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The Movie Theater Mall : Academy Awards History(1970s)

Maybe you can find your favourite films in those of 1970s.

Picture: "PATTON", "Airport", "Five Easy Pieces", "Love Story", "M*A*S*H"
Actor: GEORGE C. SCOTT in "Patton", Melvyn Douglas in "I Never Sang For My Father", James Earl Jones in "The Great White Hope", Jack Nicholson in "Five Easy Pieces", Ryan O'Neal in "Love Story"
Actress: GLENDA JACKSON in "Women in Love", Jane Alexander in "The Great White Hope", Ali MacGraw in "Love Story", Sarah Miles in "Ryan's Daughter", Carrie Snodgrass in "Diary of a Mad Housewife" Supporting Actor: JOHN MILLS in "Ryan's Daughter", Richard Castellano in "Lovers and Other Strangers", Chief Dan George in "Little Big Man", Gene Hackman in "I Never Sang For My Father", John Marley in "Love Story"
Supporting Actress: HELEN HAYES in "Airport", Karen Black in "Five Easy Pieces", Lee Grant in "The Landlord", Sally Kellerman in "M*A*S*H", Maureen Stapleton in "Airport"
Director: FRANKLIN SCHAFFNER for "Patton", Robert Altman for "M*A*S*H", Federico Fellini for "Fellini Satyricon", Arthur Hiller for "Love Story", Ken Russell for "Women in Love"
Picture: "THE FRENCH CONNECTION", "A Clockwork Orange", "Fiddler on the Roof", "The Last Picture Show", "Nicholas and Alexandra"
Actor: GENE HACKMAN in "The French Connection", Peter Finch in "Sunday, Bloody Sunday", Walter Matthau in "Kotch", George C. Scott in "The Hospital", Topol in "Fiddler on the Roof"
Actress: JANE FONDA in "Klute", Julie Christie in "McCabe and Mrs. Miller", Glenda Jackson in "Sunday, Bloody Sunday", Vanessa Redgrave in "Mary, Queen of Scots", Janet Suzman in "Nicholas and Alexandra" Supporting Actor: BEN JOHNSON in "The Last Picture Show", Jeff Bridges in "The Last Picture Show", Leonard Frey in "Fiddler on the Roof", Richard Jaeckel in "Sometimes a Great Notion", Roy Scheider in "The French Connection"
Supporting Actress: CLORIS LEACHMAN in "The Last Picture Show", Ann-Margret in "Carnal Knowledge", Ellen Burstyn in "The Last Picture Show", Barbara Harris in "Who is Harry Kellerman, and Why is He Saying These Terrible Things About Me?", Margaret Leighton in "The Go-Between"
Director: WILLIAM FRIEDKIN for "The French Connection", Peter Bogdanovich for "The Last Picture Show", Norman Jewison for "Fiddler on the Roof", Stanley Kubrick for "A Clockwork Orange", John Schlesinger for "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"
Picture: "THE GODFATHER", "Cabaret", "Deliverance", "The Emigrants", "Sounder"
Actor: MARLON BRANDO in "The Godfather", Michael Caine in "Sleuth", Laurence Olivier in "Sleuth", Peter O'Toole in "The Ruling Class", Paul Winfield in "Sounder"
Actress: LIZA MINNELLI in "Cabaret", Diana Ross in "Lady Sings The Blues", Maggie Smith in "Travels With My Aunt", Cicely Tyson in "Sounder", Liv Ullmann in "The Emigrants"
Supporting Actor: JOEL GREY in "Cabaret", Eddie Albert in "The Heartbreak Kid", James Caan in "The Godfather", Robert Duvall in "The Godfather", Al Pacino in "The Godfather"
Supporting Actress: EILEEN HECKART in "Butterflies Are Free", Jeannie Berlin in "The Heartbreak Kid", Geraldine Page in "Pete 'n' Tillie", Susan Tyrrell in "Fat City", Shelley Winters in "The Poseidon Adventure"
Director: BOB FOSSE for "Cabaret", John Boorman for "Deliverance", Francis Ford Coppola for "The Godfather", Joseph L. Mankiewicz for "Sleuth", Jan Troell for "The Emigrants"
Picture: "THE STING", "American Graffiti", "Cries and Whispers", "The Exorcist", "A Touch of Class"
Actor: JACK LEMMON in "Save the Tiger", Marlon Brando in "Last Tango in Paris", Jack Nicholson in "The Last Detail", Al Pacino in "Serpico", Robert Redford in "The Sting"
