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Frequently Asked Questions

There are such questions about the game that seem to circulate all the time around community of new GW2 players. Those frequently asked questions are usually easy to answer , but the answers for a few of them, are not so obvious, even for those who spent many many hours playing the game.

I have decided to create this post with frequently asked questions to help those who are lost, and I tried to answer them. Some of those questions and answers You can easily find on other GW2 websites. Some of them are created by me or are "copy/pasted" strait from GW2 forums or Fb-pages dedicated to this game.

The list of questions below will be constantly replenished with new ones.

  1. Is there any endgame in GW2 ?  What to do after my Character reaches level 80 ?    
  2. The real game actually starts after You reach level 80. It is maximum level that Your character can reach in Guild Wars 2, but it does not mean that the game is over. Opinions, that there is nothing to do after a player reaches maximum level, are outdated and false. This kind of opinions are widely spread by those who quit playing the game long time ago - right after the game was released. The things changed nowadays  - GW2 developers created enormous amount of tasks to fulfil for us. Here are a few examples of what You can do. Finishing all of them could keep You occupied for a few years:
  • Dungeons, Fractals, Raids.
  • Joining a guild. Guild missions.
  • Participating in Halloween events, Wintersday events and other events.
  • Unlocking specific titles for Your character.
  • Getting good at fighting, practising skills. 
  • Developing Your character to the max. Unlocking all the skills and specialisations. 
  • Unlocking all the masteries
  • Daily achievements
  • WvW, PvP
  • Buying / crafting ascended or legendary armour and weapons.
  • Finishing personal story. Finishing the stories in Your personal journal.
  • World Bosses
  • Map Completion achievement.
  • Creating and developing another character and choosing the main.
  • Role-playing
  •  If I delete all my characters will I be able to change servers for free? 
  • Yes. But make sure You really want to do it, otherwise You will loose all Your characters forever, and You will regret it. There is however another safer method for changing servers - with gems.You can also change servers for free without deleting any of Your characters if You bought one of the expansions - You can do it for 0 gems just once.
  • In how many guilds one player can be at one time?
  • Five. If You are an owner of a guild, You can be in another four. However it is not possible to represent more than one guild at a time - You can decide which one.
  • What is the best way to get gold in the game?
  • There is no "best" way to do it. The world in GW2 is changing from time to time, and therefore the ways to get rich also. There are of course things that you can do to earn some in-game money, but which one is the best - hard to say. Some people saying: Do Fractals and Raids, others - go to a specific location and just keep killing mobs. Here is what I do:
    • Gathering all the materials I can. Without selling them! Materials are more important than gold in GW2.
    • Salvaging or selling low quality items.
    • Doing Daily Achievements (minimum 2GOLD par day guaranteed.
    • (This answer will be developed further soon, stay updated)
  • Is there a healer class in Guild Wars 2 ?
  • No, there is not. All the classes have some basic healing skills. There are, however, the classes that have stronger healing skills and specialisations allowing them to heal others more efficiently. For example (Ranger with Druid spec. , Elementalist with water skills. , Guardians with a large variety of protection and healing skills)
  • Is Guild Wars 2 really free to play ?
  • Yes... and no. The main content (so called vanilla content) is absolutely free to play. All You have to do is - go to the official website and download the game from there. However, If You want to be able to play two expansions - You need to pay. Some items in the game are not free also - but they are just cosmetics or "eye-candies", or things that making the gameplay a bit more comfortable for a player. Guild Wars 2 is definitely NOT the "pay to win" type of a game.
  •  To be continued...

    This post first appeared on Guild Wars 2 Adventure -blog, please read the originial post: here

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    Frequently Asked Questions


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