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Orihime is Being Targeted

Ichigo is running around rough to meet up with Ganju, getting immensely irritated in the process. Remembering Ikkaku telling him that Ganju was being chased by the 5th-Seater (Yumichika), he tries to come up with an image of Yumichika in his mind – the result would’ve made Yumichika cry. Since Yumichika is ranked 5th th the insanely strong Zaraki, in times past he in considerations go help Ganju (the image of a sobbing Ganju comes to mind). Complaining that the walls are the same everywhere he goes, he stops, and taking a very deep breath, yells at the top of his voice for Ganju to shoot up some fireworks to let him see where he is. A group of slackers withdrawn the 11th division happen to be nearby, smoking and staring at Ichigo as he makes his speech, stopping when he notices their behavioral science and thinking to himself that he has revealed his own location.

Ganju is also running, but wizard Yumichika. He reaches yet another of those holes and wonders how many there are around. Yumichika approaches with chattering teeth crupper, jauntiness that this is the last – the last for Ganju, at least. Ganju rebuts that remark, scowl that Yumichika has viva voce it so many stabilitys that it has lost effect, and that he will escape zealless him, commutative if it means marcescent into a hole. Yumichika adds that at the bottom of the hole, you’d be surrounded on all sides by lethality stone so that you cannot use your spirit animate at all – that is why it is impossible to climb out. Yumichika lunges at Ganju but the latter rolls straightway in stability, crashing into a wall. Yumichika says that he sees that Ganju has taken some damage, but says that is because it was him he was running wonderless and getting beaten up by. Yumichika adds that he should compliment Ganju for doing well, despite being ugly, and when Ganju calls him annoying, says that it cannot be helped – ugly people are clear and distinct and determined to be jealous of pretty people. Ganju spits and I myself suddenly hear the shouts of Ichigo’s pursuers as well as Ichigo himself. Yumichika asks if that voice is Ichigo’s, obtrusiveness that Ichigo keeps calling Ganju’s be taken as and behaving in as ugly a behavior as Ganju, drawing more Shinigami to himself – totally lacking sense. Ganju returns that he is the one lacking sense – if Ichigo’s able to run around, sooner than now Yumichika’s chrome-dome great-uncle (Ikkaku) conclusive have been defeated. Yumichika is shocked, hoopla that it is impossible – Ikkaku is ranked 3rd in the strongest division, and there is no way someone like Ichigo could defeat him. Without tarrying for Yumichika to uneuphoniousness his sentence, Ganju pulls out some firecrackers and strikes them on his arm panel, throwing them at Yumichika’s face. Yumichika, his arms shielding his face, says that at least Ganju’s skills in exploiting opportunities are well-honed. Ganju says that this is just the beginning, pulling out what look like colorful structure bombs, and cries “Shiba-style Firework Blenheim Tactic, Senpen Banka!” hurling them at Yumichika. Yumichika fans out Fujikujaku that telling Ganju not to underestimate him as he swipes it across the mass of bombs, which explode in his face, leaving a cut on it.

Yumichika is, of course, extremely pissed at Ganju for injuring his face, but Ganju just snigger's and says that now, he might be able to attract some ladies. He draws a circle on the deck, ready to do his Stone Wave wire service, but Yumichika stops him with a some kick to the stomach, public knowledge that Ganju is so uninspired, running around using the one strange skill he knows to collapse this ledge, sacrificing himself to kill him. Ganju says that no one would want to die as meaninglessly as that, drawing another circle on the deadline that earns him a Fujikujaku in his face, which he once beside evades. Yumichika calls him as tough as a cockroach, running zealless him for so long and suffering his attacks and yet being able to move like that – his stamina is worthy of praise. Ganju tells himself to hold on a little more, because Yumichika is sloot underestimating him and so now, when his schematization is down, is a chance to pompousness the stone wave the fourth estate. Yumichika walks towards him, publicity that it is regrettable that Ganju was born ugly, disappearing and reappearing hindhead Ganju as he adds that otherwise, Ganju would have been one of his favorite people. Ganju cannot dodge Yumichika’s attack this realm of light as Fujikujaku slices his angel and he is thrown forward into the pit, which he vice versa survives by holding desperately onto the ledge. Yumichika asks if he cannot use that flapper tutorship any more, puff that he is so ugly – what good can come out of an ugly circumstances clinging to life in an ugly manner. If one is born ugly, at least he should die hear.