Actress: GLENDA JACKSON in "A Touch of Class", Ellen Burstyn in "The Exorcist", Marsha Mason in "Cinderella Liberty", Barbra Streisand in "The Way We Were", Joanne Woodward in "Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams"
Supporting Actor: JOHN HOUSEMAN in "The Paper Chase", Vincent Gardenia in "Bang the Drum Slowly", Jack Gilford in "Save the Tiger", Jason Miller in "The Exorcist", Randy Quaid in "The Last Detail"
Supporting Actress: TATUM O'NEAL in "Paper Moon", Linda Blair in "The Exorcist", Candy Clark in "American Graffiti", Madeline Kahn in "Paper Moon", Sylvia Sidney in "Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams" Director: GEORGE ROY HILL for "The Sting", Ingmar Bergman for "Cries and Whispers", Bernardo Bertolucci for "Last Tango in Paris", William Friedkin for "The Exorcist", George Lucas for "American Graffiti"
Picture: "THE GODFATHER, PART II", "Chinatown", "The Conversation", "Lenny", "The Towering Inferno"
Actor: ART CARNEY in "Harry and Tonto", Albert Finney in "Murder on the Orient Express", Dustin Hoffman in "Lenny", Jack Nicholson in "Chinatown", Al Pacino in "The Godfather, Part II"
Actress: ELLEN BURSTYN in "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore", Diahann Carroll in "Claudine", Faye Dunaway in "Chinatown", Valerie Perrine in "Lenny", Gena Rowlands in "A Woman Under the Influence" Supporting Actor: ROBERT DE NIRO in "The Godfather, Part II", Fred Astaire in "The Towering Inferno", Jeff Bridges in "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot", Michael V. Gazzo in "The Godfather, Part II", Lee Strasberg in "The Godfather, Part II"
Supporting Actress: INGRID BERGMAN in "Murder on the Orient Express", Valentina Cortese in "Day for Night", Madeline Kahn in "Blazing Saddles", Diane Ladd in "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore", Talia Shire in "The Godfather, Part II"
Director: FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA for "The Godfather, Part II", John Cassavetes for "A Woman Under the Influence", Bob Fosse for "Lenny", Roman Polanski for "Chinatown", Francois Truffaut for "Day for Night"
Picture: "ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST", "Barry Lyndon", "Dog Day Afternoon", "Jaws", "Nashville"
Actor: JACK NICHOLSON in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", Walter Matthau in "The Sunshine Boys", Al Pacino in "Dog Day Afternoon", Maximilian Schell in "The Man in the Glass Booth", James Whitmore in "Give 'Em Hell, Harry!"
Actress: LOUISE FLETCHER in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", Isabelle Adjani in "The Story of Adele H.", Ann-Margret in "Tommy", Glenda Jackson in "Hedda", Carol Kane in "Hester Street"
Supporting Actor: GEORGE BURNS in "The Sunshine Boys", Brad Dourif in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", Burgess Meredith in "The Day of the Locust", Chris Sarandon in "Dog Day Afternoon", Jack Warden in "Shampoo"
Supporting Actress: LEE GRANT in "Shampoo", Ronee Blakley in "Nashville", Sylvia Miles in "Farewell, My Lovely", Lily Tomlin in "Nashville", Brenda Vaccaro in "Jacqueline Susann's Once Is Not Enough"
Director: MILOS FORMAN for "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", Robert Altman for "Nashville", Federico Fellini for "Amarcord", Stanley Kubrick for "Barry Lyndon", Sidney Lumet for "Dog Day Afternoon"
Picture: "ROCKY", "All the President's Men", "Bound for Glory", "Network", "Taxi Driver"
Actor: PETER FINCH in "Network", Robert De Niro in "Taxi Driver", Giancarlo Giannini in "Seven Beauties", William Holden in "Network", Sylvester Stallone in "Rocky"
Actress: FAYE DUNAWAY in "Network", Marie-Christine Barrault in "Cousin, Cousine", Talia Shire in "Rocky", Sissy Spacek in "Carrie", Liv Ullmann in "Face to Face"
Supporting Actor: JASON ROBARDS in "All the President's Men", Ned Beatty in "Network", Burgess Meredith in "Rocky", Laurence Olivier in "Marathon Man", Burt Young in "Rocky"
