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#SurvivorSunday: The Voice Edition (Top 9)

Welcome to #SurvivorSunday: The Voice edition! Just a quick disclaimer that everything down below are my personal opinions. I'm in no way affiliated with any corporation, especially The Voice or NBC.

What is Survivor? Alright, so I do recaps of performances for various singing shows and I give my two cents but Survivor is where I put my ten cents in and try and give the contestants a bit of advice (even though they're clearly not reading this) about what they can do to stay in the competition. Last season, these posts were simply titled "Survivor", but I'm trying something new out so bare with me!

Everything down below is not only referring to said contestant's previous performance, but their overall history in the competition. I deleted the pros and cons section but the Verdict is basically what I think they can do to get through to the next round and whether or not I think they're safe or not. On to Survivor!
I like Adam. He's a consistent, solid vocalist and he's playing his way into the competition very smart. He gives a very, very good performance every week and absolutely slays you with some vocals. The best part is that he knows what works for his voice and he's so clear on what kind of music he wants to do after the show.

Verdict: He hit a bit of a dud last week but he jumped right back into the competition with his last performance so he's in very good standing and just has to keep it consistent. 

I didn't give Alisan enough credit during my weekly report card on Monday night. Alisan was beginning to lose me because she came out every week with big belty songs and "Stay with Me" was very heavy on the theatrics and low on the emotion - which is Alisan's sweet spot. She pulled back this week, just her voice and a guitar. There were some big moments but they felt like they were earned, she built up to them and transitioned wonderfully. If she's going to keep doing ballads every week, this is a step in the right direction. Wonderful growth.

Verdict: She's in very good shape for the upcoming week, safe for sure.

He did the same thing he does every week, just in Spanish. It was entertaining but it was still so cheesy. I personally don't enjoy it because I cringe and things like that but I'm not going to not give him credit because it was a very solid performance with great vocals.

Verdict: I think Bryan's safe? I feel like he's not one of those contestants that has a stellar body of work. I haven't really liked any of his song choices since Top 12 week but he's managed to pull them off quite well so as long as he keeps doing what he's doing, he should be in the semi-finals.

She takes overdone songs and makes it fun to listen to them again. How many times have you heard "I Can't Make You Love Me" and "Rolling in the Deep" when you factor in American Idol and X Factor (in edition to The Voice)? A lot. I'm not one of those people that hate when overdone songs are done because they usually work and as long as you give me a good, refreshing voice you can sing whatever you want. Just be able to pull it off. Hannah does that every week with ease.

Verdict: SAFE. I plead the blood over this testimony.

#KeepTheLaith. Can we get that trending? Ironically, The Thrill is NOT Gone with Laith. The vocals and the groove get me in a good move every week. He, Hannah, Alison and Adam have been the most consistent this season I'm so thankful we have Laith.

Verdict: I'm just going to go out on a limb and say he's safe.

I finally saw what Blake as been trying to convince us all season. Mary can really sing those classy, classic country songs! She just reminds me of a lounge singer. I feel like she could do well after the show ends as long as she is able to find a hit song because those country fans are LOYAL. She has the voice she just needs to work up the stage presence because I loved her voice this week but she still made me want to sleep.

Verdict: Like I said, apparently America likes her so if she doesn't bomb this week then she should be fine.

He finally got slung into the bottom two and y'all saved him. Okay. I don't dislike Nick, I just hate the fact that he always sounds like they threw him up on stage after a 5K run. He sounds SO out of breath and Christina just refuses to tell him that and tells him to use his falsetto (which is, indeed, false-etto) and then everything will be okay. No, girl. Tell Nick that he needs to do more shit like "Thinking Out Loud" and don't lie to the poor boy and tell him he sounds like Michael Jackson. Maybe he sounds like Michael Jordan trying to sing in the shower after a big game but I'm sick of these coaches barely giving the contestants any criticism. How on Earth are they supposed to learn from their mistakes? Geeze.

Verdict: Nick. Just. Learn. Breath. Control.

His voice is so pretty. I'm so petty and want him to continue to do gospel songs. His performance felt like the lead single off of Disney's latest Pixar movie. He's still riding high off of "Break Every Chain" but he should probably think about doing something a little more interesting next week because he sounded great but I was pretty bored. Also, Carson Daley? Unless Paxton Ingram is in the bottom two, you better never again in your natural born life wait until the end to call Paxton's name because I was genuinely so scared.

Verdict: Save him so he can break some more chains, y'all!

"My Kind of Love" just wasn't all that great. Half the song she was struggling to hit the notes and sounded off pitch but we have "No More Drama" (if Adam wasn't lying) to look forward to tomorrow night so let's leave it there.

Verdict: She didn't bounce back from "The Climb" so let's hope this week she kills it because if not that just might kill her chances of winning.

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#SurvivorSunday: The Voice Edition (Top 9)


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