champion, is there any surprise here? Vel’Koz also has insane poke with his q and can get pretty cheeky with his Q and throw it at angles off the side of the map you can’t see but somehow his Q comes and hits you when you can’t even see it coming. His ultimate is just downright disgusting to deal with. Every time you try to fight against a team with Vel’Koz you can be sure that he is going to give you hell if your team decides to line u in a straight line. Give Vel’Koz some form of protection in the back and you are going to have a hard time dealing with him.


#1 Lux

If you have ever played ARAM against a Lux then you probably weren’t surprised when you scrolled down and found Lux at #1 were you? Where to begin? Ok, Lux is the best ARAM champ for more reasons then should be allowed. Lux has a Q that can bind multiple champs. If you have played ARAM enough times you probably know how important Crowd Control is. She has a shield that can shield multiple teammates, sigh. Her E is a slow and like all of her other spells can be launched from very far away and you can remain virtually unkillable in the back. Hell, all her abilities have such a long range you basically need to try to die if it’s going to happen. Lux has an ultimate just like Vel’Koz but hers is instant and hurts pretty bad. If you ever get the chance to pick Lux you need to at least give her to one of your team mates so you guys can have her presence on the map.

Top 5 Aram Champs Conclusion…

Well there you have it, the best 5 ARAM champs in League Of Legends. Thinks to note is these champions can be outplayed on ARAM if you have some form of engage but it still is certainly difficult. Champions with reliable engage can really be a problem for poke champions. Champions such as Malphite and Amumu can offer some good AOE engage while being able to soak up a lot of damage while your team gets closer and jumps on them. If you are ever against a heavy poke team like the Champions listed above I would recommend to wait it out and just not die and just try to defend as best as you can while building tankier. Eventually you will have enough tank items to be able to try to jump on them. Also, hard tank champions can be really good on ARAM as long as you can get the items. Stall the game out and don’t give up.

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Top 5 Best ARAM Champs In League Of Legends


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