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one piece devil fruits
Devil fruits are magical fruits that give the user strange abilities based on the type and class the Fruit belongs. It is said that the fruits are cursed because they are said to be fruits of a sea devil. In addition, devil fruits make an individual, crews, and marines stronger. Devil fruits are one of the greatest mysteries of the world of One Piece.

one piece devil fruits
Facts about Devil Fruits:

A devil fruit can give an interesting ability but it will take away the user’s ability to swim.
A devil fruit of the same kind can only exist one at a time (when a user died except for Brook who already died Yohohohoho!).
- A user becomes weak against sea water and sea stone which can cancel out devil fruit’s abilities through physical contact.
- According to Jabra, one bite is enough to gain a fruit’s ability.
- Devil fruits taste awful.
- Devil fruits have swirl circular patterns.
- When a person consumes two devil fruit his or her body will be destroyed.
- The name of the fruit depends on the ability it gives.
- There are still devil fruits that are unknown and have not yet seen.
- Marshal D. Teach is the only person with 2 devil fruit abilities (He did not eat the gura – gura no mi but rather acquired the ability by a not yet shown method from a corpse).
- There are dominant fruits than others as seen in the war of the best at Marineford.


              Paramecia – are devil fruits that give the user ability that affects the physical characteristics (gomu-gomu no mi), change or manipulate the surroundings (gura-gura ni mi), or produce substance (doku doku no mi).

bara - bara no mi

Fruit: Bara – Bara no mi (Chop – Chop fruit) – allows the body to split into parts.
User: Buggy the Clown

nikyu nikyu no mi

Fruit: Nikyu – Nikyu no mi (Paw – Paw fruit) – allows to user repel or push tangible objects, forces, or even pain from a body.
User: Kuma the Tyrant

                Zoan – are devil fruits that give the user the ability of a certain creature or specie. A user can also transform and use the abilities into three forms: Human, Hybrid, and Beast mode. So far in the both anime and manga Zoan devil fruits are the only ones that can be combined or consumed by an object. The method has not yet revealed but it is said that Dr. Vegapunk is the one who developed it.


Carnivorous Zoan - this sub-class are mostly used in combat since carnivorous species have features suited for battle.

Rob Lucci

Fruit: Neko – Neko no mi (Cat – Cat Fruit: Model Leopard) – gives the user ability to transform into a leopard.
User: Rob Lucci

Ancient Zoan – this sub-class is a rare Zoan because the fruit lets the user transform into an ancient or extinct creature. So far, only X Drake has been shown using this sub-class.

drake devil fruit

Fruit: Name Unknown – gives the user an ability to transform into a therapoda (a carnivorous dinasaur).
User: X Drake

Mythical Zoan - this sub-class is the rarest class in the world of One Piece even rarer that Logia. It gives the user the power and characteristics of a mythical creature.

marco phoenix

Fruit: Name Unknown - gives the user the power and ability of a Phoenix like quick regeneration and ability to fly.
User: Marco the Phoenix

Artificial Zoan - devil fruits that are created via scientific means. So far in the series only Zoan types are produced. It also have circular pattern compared to swirl patterns of a natural fruit.

artificial devil fruit

Fruit: Name Unknown - gives the user the ability and power of a dragon (eastern dragon).
User: Momonosuke

                   Logia - are devil fruits that gives a user abilities to produce, manipulate, and transform into an element and their environment. Normal attacks without haki won't work on them unless it is dominant or opposite elements.

sabo mera mera no mi

Fruit: Mera - Mera no mi (Flame - Flame fruit) - gives the user to transform and manipulate flames.
User: Current - Sabo (Former - Portgas D. Ace)

The mystery of devil fruits will be discussed by a certain professor in the future. Devil fruits makes this series a lot funnier and exciting! does not own the images presented in this article. Credits goes to the respective owners: Eiichiro Oda and Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

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