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Party In The Tunnels!

It is hard to believe that two months have gone by already. Well...almost as today is actually the last day. I'm not sure how many reviews I can get in this next month. I know I have about a weeks worth of meetings for work coming up. I'm not sure how long they will take each day or how much I will be involved in them just yet, so I will just play it by ear I suppose. Hopefully I will have some time anyway. I'm excited also since after the meetings I will be getting ready for a convention. I know there will be plenty of films to review from there. I did get a review done at my other blog done yesterday, so check out my review for Classroom 6 if you want to. For here I went with my next Netflix DVD which was the movie Catacombs (2007).

Victoria (Shannyn Sossamon) gets a postcard from her sister in Paris which invites her to come visit. Deciding to do so, Victoria heads off. Things don't start well for her as once she lands, she is nearly attacked by a drug sniffing dog. After being questioned, she is eventually released. Carolyn (Pink) picks her up eventually and the two head back to her place. After seeing some strange things in a darkened room (or did she?) and being frightened by one of Carolyn's friends, she is told that they are going to a party in the catacombs that run under the city. A big rave party is being held there, which Victoria and her sister, along with her friends, head off to a different area after a while. They tell Victoria a story about a cult and a guy that runs around the catacombs killing people. Victoria doesn't believe them and heads off, only to be attacked by someone wearing a mask as told in the story. It isn't long before she gets lost.

There is actually a bit more to the story before Victoria gets lost, but I didn't want to make that paragraph longer than it already is. The end result is that she gets lost, it just happens slightly different. The way that Catacombs starts, I thought for sure that I knew how it would end. I was wrong, but I wasn't all that surprised by the way it actually ended. Co-writers and directors Tomm Coker and David Elliot give us a movie that, for the most part, is a slow burn. I didn't really doze off at the start of the movie, but I was feeling pretty tired when I started watching it. Once the big rave party starts, which I don't know if there is that much room for something like that down there, I honestly thought more time had passed once Victoria starts getting chased around. I thought I had missed something, so was surprised to see that only a half hour, roughly, had passed by then and I had not missed anything. I'm with most reviews in that too much time was spent on watching Victoria wander around the catacombs searching for a way out. This is broken up a little bit when she comes across Henry, played by Emil Hostina, and what happens to him. I managed to miss an important detail at the start of the movie, where Victoria explains that she is the only survivor, so that does manage to spoil things at the end once you realize what is going on. Even so, the ending was a nice twist to it. Catacombs ends up being the type of film that the ending will maybe make or break the film for you.

There isn't much to be found for special effects. One person gets a cut throat, another a broken leg that looked a bit on the nasty side. The mask the killer wears looks kind of cool, but we never really get a great look at it either. The acting was okay. Shannyn Sossamon gets a bit of a bad rap here since she does a lot of screaming and such while going through the tunnels. Not sure what else a scared woman is supposed to do...maybe talk to herself a lot? Pink does a pretty good job since just about everyone hated her character, so I suppose that means she does a good job with her acting.

Catacombs does manage to stretch things a bit once the police show up to break up the party. Victoria runs off and bumps her head, just to wake up all alone. I found that a little hard to believe, but I suppose the writers couldn't figure out any other reason why Victoria would find herself along after what happened to her shortly before that. Victoria is the type that is scared of everything it seems. This is never explained though, if she is just like that or if something maybe made her that way. Some may feel I'm being to kind to Catacombs with my rating, but I honestly didn't find this one to be that bad of a movie. I guess it depends on how much you can put yourself in her shoes. Fair warning, this one generally doesn't get very good reviews or ratings. Still, if it sounds like something you would like, give it a shot. It might surprise you after all.
3 out of 5 Are raves fun to go to?

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Party In The Tunnels!


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