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Themed list: WTF films

This list will be the first three films I think of when I am given the subject “WTF?”. This is not a reflection of my Film taste. I do not recommend watching everything on this list.

Let’s kick this off with the Tracey Fragments.


First off, let’s get this out of the way:❤❤❤ Ellen page❤❤❤

Okay, so the Tracey Fragments is about a girl, Tracey (Ellen Page), looking for her little brother. But the story is kind of jumbled up, almost as thought it’s… fragmented. So that’s confusing, but there’s another thing that’s confusing.


Look at it.


These aren’t just a few scenes that have multiple screens on at once.


This is the entire film.


Okay, you get the idea. Now I know it looks super confusing, and it is, but you get used to it remarkably fast and it is amazing. I mean, you are visually experiencing somebody’s mind coming apart with the most effective use of multiple images I have ever seen (that I can recall right now). You can literally see the impact of the world around her on this character’s mind, there’s so much happening, so much to take in. You don’t know where to look, you don’t always know where the audio is coming from, you don’t know what order the story is in, you don’t know what point in the timeline you’re in.


This film is about a girl putting her jumbled up memories back into place while her mind fragments faster than she can piece it back together. I think it’s amazing, and this film is one I definitely do recommend. But at the same time, it is a WTF film because it’s super confusing and I only really got it after watching it twice.


Here’s a WTF??? for you: Maximum Shame.


Seriously, WTF? Who the hell would make this? Who the hell would WATCH this? Apparently me the hell would watch this, because I have. But do not misunderstand, I am not recommending it.

Maximum shame is about a parallel dimension, Alice In Wonderland type thing at the end of the world… or something? The plot isn’t very clear. I honestly wasn’t concentrating on it too much either, It’s one of those things where it’s so bizarre you just can’t look away.


I can’t properly explain this film because after watching it, my brain had melted and was dripping on the floor, and upon remembering it I can feel my brain start to melt again.

I guess the ship at the end was kinda cool, so it has that going for it. And honestly, yes, it has a plot of sorts and if you go into it expecting … artistic … weirdness … and if you have the mind to appreciate it, then it is … in a way… kind of … interesting ? But honestly, there’s a lot of weirdness to trudge through to get to the underlying story and it’s just … it’s not worth it for most people. Maximum Shame is an experience that I don’t think many people really need in their lives.

I can appreciate it, I can understand it about 54%, I get it. But it’s not something I think most people should watch. If you do watch it though, please, share your thoughts. I really love seeing people get mind-fucked. Oh and somewhere said that it is a musical so let me clear this up: It has two songs (more like musical sequences) and they are long and unnerving. But kind of good. In a way. I don’t know. The whole subject of this film is confusing.


I don’t fully know what to make of this film, it’s too wtf to even understand. I’d have to watch it again to see how I feel about it and I just don’t want to. The ending was actually pretty good though.


Dragonball Evolution.


What The Fuck is this shit? I grew up with Dragonball and Dragonball Z. I feel personally insulted by this. Well, I will feel insulted after I stop laughing at it.

I cannot possibly tackle all that is wrong with this, and loads of people already have, so I will limit myself to 5 things and I’ll just list them as they come to me:

  • What does Piccolo have to do with Ozaru?
  • Mai? What are you doing here? Where’s Pilaf? And Shu?
  • Wtf Roshi, you’re supposed to be old.
  • Mai … is a shapeshifter ?
  • Ozaru needs a solar eclipse?


So that wraps up the WTF list. Stick around and I’ll post some more stuff eventually.

– Magpie

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Themed list: WTF films


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