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10 Things They Never Told You About Gaming As An Adult

You’ve finished your studies, found a job, and got a place of your own. Congratulations! You’re finally an Adult. How does it feel like to be Gaming as an adult? We present to you ten things that every gamer who has entered adulthood faces.

1. You’ll be able to buy lots of games

Steam library
It would take me five lifetimes to finish every single one of these.

For most of us, a month’s paycheck is equivalent to many, many months of pocket money from when we were younger. Unlike before, we can now afford to go crazy during Steam sales, Humble Bundles, and when new games are released. Every title that looks cool goes into your games library.

However, there is a catch.

2. You won’t have time to play the games you bought

Skyrim Steam play time
Who the hell owns Skyrim and only spends 39 minutes playing it???

“0 hours played” will be the sad, permanent state of 90% of your games. “1 hour played” probably means that the game has entertained you immensely, while “10 hours played” means that the game is literally your soulmate. Thank you adulthood, career, bills, family etc.

3. “Gaming” is not seen as a legit hobby

Women judging and whispering
“Oh, video games? That’s an interesting hobby.” *Whispers* “What a child.”

We covered this one before. Simply put, you’re not a legit adult unless your Hobby is cafe-hopping, or football, or some other boring thing that society expects you to do. Time to learn how to prune bonsai plants so that I have an “interesting” hobby to tell all my friends about.

4. Gaming will (sadly) become a very low priority in your life

Xbox controller
Cold and neglected.

Voluntarily or not, you’ll often need to put your gaming time aside to do something else. Saturday afternoon set aside for gaming? Baby falls sick. Got some time after work for a short round of Overwatch? Friends want to meet for dinner. Took leave from work just to play games? Wife/Husband wants you to go with them to watch that latest movie and shop for new furniture. By the time I get to play anything on my new PS4, the PS10 will have already been released.

5. You’ll get to bond with people much younger than you

Happy kids in front of PC
“Thanks for lending me your Bnet account uncle Gab!”

During family gatherings, you’ll have an upper hand over other people your age when it comes to bonding with your nieces and nephews. You’ll often be that cool aunt/uncle who can talk about Minecraft with them. Or even show them a few tricks.

The downside is, you’ll realise that you often run out of things to say to people who are actually from your generation. See point #3 above.

6. You’ll be beaten by 12 year olds all the time

360 no-scope
I am constantly on the receiving end of one of these.

Part of growing up is losing your lightning-quick reaction times. This is particularly crucial for MOBA and FPS games, where a split-second decision can mean the difference between victory or a humiliating defeat. Get used to being beaten by 12 year olds with their youthful reflexes who will proceed to tell you how they had a good time with your mum last night.

7. You’ll hear a lot of “All you do is play games”

Man holding controller
“Yes, honey, I’ve already done the dishes. And the laundry. And swept the floor.”

Imagine this: Your partner is out for the day with his/her friends, so you decide to plan a little surprise. You spend the entire day doing your partner’s share of the housework – clearing the laundry, cleaning the house, and tidying things up. The house looks spick and span after you’re done.

You are tired, but proud of your achievement, so you treat yourself and sit down to play some Dota 2 after everything is done. 10 minutes later, your partner comes home, and the first thing he/she says is “All you do is play games.”

Protip: Just smile and accept it.

8. You love “Merch” but will never buy them

Hearthstone collector’s box
This is gorgeous, and I would love to own it. Problem is, I’ve got my own house.

How cool would it be to own this, or this. Uber cool, when you still don’t have a place of your own. Once you have a house though, you’ll start to gain enlightenment in the three golden rules of life:

  1. Everything gathers dust.
  2. Dust requires cleaning.
  3. More cleaning time means less gaming time.

As much as I’d love to have that awesome figure of Reaper on my desk, if it would mean less time gaming then I’d rather not, thank you very much.

9. You’ll probably spend more time watching people play than actually playing

Twitch Dota 2
So many options – who has time to actually play?

Most of your adulthood free time will come in the form of long commutes or breaks at work. What better way to get your gaming fix than to tune in to the latest Twitch stream or fire up a YouTube video? While you may never reach Legend in Hearthstone, you’ll at least get to watch Reynad do it over and over again.

10. Despite all this, Gaming makes you happier than anything else

Forget what others think – do whatever makes you happy.

While the tone of this article has been pretty bleak, and your friends and family might sneer at your hobby, nothing can change the fact that playing your favorite game makes you the happiest person in the world. Don’t ever let anyone take that away from you.

Source for images: MakeAGif, Blizzard Gear, Twitch

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10 Things They Never Told You About Gaming As An Adult


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