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One Piece Characters That Needs A Huge Comeback

There are characters that we wish again to see in a fight or to know their secrets especially their past. Here is a list of characters in One Piece that really needs a comeback.

Crocodile - he is the main antagonist of the Alabasta saga. But after the Impel Down break out and Battle in Marineford he turned up to be a nice person even saving Ace and Luffy on many occasions. He is also powerful and intelligent individual that is why it is good to see him in a clash with other powerful characters or even team up with the Straw Hats to take down a Yonko. Crocodile really needs a comeback to expose whatever secret he is hiding as stated by Imporiov Ivankov to blackmail Crocodile in Impel Down.

Enel - the former God of Skypiea and the user of one of the most powerful Devil Fruit which is the goro - goro no mi. He also possesses a great mastery of his mantra ( kenbonshoku haki ) which is further enhanced by his devil fruit that's why it’s great to see him in a battle again. His space exploration really made him a character to look forward. He may hold the answers to the secrets of the void century, ancient weapons, or even the will of D.

Moria - the King of Depths and a former warlord. Moria has been defeated by Luffy and almost killed by Doflamingo stating that he has gone weak but two years have already past if he becomes stronger and stop relying too much on his devil fruit in battle that would be great. He may also take part in defeating Kaido, one of the yonko, because he holds grudge against the yonko for annihilating his first crew.

Aokiji - he resigned from the marines after he has been defeated by Akainu for the battle to become the next fleet admiral and his motives and whereabouts remain unknown. Although he already shown himself in punk hazard for saving smoker against Doflamingo but that's not the fight we wanted to see for Aokiji. Now that he is not on the side of marines anymore it is good to see him along with the Straw Hats ( a member or an ally ) to take down powerful enemies.

Mr.2 - after he sacrifice himself in impel down Bon Clay became the new queen of the new kama land in impel down's level 5.5. He may not be as strong as other characters in the story but he provides strong emotions in the story and that's what makes One Piece standout from other animes and mangas. Bon clay also has a cool devil fruit ability which is the clone - clone fruit ( mane - mane no mi ) which allows him to turn into someone he touched.

Magellan – after the massive break out led by Luffy he was demoted into vice warden. In the series all characters that challenge him Impel Down including Black Beard Pirates, Luffy, Imporiov Ivankov, Inazuma, and Mr. 2 were severely injured and almost died because of poison. After the two year time skip it is good to see him in a battle against Luffy or the Black Beard.

Many characters doesn’t show up anymore in the series but as much as we wanted to see them again only the author has the magical pen and paper to draw them. does not own the images presented in this article. Credits goes to the respective owners: Eiichiro Oda and Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

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One Piece Characters That Needs A Huge Comeback


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