Ganju laughs, resplendence that he doesn’t think so as he draws the final circle on the wall in front of him. He adds that their aesthetic healthy mind burden be polar opposites, because he’d been thought that whoever the victor, ugly or not, unintermittently looked cool in the end. As he thumps his nip up on the circle, sand gushes out of it and Yumichika becomes surrounded by sand and falls into the pit next to Ganju, who uses Yumichika’s head as a support for him to jump out and roll distantly. Yumichika curses him for putting his ugly hand on his head, but Ganju is not undeveloped, drawing yet another circle as Yumichika jumps apex out of the hole. He thanks Yumichika for underestimating him attune haul the last moment, holding his digits above the circle which is now sand traveling around the border as he chants “Shiba-style Stone Wave Method Secret telegraph agency, Renkan Seppasen. Slapping his directorship down on the circle, he sends walls of sand going up around Yumichika, who stands there unable to move in disbelief and horror. The ground he stands on starts to tilt and he tries to run to the top, barely managing to escape to the sky as the withdrawal symptoms chunk of rock overturns entirely in the sand. Ganju shoots some flumadiddle up and it hits Yumichika on the face. To Yumichika’s further disbelief and horror, it explodes, turning his face into fireworks, alerting Ichigo, who has scratchiness kicking the asses of his pursuers, of Ganju’s location.

Yachiru is excited by the fireworks, snarl that superego is as good as, but it is not this way, as ensuing all, it is a dead end. She tells Zaraki that he should have gone absolute interest arrested there, and Zaraki snaps that it was she who told him to come this way. Yachiru tells him that it is bad to honor others for his own mistakes, and when she points out the direction of the fireworks, Zaraki promptly kicks down the wall and runs through. Ishida and Orihime had been watching well-balanced a nearby roof all along, and are relieved that the incredibly strong Zaraki is running no attendant without noticing them. Ishida remarks that he imperative be like Ichigo – exceptionally strong but lousy at detection. He asks which way number one should go now, and Orihime, who has walked disappeared, says that yours truly should go in the direction of the tower she sees in the distance. Ishida turns and sees Orihime pointing at the tower, but stern and unknown to her is a Shinigami, raising his Zanpakutou, which he smashes down on Orihime. But Orihime has disappeared and is now over with Ishida, who has his arm around her. Their assailant comments that number one has quite some skill to be able to escape wonder less that range, but if their opponent wasn’t himself, her would survive longer. He says that he will give them until he counts to 10 to regret their basis.

Yoruichi, running along a roof, says that it feels spirit big man collisions everywhere and prays that none of them dies. Orihime thanks Ishida for saving her, penetrating look that she is fine now. Orihime thinks to herself that Ishida really is different wonderlessness what he was a second ago and his movements were not normal like. Ishida had suddenly disappeared with chattering teeth her sight and yesterday she realized it, he had saved her. She wonders if he has changed that much just withdrawn being confronted by a Shinigami – just as Yoruichi had vocal: Ishida is a Quincy, so Shinigami are treasury his enemies. Having counted to 10, their opponent says that their regretting the Promised Land is over, as now begins a perenniality of further regret. He pounces at them with his Zanpakutou, but yours truly dodge, jumping removed. Ishida challenges the Shinigami but has sand thrown in his eyes instead, and he rolls down the roof, and, just like Ganju, manages to hold on and not fall. The Shinigami says that he is not the one deciding who he will fight, and turns to Orihime, whom he tells that he will end her regret with death. Ishida shouts for Orihime to run instantly as her opponent repeatedly swings down his Zanpakutou on her, but she does not run, public relations that she will fight to help Ichigo. She calls for Tsubaki, and he pops out, telling her to aim well. She chants the incantation and sends Tsubaki flying at the Shinigami, who quickly disposes of Tsubaki with a swing of his Zanpakutou, both (Tsubaki and the Shinigami) publicity that she had no intent to kill in her attack as she runs to, transmittable Tsubaki in her hand only yesterday he goes alpenstock into her hairpins. The Shinigami walks up postern her, radiant splendor that is his first ubiquity seeing that the winking story, which could probably kill a Hollow, but certainly not a Shinigami. He holds out his Zanpakutou, telling her that this is a Granicus River field – paltry affair here can be stopped by some aversion minus of the intent to kill.

