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How to Choose a Gaming Chair

When you think about building and playing on your very own Gaming PC, you don't often think about what you'll be sitting on while playing. However, choosing the right gaming Chair for you is very important. You need something that suits your style and will be comfortable for as long as possible. You can jump from cheap chair to cheap chair but it's better to invest in a long term solution. Gaming chair's come in all different styles, sizes, and have all different functionalities. You can go for an office like chair for pure ergonomics. Or you might want something flashy for your viewers, to match your new gaming keyboard and gaming mouse, or just to show to your friends. So let's look at what you need to know before getting your gaming chair.


Racing style chair next to office style chair
Which style do you prefer? The racing style bucket chair or the cushy office style chair?

When looking at buying a gaming chair you will see many different styles of chair. One of the main styles of chair you will see around is the racing car style chair. While they are not optimised for long gaming sessions, they can still be quite comfortable and look very cool. You will often see a lot of gamers who stream using this style of chair. More often the racing style chair has more features designed for gamers like the Bathurst chair which allows you to lean back for extra comfort. The other major style of chair you will find is ones you would find in a office. These range from the high end CEO style chairs to the everyday cushioned office chairs. This style is made for longer periods sitting at a desk so are worth looking in to if you are at a desk for long periods of time.


Chair Technology

No I don't mean the technology behind making a chair. I mean technology in your chair. We're talking about chairs with speakers inside of them, to really immerse you in your gaming experience. The place to go for these amazing gaming chairs is X Rocker. They have a whole host of different styles of chairs which are compatible with a lot of different audio set ups. You might want to get an office style chair that can still immerse you when you need it. The Deluxe Office chair comes with Bluetooth connectivity while still being comfortable and ergonomic. If you're looking something to really kick it back in and don't mind being low to the ground, check out the Pro H3. It sits very low to the ground to allow you to really relax and also comes with some great audio features.

Why a Good Gaming Chair is so Important

A chair for your gaming setup might be the last thing on your mind. But good posture and a healthy back is important to everyone. Your whole nervous system is located in your spine so you have to look after it. And no one likes having a sore back after a long gaming session. Maybe you have a stiff neck or find that your arms are sore after hours of gaming. Different components of any good chair will help solve this problems. Don't know what chair feature will help what pain? Well let's get in to what component will make your gaming chair perfect for your posture and pains.

The Headrest

A Headrest
A lovely spot to rest your head that helps your posture - the headrest.

Obviously the head is one of the most important parts of your body. A headrest is exactly that, a place to rest your head. Many gamers will use their PC for activities other than gaming like reading or watching videos. When leaning in a reclined position, a headrest will provide comfort while also supporting your neck. With a good chair back and a more protruding headrest you will be given better posture as well. The head rest will be able to push your neck in to a better position for your overall posture. While definitely not a must have in every chair, a headrest can help both your posture and your relaxation.


An armrest adjusting.
Adjustable armrests allow you to obtain the optimal comfort setting for your arms while gaming.

If you're able to, try reading this article or typing something out while sitting on a chair with armrests and one without. You can immediately feel the difference between the two chairs.Wwhen using a chair without armrests your arms have no where to rest and are pulling down. Backcare & Seating tells us that this will start to cause more stress on your shoulders and eventually lead to pains in your neck. The other problem you might run in to while not using armrests is wrist pains. Your elbows will be set lower meaning that your wrists will have to stretch more and become weaker. I recommend getting a chair with adjustable armrests for your different needs. Sometimes an armrest might be in the way or a friend might find it to high when using your chair. Having an adjustable armrests gives you and others the comfort you all deserve.

Back Support

No gamer should have to deal with a bad back so back support is essential.

We've all had back pains once in our life. It's no fun and only gets worse the older you get and the more times you let your posture slip. Thankfully a lot of office and gaming chairs are designed to help with this problem. As shown in this article, the lower part of your back naturally curves in towards your stomach so chair designers help support that position with a curved design in the region called lumbar support. You would be hard pressed to find a new chair that does not come with lumbar support. If you are unfortunate enough to have found such a chair, there are lots of slip on lumbar supports out there. If you can't get your hands on that, use a small pillow to replicate the shape. A good back is important for a good healthy life so you best look after the one you have with a good gaming chair.


Which Gaming Chair should I get?

I've only scratched the surface of the many different gaming chairs that are out there. There's so many different designs and features that you might want to consider in your gaming chair so make sure you shop around. I personally picked up the Bathurst chair from Officeworks that I mentioned earlier and I am really enjoying it. Adjustable armrests and a great lean make it perfect for my gaming needs but it might not be for yours. You can check out their full range of office and gaming chairs online or go in store and have a little sit in each one. Look for the features you like and make sure you test every chair you can before making your purchase. It might not seem like a big decision but your back and butt would say otherwise, so look out for them.

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How to Choose a Gaming Chair


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