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Season 28 premiered, what’s new?

Robots have long left out towns with an update to tie-in for the Season 28 premiere among us! The Lard Lad statue is missing, Mr Burns has made some changes, and a new statue is in sight. New items blossom in this tie-in that says goodbye summer and hellooo Season 28, Autumn and a soon THOH event!!

Monty Burns Fleeing Circus just aired in the US and I have yet to watch it – hoping to stream it tomorrow night! But now that the episode has officially aired there are some revealed items/prizes released into the game. What’s new? Read on …

At the time that this goes live I am sleeping – this has been scheduled. More screenshots will be up when I am awake. 

When you log in you will see the auto start for the next part of the main/prize-line quest:

Battle of the Brands Pt. 5

Lenny: These new donuts are great! There’s “fresh rebranded” flavor in every bite.
Carl: They’re snackable, munchable, swallowable and a bunch of other “ables” that I’ll make up later!
Homer: Damn my voracious donut envy! Gimme one!
Squeaky Voice Teen: Sorry sir, the price has gone up again. Just like college tuition, if something is more expensive, it makes people want it more.
Homer: As a Springfield College grad, I say that’s stupid! Now gimme-gimme!!

Tasks: Make Homer Beg for Gift Cards (3hr, New Lard Lad)

Collect Gift Cards (×30, New Lard Lad) – Laird Ladd, Homer, Apu, Lisa, Moe, Quimby, Cletus

Unlocks a new Façade for the ‘new Lard Lad’ and let’s just call it abstract!

Battle of the Brands Pt. 6

Laird Ladd: You tore down my image for this?! Someone tell me where the face is on this thing so I can spit in it!
Lisa: It’s like a Salvador Dali sculpture gone horribly wrong.
Homer: The statue may be a melted mess but these new donuts are great. I can feel the dark donut-less cloud lifting from over my head.
Lisa: That’s the actual clouds, Dad. Look, the sun is coming out.
Sideshow Mel: The Cronenbergian monstrosity has become a thermodynamic weapon!
Professor Frink: Snell’s bells! Refraction claims another victim, with the focused light and the BURNing!
Robert Chan: Well, this was a bust. At least we managed to drum up business with all the hype.
Squeaky Voice Teen: Actually sir, we haven’t made a single cent. Everyone’s been paying with the free gift cards.
Robert Chan: Recall those cards before Tianjin Mining and Smelting and Donuts stock plummets and we’re bought out!
Mr. Burns: Hellooo…

Task: Collect Gift Cards (×36, Kwik-E-Mart) – Laird Ladd, Homer, Lisa, Ned, Apu, Quimby, Mr. Burns

Completion of this unlocks the Springfield Bowl and an Mr Burns animation at the Bowl

When I awake from my slumber I will be able to check this info and nab some screenshots but from the files here are the characters that can do one of their animated tasks there:

  • Chalmers
  • Nelson
  • Bart
  • Lisa
  • Ralph
  • Marge
  • Quimby
  • Comic Book Guy
  • Jimbo
  • Milhouse
  • Martin
  • Mr Burns

Apart from Mr Burns all of the above characters will go to the Bowl and do one of the tasks that they already have in a way that works like the Open Air Stage.

So there you have it. The details and walkthrough of what’s new! I will update this with screenshots when I am awake. Happy tapping …

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Season 28 premiered, what’s new?


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