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Video Games Digital Content Selling


In this post i will share some sites, methods, and examples of ways to cut the cost of purchasing your video games. Video Games Digital Content Selling is great to make money gaming.  These are usually pre-order codes or inserts in the games themselves that may not serve a purpose for you.  If you like to resell or trade in your games this will be perfect for you.  You can gain up to 100% of purchase price just for selling your content, maybe even more if its a hot seller.

Pre-Order Digital Content

One of the best ways to make money gaming is pre-order digital content selling.  Once the game is released it is highly unlikely this content will ever be available again.  Unless people are reselling it on sites like Ebay,, and  I have seen it become available months later after developers see that people really want the digital content.  If it is re-released its often inexpensive.  The rule of thumb is to sell the pre-order codes quickly.  Always try to under cut your competition when selling. Something to look for when you pre-order digital content selling is who is giving away what.  If its a big game usually Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Gamestop will offer the pre-order codes. Being a gamer you know what to look for,  just because its popular doesn’t make it profitable.  Since Gamestop receives the most pre-orders these codes are worth the least. Wal-Mart and Best Buy receives the least pre-orders making them more valuable. Buying multiples of new games while receiving pre-orders is a great way to make some extra money.  Selling the games brand new in the package, separate from the codes gives you good profit.

Examples: of Pre Order Digital Content

Years ago when Mortal Kombat came out on the PS3 and Xbox 360 there were 3 different pre order codes released prior to the game.  I reserved from Amazon. Gamestop had Scorpion, Best Buy had Sub-Zero, and Amazon had Reptile. Gamestops Scorion sold for around $10-15. Best Buys Sub Zero was $20-40. Reptile sold for $50-80.  The prices start to fall off the first month. My first Reptile code sold for $74 and i sold $300+ worth of codes total. The games all paid for themselves as they were sold new. However this was risky. As fighting games decrease in value really quick. Sometimes $30 in 2 weeks. There is no price guide to what is gonna be worth the most and how much. Supply and demand can play a factor, in this case i don’t think as much. The reason for why Reptile was so much because the skin given gave you the classic ninja.  Rather from the reptile like character they have used over the several of the most recent games.

Game Inserts Digital Content

The inserts that come in games don’t really make much profit.  They still are free and can be sold for some cash.  Often gamers who have purchased the game digitally via online will buy these.  These will be more plentiful online as well.  Don’t expect more than $5-10 for these.  Don’t wait to long to sell them, they might not be worth anything later.  I sell these on Listia for points sometimes.  For instance i buy a pre owned game and it has a insert in it.  It may not be worth anything on ebay but i might get some points to go towards something on Listia.  You should always make sure your codes are valid. Also at the same time don’t redeem it and lose out.  I say this because i know if you check codes online via they auto redeem.  Rather from the console, where you have to confirm the code before its added to the account.  This may have changed.

Examples of Digital Inserts

The Halo: Reach Legendary Edition came with alot of merchandise at the cost of $150.  I purchased my copy from Amazon.  They offered a $20 discount on the purchase with free shipping.  I kept the physical content of the legendary edition and sold only the rare flaming helmet code.  The game before only the developers, pros, and talented advocates for the game received a flaming helmet.  Needless to say this time around they were very sought after.  I ended up selling my mine for $94.  Making the cost of my legendary edition cheaper than a normal version of the game brand new.

Digital Content Selling and Buying Online

Another way to earn from digital content selling is to buy and resell online. and offer great discounts for digital content selling.  Allowing you turn some easy profit quickly.  It maybe harder to undercut your competition using humblebundle.  It is best to buy bundles early to sell fast or to hold out till you can turn a good profit.  G2a is for digital content selling and buying. Their buyer and selling protection is worth it and then some.  It will protect you from and type of scam activity.

Always use caution and best judgment when digital content selling.  Scammers lurk all over ebay and search keywords like “fast digital delivery”.  If buyers don’t have much feedback and are buying generic stuff from top sellers.  I wouldn’t trust them.  If your unsure of a buyer, print the code out along with the normal “thanks for buying” etc.  Also buy tracking, this protects you on Ebay.  Scammers often get upset when you won’t sent the code right away via email.  If they have over 100 feedback they are safe to sell to.  Also a word to the wise when sending via email it is best to wait 48 hours before sending the codes.  This prevents any type of credit card fraud.  Ebay stays on top of this and will message within the 48 hours if it has happened.  Ebay can be a hassel but you get the most profit from it.  There are other places to sell but often you will get a much lower price.-

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Video Games Digital Content Selling


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