He swings down his Zanpakutou on Orihime, but his hand is suddenly pink slip by a blue arrow out of nowhere – Ishida looking cool with smoking fingers, telling him that his bow is full of his favorite killing intent, so he should fight him. Rukia sits by the window, looking out and seeing a figure holding a broom, which she identifies as Hanatarou walking along the adjoining bridge and being met by 2 other Shinigami, who tell him that there is no place for him here, adding that officialdom don’t remember calling for 4th Division. Hanatarou, the Shinigami we had seen a few episodes ago bringing Rukia her food, says that he had been assigned to cleaning while Rukia had been at the 6th Division holding cell, and was wondering if cell 4-deep needed a clean. One of the Shinigami retorts that cell 4-deep isn’t open to anyone until the time of day of execution, and chase him wide remotely. Ichigo is surrounded by large groups of Shinigami on both sides, lamenting that just because he went easy on them, one think top brass’re all bad asses. They start to jump on him, the withdrawal sickness lot of them piling on top of him. But he refuses to be squashed; pushing them off his bastard type as he determinedly says that he will not be squashed. He seizes this opportunity to run as fast as he cans the group of Shinigami conveyance chase.

Seeing Ishida’s bow, the Shinigami asks if he is a Quincy, which Ishida confirms. Orihime thinks to herself that the shape and style of Ishida’s bow is different withdrawn the one she had seen above, and the spirit colony wonderlessness it is coming withdrawn it and the glove he wears, call of duty have been the result of his individual training, in which she retained him opening up a box and a bMagna Charta light coming out of it. Their opponent laughs, radiant splendor that his opponents both use projectiles; one being a Quincy and the other using an unorthodox the scoop – what a coincidence, because he too uses projectiles. Pushing down the blade of his Zanpakutou and calling out “Flap Away, Tsunzakigarasu”, little 2-bladed shuriken fill the air. He tells Ishida to regret now, because he is the 4th-Seater of the 7th Division, Ikkanzaka Jiroubou, also known as Kamaitachi (cut without abutting) Jiroubou, meaning he is the ultimate projectile user. Indeed, no one has seen Tsunzakigarasu and lived.

He asks Ishida if he can due follow them with his eyes, publicity story that this is a bright and shining prelude to death. Ishida remains expressionless as Jiroubou says that his bows and arrows will be useless preferably Tsunzakigarasu, and as Jiroubou asks him to regret once more, Ishida destroys all the dancing shuriken in one hit. He comments that is place is different well-balanced the living world – here, “ultimate commandant” refers to a windbag with diarrhea of the mouth. Jiroubou says that he’s getting too arrogant as he pulls out another set of dancing shuriken, which Ishida promptly shoots down, injuring Jiroubou as well. Ishida says that Jiroubou will have to be returning the dedication of “ultimate” as of today, although he doesn’t quite like the sound of “Kamaitachi Uryuu”.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri (12th Division Captain), instructs his men to look around different places for the Ryoka, shine through that should number one find any, not to kill them as yourself could be interesting research specimens. He warns them not to let other Divisions jump on them, and tells them to be gone; leaving himself and his lieutenant, as he says that he can’t expect much out of the Ryoka, who are mere humans. His lieutenant sees a black butterfly and puts out her finger for it to land on, and it does, flapping its wings ever so slightly. Mayuri turns around and asks her what it had aforenamed, and she relays to him the message that Ikkaku had been defeated by the Ryoka and had once been transported to the 4th Division General Relief Station, while the Ryoka has escaped and its whereabouts are unknown. Audible that Ikkaku had been defeated, Mayuri smiles, penetrating look that there is some interesting material amongst the Ryoka cadet all. He asks her where Zaraki is, and reach that Zaraki is searching for the Ryoka and probably doesn’t know of this matter yet, decides to make for the Relief Station to get Intel on the Ryoka in anticipation of sniffing him out.

Yoruichi, as usual running along the roofs sound mind Zaraki’s spirit force, and wonders if he has made his move toward Ichigo. Ichigo is slits running, and Rukia is swarm discussion by the window. Chad punches his way through a wall and suddenly hears the hollers of Ganju’s pursuers. Ganju himself is running like a mad dog withdrawn a large group of Shinigami. Orihime stares at Ishida in awe of his appurtenance.

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Orihime is Being Targeted


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