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Hot And Macho Actors From Best Acting School But No Break | Fix It

Sad and burnt out?
Sad and burnt out?
Great! You are a handsome actor hunk or a vivacious female actor and have mastered your craft from the top Acting institute. You have created the best resume, picture portfolio and a top show reel. However, you are a bit depressed. You have been waiting to hear from your coordinator or agent the good news of a call for an Audition but.....till now no news!
What to do now?

  • You must become an expert at the marketing and promotion of acting: as an actor, you are a product among thousands and therefore and if you want film industry should know and use you, you have to market and promote yourself.  And if you don't have business training, find the right acting coach who can help you create the business structure you need.
  • Secondly, you may be NOT trained and prepared to give a best audition to grab the role!

The fact is right now you do not have auditions calls. So what are you doing?
  1. Tighten your belts and devote time in finding sources of auditions and meet people.
  2. Till you get a call, spend a minimum of two hours on web to find out where the auditions are taking place.
  3. Market yourself by meeting people. Submit your resume, portfolio and show reel, personally. 
  4. Spend around 6 to 8 hours a day on meeting the concerned people.
  5. Master the craft of giving a good audition performance.

Here are few selected audition avenues in Mumbai

This Face Book group has 3000 members
In Balaji Telefilms (Face Book)
One of the best alternative to search for auditions
Good but a paid site
Mumbai and Pune
Lots of opportunities but authenticity of ads appearing for auditions have to be checked. Do not pay beforehand(quikr and olx)
A talent database website with acting jobs
Contact and meet them: SOM ARTS 9867410533
This seems to be a good site

How to give a great audition

Must read our THIS post

Some suggestions by others

Acting and Modeling Audition Tips 

The following article concludes the top 11 Audition Tips to ensure that you show good performance and Body Language. Make sure that all the preparation you do for a Audition isn’t in worthless. Your body language is key to Modeling and Acting Audition success. 

The top 11 ways to improve your Acting and Modeling auditions when you go to a new Production house or Ad Agency are as follows: 

1) Don't refer anyone as "Uncle" or "Aunty" 

Mumbai film and Advertising industry people take this as a insult, and nobody wants and unwanted relative, be professional use the best word "Sir" or "Madam" or add "ji" with there name, this brings more respect.

2) Make Good Eye Contact 

Make good, strong eye contact. The director on audition may think that because you’re unable to do this, you either have something to hide or you may not have the conviction of your beliefs. If you’re struggling to concentrate when looking straight into someone’s eyes, then try looking in-between their eyes. They won’t be able to tell that you aren’t looking straight into their eyes, but you’ll find it easier to maintain focus. Try it with a friend first to see what I mean. 

3) Keep Smiling 

You need to practice a strong, sincere, smile. A good smile has the power to say, “I’m a happy, confident person and I’d love to work here”. Try practicing smiling in a mirror. Practice a smile that puts people at ease. It’s just as much your responsibility to ensure that there is a relaxed atmosphere during the interview. 

4) Body Language 

Again, try practicing this with a friend first. Make sure that your legs are slightly apart. Place your hands apart, on your thighs is good. Open body language is even more important during the audition. It demonstrates that you are receptive to the question and actively listening. Remember when you practice your body language with a friend to take a note of what to do with each part of your body. Unless you do that – and remember – you’re leaving it to chance that your body language come across well at your Acting and Modeling audition. 

5) Don’t be too relaxed 

It’s easy to appear as if you relax too much. This is especially prevalent if you’re asked to sit in a large sofa seat. Try not to appear too relaxed. Not sitting right back in the seat is a good idea. If you sit forward, it makes you look more attentive and more interested. Some people relax because they’re not very interested. Other people relax because they have bad body language. 

6) Don’t be too Alert

If you’re too alert then you won’t appear too relaxed. If an experienced director is auditioning you then they might put this down to stage fright. They might just judge you on what you’re saying rather than how uptight you appear. However, They could leave the audition with a feeling that you weren’t as good as the other person simply because you were too erect. Try to relax… but not too much! 

7) Sleep well before Acting and Modeling Audition 

It’s all very well having fresh look at your acting audition, but if your eyes aren’t looking bright and interested then you’re making life difficult for yourself! Make sure that you have a good night’s sleep before your acting audition. Remember – this is a very important day – you need to look your best and have no bags under your eyes! 

8) Pay attention 

It’s important to be positive at your modeling audition. You need to demonstrate that you’re actively taking part in the audition. When your director is telling you about the role and script, make sure that you listen. This shows that you are listening and are interested in what they are saying. It shows that your are engaged in the discussion process and want to be part of the Production or movie. 

9) Breathe deeply 

One of the best ways to relax before an important audition is to breath deeply. If you breathe deeply, not only are you relaxing by slowing your rapid, nervous heartbeat, you’re also ensuring that your brain has as much oxygen as possible. This means that you’ll be able to think clearly at your audition and be able to respond to difficult questioning more rapidly. Breathing deeply before an audition will provide you with the effective combination of being relaxed and alert at the same time. 

10) Accept an offer of a glass of water 

You may not feel like a glass of water, but taking a sip from a glass of water can have a calming effect on your audition performance. It can give you an opportunity to collect your thoughts while refreshing you. It will also give you a chance to get used to the surroundings. This will also give you’re the opportunity to gather your thoughts and decide upon any amendments to your acting and modeling strategy as well as reviewing your prepared responses to questions. 

11) Style your handshake 

So many people haven’t got the right professional handshake. Remember that this is part of the first and last impression that you leave at the Audition. If you have a weak, limp handshake then this tells the director that you may not have the ability to deal with confrontation. On the other hand, if your handshake is too strong, then you may not be a good listener. You may be quite confident about controlling a situation, but you may be less likely to be democratic in approach. 

Practice is the key. If you’re able to perform with good body language, you’ll find it much more easier to communicate because you’ll be speaking the same silent body language. This will put you streets ahead of the competition in the race for your dream role.

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Hot And Macho Actors From Best Acting School But No Break | Fix It


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