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Todays Online Poker Enthusiast

Todays Online Poker Enthusiast:
"Todays Online Poker Enthusiast - The Poker Enthusiast "

Do you consider yourself to be a typical online poker enthusiast? Please do not feel offended by the fact that I ask such a personal and probing question. After all, it’s my job to take the pulse of the contemporary poker world. There is no way for me to fulfill my duties without getting up close and personal with the wide range of folks who make a point of playing this venerable game on a regular basis.

Yes, it is true that I have suffered a fair amount of bruises, cuts and contusions over the years, directly resulting from my fearless and aggressive questioning tactics. However, if you think I sit around licking my wounds and regretting any of my previous actions, you are sorely mistaken. Floyd Manning is not the kind of individual who believes in looking back, because my sole focus lies in creating a better future for the generations of poker players who have not even have been born.

Anyway, I was trying to determine if you consider yourself to be an average poker enthusiast of the early 21st century. Assuming you are not irritated by the question, you may be at a loss to provide a solid answer. In fact, you may be wondering just how the hell someone is supposed to determine whether or not he or she is a typical online poker enthusiast. That is a very legitimate concern, so let’s take a look at the issue in a bit of detail.

The first aspect I would have to examine in order to determine how well an individual player fits into the larger pattern is the frequency with which he or she logs on to the Internet to enjoy some poker. There is quite a bit of diversity in this regard, as you might imagine. A certain segment of the population restricts its playing time to several sessions per month. (I know, such a weak frequency is absurdly laughable to serious players, but in fact it is not uncommon.) A somewhat larger swath of the population makes a point of logging on at least two or three times a week in order to play. And then there is the truly hard-core segment, which is comprised of borderline addicts move cannot make it through a 24-hour stretch without participating in at least a hand or two. Which category is yours?

The next aspect which must be examined in great detail is the particular game which you enjoy the most. As you might suspect, Texas Holdem is by far the most popular poker variant on the scene right now. This has been the case for at least the past five years, concurrent with the unbelievable boom in televised poker tournaments. How long this trend will last is a subject of heated debate among members of the professional poker community. I, for one, feel that a another format of the game will rear its head to challenge Holdem’s preeminence within the next decade.

Moving on, we must determine the level of financial risk/investment you make in your poker planning. The vast majority of online players are responsible when it comes to gambling their hard-earned dollars online. However, it must be said that another portion of society - and it’s not that small, either - is comprised of individuals who have no control over their compulsive behavior. For these unfortunate souls, the advent of online gambling has been nothing short of an utter disaster. Ultimately, any citizen is responsible for his or her own actions, but should you not be able to control your online gambling, it is vital that you seek counseling immediately.

In conclusion, simply by looking at some of these most basic aspects, we are able to put together a composite image of today’s typical online poker enthusiast. Now it is incumbent upon you to compare your personal experience with these broader analyses, and determine precisely where you fit into the picture. Once you have made this type of self-assessment, your ability to enjoy online poker will be enhanced dramatically.

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Todays Online Poker Enthusiast


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