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I have hit a wall.

As some of you may know (very few of you, as I’ve never actually mentioned it on this blog) I write stories and scripts, as it is the easiest and cheapest way to pursue my love of Film-making for the time being. However,  sometimes my brain simply refuses to be creative. We all know the struggle, we sit down to do something and we end up staring into space for a couple hours. Okay maybe many of you get bored a lot sooner and do something productive instead, but I get stuck and I try many things to relieve the mental block. Mostly I change what music I’m listening to. Usually to get anything done I have to put my headphones on and blast some dubstep, the mindless rhythm frees up my brain from distractions and I can work. But today, It’s not working. I’ve been through several genres today, right now I’m on opera, which is soothing but it’s just not getting my creative juices flowing.

Unfortunately, though you may not care about my scripts, when one part of my brain is stuck then that means it’s all stuck. I don’t know what to write about on this blog, either. There’s a few films I want to review but my brain isn’t functioning well enough to do entire reviews.

I propose a compromise. I don’t know what this compromise is yet, but I’ll think of it in the next few seconds.

Let’s talk about Kristen Stewart. This is the compromise. Why? I don’t know, it’s the first thing that came to my head. I’m not an extreme fan or anything, so here’s what I have seen her in:

  • Twilight (obviously)
  • Still Alice (great film)
  • Camp x-ray (pretty good)
  • The Messengers (I liked it)

I think that’s it. So, other than those few films, I really only have Hollywood gossip to judge her on. Oh, and other people’s opinions, which we all know I value very highly.

Obviously I’ve heard people say she has a stupid face, a stupid voice, she can’t act, and Twilight sucked. Well, here’s the thing(s): She has a gorgeous face, a sexy voice, I’m pretty sure you’re not the God of acting, and Twilight may have sucked a little but she is not twilight. And honestly, I like Twilight. Yes, maybe I have a crush on Kristen Stewart and yes, maybe that clouds my judgement, but I haven’t seen her in a single film that I didn’t like. The ending to the Breaking Dawn part 2 was stupid as fuck, but I still kind of liked the film as a whole. Maybe I liked it because it had Kristen Stewart in it and I have a crush on her, I guess we’ll never really know. And she’s a little gay, which I am a fan of her being.

So all in all, that was a pointless entry to the archives and I feel better for it.

– Magpie

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I have hit a wall.


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