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Big Brother 18 Episode 30

Natalie finally won something, forcing her and James to pick a side in Big Brother 18 Episode 29. They decided to nominate James and Victor and form a showmance alliance with Nicole and Corey. Even with Michelle’s “win” of co-HOH and her desire to get rid of Nicole, the plan did not change.

They warned Victor that he is the pawn, which Victor now reveals to Paul. Knowing he’s the target, Paul immediately gets confrontational. He lies about knowing Da’Vonne was going, but contrary to Nicole’s version of the story about how he agreed with Paulie that they need to go after James next, it didn’t seem like he was onboard (or not onboard) with that particular plan. After Natalie starts crying, Michelle sees him being able to make her feel guilty for nominating him as another sign that Paul is dangerous and needs to go.

Further discussion convinces Natalie that she needs to backdoor Corey. Michelle, however, is just solidified in her opinion that Paul needs to go. James isn’t convinced either and wants to go back to the final four deal that they just made.

Done playing Mr. nice guy, Paul proceeds to yell at Nicole. Nobody seems to want to fight with him because people just keep leaving the room.

The veto competition will have them staying up all night and listening to announcements. Paul wants to study. Corey just wants to have fun and asks Nicole who cares. This is why Corey’s not a threat. Aside from that week that he won both of the competitions, his performances have been surprisingly lackluster.

Michelle selects Paul’s name, which allows him to pick someone to participate in the veto competition, and his choice is James. Natalie selects Michelle’s name, which lets her name someone, Corey. Strangely, Michelle chose who she thinks will be weaker, which isn’t the way to go about making sure Paul stays on the block.

Paul falls asleep in Natalie’s bed, which brings her back to wanting to get rid of him. Odd. He probably shouldn’t be doing that, but it’s strange that is what causes her to change her mind.

Half of these people aren’t even taking this competition seriously, but Paul has made it clear he is dead serious. The highest possible score is 21.

Corey: 15
James: 13
Michelle: 20
Natalie: 10
Paul: 21
Victor: 19

Paul’s studying pays off, and he wins the power of veto.

He is Michelle’s nominee, which is not good news for Nicole, who was her original target. Her other option is Corey, the “house’s main target,” except nobody is really targeting him other than Paul and Victor.

I’m not sure it even really matters. Paul will vote for Victor to stay, and Nicole or Corey will vote for the other to stay. The bad part for Michelle being co-HOH is that she doesn’t get a vote. That leaves James (and by extension Natalie) deciding whether they want to stick with the couple or continue to target the original targets.

Veto Ceremony
Paul uses the veto on himself.
Corey is the replacement nominee.

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Big Brother 18 Episode 30


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