Supporting Actress: BEATRICE STRAIGHT in "Network", Jane Alexander in "All the President's Men", Jodie Foster in "Taxi Driver", Lee Grant in "Voyage of the Damned", Piper Laurie in "Carrie"
Director: JOHN G. AVILDSEN for "Rocky", Ingmar Bergman for "Face to Face", Sidney Lumet for "Network", Alan J. Pakula for "All the President's Men", Lina Wertmuller for "Seven Beauties"
Picture: "ANNIE HALL", "The Goodbye Girl", "Julia", "Star Wars", "The Turning Point"
Actor: RICHARD DREYFUSS in "The Goodbye Girl", Woody Allen in "Annie Hall", Richard Burton in "Equus", Marcello Mastroianni in "A Special Day", John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever"
Actress: DIANE KEATON in "Annie Hall", Anne Bancroft in "The Turning Point", Jane Fonda in "Julia", Shirley MacLaine in "The Turning Point", Marsha Mason in "The Goodbye Girl"
Supporting Actor: JASON ROBARDS in "Julia", Mikhail Baryshnikov in "The Turning Point", Peter Firth in "Equus", Alec Guinness in "Star Wars", Maximilian Schell in "Julia"
Supporting Actress: VANESSA REDGRAVE in "Julia", Leslie Browne in "The Turning Point", Quinn Cummings in "The Goodbye Girl", Melinda Dillon in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", Tuesday Weld in "Looking for Mr. Goodbar"
Director: WOODY ALLEN for "Annie Hall", George Lucas for "Star Wars", Herbert Ross for "The Turning Point", Steven Spielberg for "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", Fred Zinnemann for "Julia"
Picture: "THE DEER HUNTER", "Coming Home", "Heaven Can Wait", "Midnight Express", "An Unmarried Woman"
Actor: JON VOIGHT in "Coming Home", Warren Beatty in "Heaven Can Wait", Gary Busey in "The Buddy Holly Story", Robert De Niro in "The Deer Hunter", Laurence Olivier in "The Boys From Brazil" Actress: JANE FONDA in "Coming Home", Ingrid Bergman in "Autumn Sonata", Ellen Burstyn in "Same Time, Next Year", Jill Clayburgh in "An Unmarried Woman", Geraldine Page in "Interiors" Supporting Actor: CHRISTOPHER WALKEN in "The Deer Hunter", Bruce Dern in "Coming Home", Richard Farnsworth in "Comes a Horseman", John Hurt in "Midnight Express", Jack Warden in "Heaven Can Wait"
Supporting Actress: MAGGIE SMITH in "California Suite", Dyan Cannon in "Heaven Can Wait", Penelope Milford in "Coming Home", Maureen Stapleton in "Interiors", Meryl Streep in "The Deer Hunter" Director: MICHAEL CIMINO for "The Deer Hunter", Woody Allen for "Interiors", Hal Ashby for "Coming Home", Warren Beatty and Buck Henry for "Heaven Can Wait", Alan Parker for "Midnight Express"
Picture: "KRAMER vs. KRAMER", "All That Jazz", "Apocalypse Now", "Breaking Away", "Norma Rae"
Actor: DUSTIN HOFFMAN in "Kramer vs. Kramer", Jack Lemmon in "The China Syndrome", Al Pacino in "...And Justice For All", Roy Scheider in "All That Jazz", Peter Sellers in "Being There"
Actress: SALLY FIELD in "Norma Rae", Jill Clayburgh in "Starting Over", Jane Fonda in "The China Syndrome", Marsha Mason in "Chapter Two", Bette Midler in "The Rose"
Supporting Actor: MELVYN DOUGLAS in "Being There", Robert Duvall in "Apocalypse Now", Frederic Forrest in "The Rose", Justin Henry in "Kramer vs. Kramer", Mickey Rooney in "The Black Stallion" Supporting Actress: MERYL STREEP in "Kramer vs. Kramer", Jane Alexander in "Kramer vs. Kramer", Barbarie Barrie in "Breaking Away", Candice Bergen in "Starting Over", Mariel Hemingway in "Manhattan" Director: ROBERT BENTON for "Kramer vs. Kramer", Francis Ford Coppola for "Apocalypse Now", Bob Fosse for "All That Jazz", Edouard Molinaro for "La Cage Aux Folles", Peter Yates for "Breaking Away"

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The Movie Theater Mall

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The Movie Theater Mall : Academy Awards History(1970s)


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