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Some Girls Can't Stand The Heat Part One

I'm actually somewhat in a writing mood again. Yay me! I'm still not in a big hurry to get a review done, but at least I'm willing to write again. I have been away from my other blog perhaps a bit longer than I was here, but I got a review done there before watching my next movie for here. If you are interested in reading my thoughts on Lights Out, just click the link! I should have done an at home review next, but I was thinking I had done one already. Oh well, I will get that in next I guess. Anyway, I watched Decoys (2004), which was the Netflix movie that I got cracked. They sent me another one, and this one was just fine.

Luke (Corey Sevier) and Roger (Elias Toufexis) are best friends at St. John College. Neither has had much lick with the ladies at the college though, until they meet Lilly (Stefanie von Pfetten) and Constance (Kim Poirier). After Luke talks to them in the laundry room of their building, After they leave, Luke noticed a roll of coins that they left behind and decides to return them. With their room across the hall from his own, Luke knocks and finds the door open. No one is in there, so Luke has a look around...until he hears them return. Tucking himself into the closet, he watches the two women undress some, and tentacles pop out of one of them. Luke thinks they are aliens, but will anyone believe him?

Decoys is a comedy/sci-fi/horror film from Canada by director/co-writer Matthew Hastings and co-writer Tom Berry. I'm not sure why I ended up adding Decoys to my DVD queue on Netflix. I would often just add suggestions when I would add a movie I wanted to watch. Anyway, I added this and its sequel, which I will get to after a couple of other reviews. Since this was part comedy, I went into it unsure about how I would like it. I was a little surprised by Decoys though. While I didn't find it to be a great film, I still enjoyed some of the comedy and some of the acting as well. As you can probably guess, Luke is correct about some of the women at the school being aliens. They have come to breed, but of course that backfires a bit and they kill the guys they are with, so to speak. I didn't really get why they thought it would work, but there have been even worse choices in movies than this. I won't get into how it would kill you, but lets say it has something to do with being cold. Decoys is actually a tad heavy on the comedy side and it doesn't work for everyone of course. I didn't get into the comedy a lot, but there were moments that I enjoyed. Richard Burgi, who plays the Detective looking into the deaths, has some pretty funny lines at times. Corey Sevier also does a good job with some of his funny lines, he has a great one liner, and has some good physical comedy at times as well. The comedy didn't always work for me, and when it did, I didn't laugh all that much at it. The horror side of things is pretty light as Decoys falls firmly into the comedy side. The story wasn't all that bad, as I did enjoy trying to figure out who might be an alien. We are told two right away, pretty much, but there are others. The pacing works out very well, I never felt bored by the movie at all. The only thing I didn't really get was what the aliens were up to, as some were good and bad but out main character didn't really seem to care about that.

The effects were just okay here. There isn't a lot to be found actually. The main effect is the tentacles which actually can look really good. We get to see the true form of the aliens from time to time with mixed results. Sometimes it looks pretty good and other times it looks bad. I wasn't sure if this effect was CGI, but it sure looked like it in one shot, which didn't look good at all. The acting wasn't too bad. I rather enjoyed Corey Sevier in the lead role. While I didn't always like his character, his acting was pretty solid. My favorite was probably Meghan Ory though. I really enjoyed her acting here, and she is very pretty on top of that.

I got a little confused while watching Decoys. A minor character goes off with an alien and gets killed. A little later, a character who looks a lot like the character that was killed, mostly dressed close to the other one, shows up. Since I thought the other character died, I was a bit confused when he showed up again. Of course I eventually figured out it was a different character. Even though I didn't get into Decoys a lot, I still found it to be a fun film. The deaths are kind of cool, though there is only one kind, at least for the humans. If you have never watched this one before, it might be worth a shot for you.
3 out of 5 It also has a nice surprise ending

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Some Girls Can't Stand The Heat Part One


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