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Easter Eggs in World of Warcraft: Legion You Might Not Have Noticed

The Noblegarden event may be over, but these are not the Easter Eggs we’re talking about. The long standing MMORPG World of Warcraft has had many running gags and pop culture references over the past 13 years. In the latest expansion, World of Warcraft: Legion, there are new things to find as well. We’re here to give you some examples of the great crossovers and funny tidbits that can be found throughout the game!

Characters from other games, videos or in real life

Charlie the Sunrunner, pictured with the perpetrators and the Youtube version
“They took my freaking kidneys!”

Charlie the Unicorn comes from an animated YouTube series released in 2006, where the reluctant unicorn is coerced into joining two friends on an adventure, only to be ceaselessly exploited for his soft-heartedness. In Legion, Charlie is a diseased Sunrunner that is located next to the two rare spawns known as “Devious Sunrunner”, and “Sinister Leyrunner”.

Ruthless + Hakkap and Toothless + Hiccup
A nod to the protagonists of the 2010 animated movie, How to Train Your Dragon

In one of the Hunter’s artifact quests, they find themselves in a Vrykul tomb with four huge flags on each wall that tell the stories of the deceased warriors. One story tells of a one legged hero named Hakkap, the first to tame the Storm Drakes, who had a powerful black drake named Ruthless. Sound familiar?

The NPCs in Dalaran with their Final Fantasy references
Cloud, Koraudo, Aerith and… Aerith

Who could forget the lovely couple in Legion’s version of Dalaran, who are obviously Blizzard’s play on Aerith and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. A flower girl and a guard with a giant “Buster Sword”? Who else could it be? They’re even named Aerith Primrose and Koraud (the Japanese pronunciation of Cloud is Kuraudo). Interestingly enough, Koraud will say “Damn, ! Back at it again with the sweet shades!” when you walk past him with a certain quest.


Warlords of Draenor cinematic VS Questline in game
What’s “everything” when you have nothing to lose, right?

This phrase from Gul’dan in the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor cinematic is well-known amongst Warcraft fans. It gets mentioned by a couple of NPCs while outside of a cave, and turns into a tongue-in-cheek moment. Talk about having a reference about your own game within that same game!

Put that druid back where he came from, so help me

dalaran city sea lion
Rub a dub dub, a druid in a tub?

Players who wander around Dalaran City would certainly have missed this one little tidbit. Within the First Aid store, hidden in a corner inside a bathtub, sits a druid who can’t turn back into a humanoid. Injured in combat and too weak to shapeshift, this poor sea lion needs to stay in the tub to keep from drying out.

When you talk to him, he says: “What’re you lookin’ at? Ain’t ye ever seen a sea lion before? Yes, I’m a druid and… well… I’m kind of stuck like this for a while. […] Do me a favor and don’t mention this to any of the other druids, they’ll never let me live it down!”

There are so many other Easter Eggs in Legion that would simply take forever to list out. Did you find one that you enjoyed in particular?

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Easter Eggs in World of Warcraft: Legion You Might Not Have Noticed


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