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Top 10 Worst ARAM Champions

As I was making a post of the best Aram champions, I got thinking about the horrific pre-game lobby RNG. We’ve all had it, when you get your main but someone dodges Then you get a boring champ like Nocturne or Udyr. Man, it’s so frustrating. So out of pure interest, I decided to see which champions perform the worst in ARAM. I’ll be compiling this list using my own experiences too. I’ll be getting win-rate stats from this site but I won’t be making the list based solely on these stats. Ryze for example has a pathetic 36.3% win-rate but he’s actually a great ARAM champion if you know how to use him.

Please note that yes, sometimes these champions do well. But this is dependent on the player & enemies, I’ve done well as full crit/attack speed Xerath before. In general, these are the champions you least want on your team.

10. Rengar

Win-rate: 41%

I’ve faced many a full lethality Rengar who have hard carried but unless the team matchups are prefect and the Rengar player is experienced, this assassin is a free loss. He either dives in and gets blown up or goes full tank and doesn’t contribute much. Combine this with the counter that is Oracle’s Elixir and you have one of the worst champions you can get in ARAM!

9. Elise

Win-rate: 40.9%

I’ll happily bet the reason behind Elise’s low win-rate is due to inexperienced players. I’ve tried to learn Elise before, didn’t get far at all. She’s obviously a serious champion who can perform well, as she sees a ton of pro play. But if you haven’t a clue how to use her then you might as well afk, save yourself from feeding the enemy team. Her mana issues are extremely evident in ARAM, as well as her tendencies to get demolished in team-fights. Like Rengar, if you know how to play Elise well then don’t reroll!

8. Xin Zhao

Win-rate: 48%

Xin provides excellent single target damage but he’s just too damn squishy. You can definitely go in once or twice but you’ll take so much damage that you have to either wait until you die or keep picking up health packs to be relevant again. You can purchase a Warmogs to help you out but Xin Zhao really needs the damage to contribute to the team. You’ll be behind from the start and a behind Xin Zhao is a useless Xin Zhao.

7. Shyvana

Win-rate: 44.5%

Shyvana can easily 1v5 if the teams are in her favor but 99% of the time, they aren’t. Her passive is absolutely useless, it gives her bonus damage to Dragons & Vilemaw but obviously, they don’t exist on the Howling Abyss. As you’ve probably noticed, fighters have a really difficult time in ARAM, Shyvana gets blown up the instant she engages. You can build her completely full tank and have mild success but overall, players will beat her with ease if they have any damage or CC.

6. Tryndamere

Win-rate: 41.4%

Sweet jesus, I hate Tryndamere in ARAM so much. He’s so weak to poke and by the time he can engage, he has such low HP that any kind of aoe damage will take him out. His ult helps with this but with multiple enemies fighting back, any kind of CC will render him incapable of using his ultimate in a meaningful way. This isn’t just for players who don’t know how to play Tryndamere, I’ve seen Trynd mains feed hard and complain about the lack of ability to do anything.

5. Aatrox

Win-rate: 40.1%

The only time I’ve ever seen an Aatrox do well in ARAM was a full AP build against a squishy team. Q into the enemies, use your ultimate and hope they’re low enough for your team to follow up. Other than that, Aatrox is pathetic on the Howling Abyss. Vulnerable to kiting, burst & poke means he rarely encounters a favorable match-up. Make sure to reroll him if you’re ever unfortunate enough to get him in the pre-game lobby!

4. Nocturne

Win-rate: 39.9%

You’d think Nocturne would be decent in ARAM, he has some useful tools like his spellshield & fear but they aren’t effective enough. Even if you pick your fights carefully, Nocturne won’t bring enough burst to take down even a squishy before he gets deleted. You can go for a bruiser build which you’ll find is more viable but it’s still not good enough to be considered a half-decent champion.

3. Udyr

Win-rate: 39.4%

Udyr is, in my opinion, the ugliest champion in the entire game. His entire model is so silly, he’s the only champion I dodge games with if I have no rerolls. It’s no secret he’s in a horrific state on the Summoner’s Rift at the moment but he’s even worse on the Howling Abyss. He falls behind so quickly and by the time he has the items he needs to be relevant, the enemies already have another full completed item. Such a low win-rate is proof of this.

2. Evelynn

Win-rate: 35.9%

Oracle’s Elixir.

1. LeBlanc

Win-rate: 32.8%

We all know LeBlanc is busted on Summoner’s Rift, she brings great burst, amazing mobility and the ability to delete waves. So why is she so bad in ARAM? There’s the fact that her new kit is extremely confusing to new LeBlanc players, I was never a pro with her but I could carry ARAMs easily, now I still don’t understand her ultimate. Her delayed burst means all 5 of the enemies can see exactly what you’re about to do, so even if you know how to play her, you’ll have a rough time trying to be effective.

LeBlanc relies massively on skirmishes & flanks, such things are nonexistent in ARAM. Combine this with the fact that most players who get her haven’t the foggiest how to play her, and you have the worst champion in ARAM!

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Top 10 Worst ARAM Champions


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