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The Evil That Is Vampires Part One

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I'm at my next convention, Texas Frightmare! I got to my hotel last night though, so have some time to kill before the convention actually starts. I'm excited about being here as I hope to get George Romero's autograph for myself and my friend Dawn. I will probably try to get those tomorrow though, as I will have a lot more time to stand in line before screenings start tomorrow. So, since I have time to kill, I thought I would see if I could get my book review in. I finished the book Evil Never Dies by Mick Ridgewell Wednesday at work and I'm already 60+ pages into the next book, the sequel to this one, sine I had time to read while my friend who met up with me drove us around last night to get here.

Roland Millhouse is a TV reporter head to a town call Kings Shore to get a, what he calls, a fluff story. It will see be Patricia Owens 120th birthday soon, which makes her the oldest person alive in Canada. Once he gets to her house, he is surprised at how young she looks. His opening question, what is her secret to living so long, opens up a can of worms. Patricia has a story to tell. A story that she has kept to herself for around 100 years and she is ready to let that story out. A great evil once visit the little town of Kinds Shore and many died fighting it. Roland can't actually confirm if the story is true, but after visiting a place where Patricia say the evil is at, and hearing some of her story, Roland decided to stay and allow Patricia to tell her whole story to him.

Evil Never Dies has a story that I have come across before. At the heart of it, it is a vampire story, but the way it is written is a style I haven't come across before. The main character is Patricia. We don't get to learn a lot about her, but there is enough to know in order to care about her and her story. The story takes place in today's world but not a lot happens in the here and now. Instead, the bulk of the story takes place 100 years ago as told by Patricia to Roland. For the most part, the story is being told to Roland, but now and then, Patricia uses her journal to help tell the tale. It was an interesting way to tell the story of what happened, and as you already know, it sort of sets things up for a sequel. Evil Never Dies can easily be read as a stand-alone-book though.

Things start off a little slow as the two get to know each other a bit. The story from a century ago starts off the same way. The word vampire isn't used for a good while in the story, but it become obvious that this is where the story is going. Being being drained of blood, returning to their loved ones to do the same to them, being affected by sun light and so on, The signs all point to vampires and eventually that is what Patricia and Roland start to call them. Ridgewell does a great job of slowly building the story up and does the same for his characters. I was getting close to tears when Patricia gets to talking about her parents and what happened to them. It just goes to show that Ridgewell did his job as an author and got me to care about what was going on in his story. I can't say that anything overly exciting happens, but the way the story was being kept me wanting to know what was going to happen to next. Even the battle that ends the story from 100 years ago wasn't real exciting, but because I care what was happening, I guess it didn't really need to be.

I don't have the book with me at the moment, and normally I would when writing the review, so I can't double check myself on this. Evil Never Dies is 256 pages long. This would normally take me a little while to get through it. This book, however, went pretty fast. This had to do with an interesting story, but it also had to do with the short chapters. I know there was over sixty chapters to be found. This made it easy to stop reading at a new chapter, instead of somewhere in the middle. Since the start of the chapters didn't take up the whole page, and most of the time the ends of a chapter didn't either, this also made it easy to get through the book quickly.

The lack of excitement, of big battles, didn't really bother me that much since I got to like how the story was being told and the characters in it. I can't complain too much over that honestly. What I didn't really like is Ridgewell giving the appearance that the conversation between the characters had ended for the day, and then in the next chapter we find out that it had not. This was a minor complaint, and the only thing I didn't actually care for in the whole story.

Ridgewell does a good job in keeping with, what I see as anyway, the old vampire myths. I was a little confused if his vampires needed to be invited into a house. At times it appeared that is what Ridgewell was aiming for, but then one of his characters from the past, that knew a bit more about the vampires that anyone in the town did, says that the can go into any building but rarely do. These vampires can get into your head and hear your thoughts, make you see them differently, and get the weaker minds to come to them. I felt Ridgewell does a good job of making the vampires feel old school, but scary all the same.

Evil Never Dies is a really good book. I believe this is Ridgewell's second book. I have his first book as well, so I will be sure to check it out soon. Normally I would read a book by a different author, just to mix things up, but I was so into this book, that I just couldn't wait to get into the next one. If you haven't read this one and are into vampires, I would say it is a must to check it out then. I like vampires, but it is usually ghost stories that I love way more. I still ended up loving the novel though. I'm really glad I got to meet Mick Ridgewell and his autograph along with the books. Very much worth checking this out this book if you haven't already.
4 out of 5 At keast the vampires are slightly romantic

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The Evil That Is Vampires Part One


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