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CHAPTER 799 "Parent and Child" - REVIEW

parent and child review

Luffy attacks Admiral Fujitora while stating where he would attack the blind admiral out of pity. Admiral Fujitora gets angry because the admiral feels that Luffy is doing that intentionally and stated the hemade himself blind because he doesn’t want to see the world anymore. He also said that he is also known as a monster. 

The admiral used his powers to send Luffy flying through the cliffs. Hajrudin, the giant, grabs Luffy with the help of Cavendish while Zoro prepares for battle against the admiral. Bartolomeo stopped him because they are in a hurry. When admiral Fujitora was about to release the floating rubbles the citizens of Dressrosa run toward the port while shouting to give Rebecca back. The admiral became confused because the citizens were happy based on their voices and he let the pirates escape stating that Luffy made himself a wanted man because he took down Joker , Doflamingo, and the smile factory and the Yonko are already on the move to go after Luffy.

Luffy and the rest aboard the Yonta Maria then Hajrudin, Orlumbus, Leo, Cavendish, Sai, Ideo, and Bartolomeo all pledge their desire to become Luffy’s subordinate. In total there are 5600 people wanted to join and Bartolomeo ask Luffy if they could exchange sake cups so they will become like a parent and child.

Key Notes:

  • With Luffy’s current strength can he really take down an admiral?
    • Fujitora seems to be a good guy and match for Luffy. If Luffy really wanted to face an admiral now Kizaru would be a good match since there is a history between them in Saboady Archipelago and save Akainu for later. With Luffy’s current strength excluding the crew and the potential subordinates YES! he can take down an admiral.
  • Admiral Fujitora seems to have a high level mastery of Kenbunshoku Haki as he sees the world based on auras (a light silhouette). He also said the he is a monster and he made himself blind.
  • Hajrudin, Orlumbus, Leo, Cavendish, Sai, Ideo, and Bartolomeo will represent the 7 representatives or divisions of Strawhat Pirates if Luffy accepts them. It is same with Whitebeard though Whitebeard has 16 divisions and multiple alliances.

To be continued:
What to expect next chapter/s:

  •     Nothing has been said about Sanji’s group in this chapter. We hope that we will see them in the next chapter.
  •     Kaido has already shown himself in the previous chapter. So, we want him to get wild to showcase his power and abilities.
  •    Confrontation of Big Mom and Luffy! If Luffy accepts his followers maybe formal declaration of war against the Yonko.
  •   Akainu vs. Fujitora! Which justice shall prevail!? does not own the images presented in this article. Credits goes to the respective owners: Eiichiro Oda and Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

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CHAPTER 799 "Parent and Child" - REVIEW


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