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#SurvivorSaturday: X Factor Edition (Top 10)

Welcome to #SurvivorSaturday: X Factor UK edition! Just a quick disclaimer that everything down below are my personal opinions. I'm in no way affiliated with any corporation, especially X Factor, Syco, or iTV. 

What is Survivor? Alright, so I do recaps of performances for various singing shows and I give my two cents but Survivor is where I put my ten cents in and try and give the contestants a bit of advice (even though they're clearly not reading this) about what they can do to stay in the competition. 

Last season, these posts were simply titled "Survivor", but I'm trying something new out so bare with me! Everything down below is not only referring to said contestant's previous performance, but their overall history in the competition. This is basically what I think they can do to get through to the next round and whether or not I think they're safe or not. On to Survivor!

It's like Emily and Simon have all the pieces to the puzzle for her to be extremely successful in the show. The bad news, she's still not all the way there yet. The good news, she's slowly working her way back into my heart. 'Closer' was...alright. Her vocals were all over the place and the arrangement wasn't really 'Emily' to me. Last week she kicked it up a notch. I thought the arrangement was stellar, it was just her vocals that were a little lackluster for me. I'd like to believe that was the beginning of an upward trend for her. Considering she's doing 'How Will I Know' this week, I think we're either going to get something fantastic or just alright from her. But she hasn't lost me quite yet!

Honestly, I think Gifty is the only person in the competition who has consistently delivered good to great performances so far. 5 AM and Matt Terry have each stumbled once or twice, at least in my opinion. But Gifty has always managed to deliver something very well. My only issue is that Gifty's always just...really good. I haven't gotten something stellar/great from her yet. The thing that separates Matt & 5 AM from Gifty is that when they're off, they're off, but when they're on they really wow with their performances. Gifty's just been that chick who's been very consistent and very fun lately. I'd love to see a different side to her but I'm just fine with what she's been dishing out to us so far.

Sam came back pretty strong this week! I think something Sam hasn't really completely tapped into yet is what a powerful performer she is. There was something about reading she was singing 'Earth Song' that really got me excited. I think we could be in for a real treat if she takes everything that's worked for her so far and thrusts it into this performance. It's a song that could come off a bit shouty, something Sam's been doing lately, but if she can just pull everything together she's going to have a real moment.

Alright, no. She was fun for about a week, but I'm not here for Honey G faking her way through each weeks theme by just spelling out her name. It was funny the first week, last week was just dreadful. I thought it was going to be a fun little horrid performance but it wasn't even anything close to something I'd call just horrible enough to be entertaining. Honey G should be called Honey B-Gone.

I don't think it's far off to say that none of us really remembered Relley at first. She had a pretty decent voice but when the live shows hit, she hit back hard! Her last two performances have been absolutely memorizing and I don't expect her to disappoint during divas night. I don't have much to say about her because she can just keep doing what she's doing as far as I'm concerned.

Saara should be counting her blessings that this is divas week. After two weeks in the bottom two, this could be her one shot to shoot herself from the bottom of the pack to the top. Now, I don't know about you, but when I think of Divas night, I think of singing. I think of SANGING. I think of someone bringing down the house vocally, and if there's one thing Saara knows how to do is sing her small butt off. This could be a pivotal week for...whatever her name is. That was shade to Sharon Osbourne for not even bothering to remember this poor woman's name when she came out for the sing off on Sunday night. Really, Sharon? You had one job.

I don't really have anything big to say about Matt this week. He delivered another great performance last week and Divas week is right in his comfort zone considering he has, arguably, one of the best voices in the competition. I just hope he doesn't rely soley on his falsetto because I really don't like that in a singer. I mean, he'll still sound good, it's personally just one of my pet peeves. I'm mostly just scared because he's singing 'I'll Be There.' One, it's a song that has been covered a lot. Two, I think it's cursed after it sent home 4th Impact last year when they delivered one of their best performances of the season. Haha. But Matt should be fine.

I mean, yeah, hey. I like Ryan, he hasn't given me a reason to love him yet. I think he's a potential pop star in the making, there's just something about him that doesn't all the way curl around for me. He has an alright voice and his performances have been good so far but I think there's real potential for him to do something great! I don't know how he's going to do that with 'Rolling in the Deep'...but, hey, who knows. This is X Factor, I wouldn't be surprised if he came out of nowhere with a great performance. That's a big if, though.

THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, Y'ALL. Their last performance was great and it pulled together everything we love about them. The vocals, the energy, the stage presence, the choreography were all ridiculously on point. I have no doubt they'll keep on this upward trend this week when they sing 'Valarie'. It's got just the right amount of funk and vocal reliability that can keep them in this really good spot right now.

Alright, maybe I should say more than just "show up" this week. Haha. I like these girls, but it's so ironic that the last time we saw them they did something so original and last week they basically had an alright karaoke performance. I was not a fan of their rendition of 'Keep Me Hangin' On'. It was good but it wasn't what I know their capable of and it wasn't something that really proved why they were brought back into the competition. But they're singing two of the most vocally intense songs, like, ever this week (Lady Marmalade/Bang Bang mashup) so maybe they'll just shut my mouth up and kill it this week.

Song spoilers VIA Telly Mix!
4 of Diamonds: Lady Marmalade/Bang Bang
5 AM: Valerie
Emily Middlemas: How Will I Know
Gifty Louise: Lay Me Down (?? Is Sam Smith a diva now?)
Honey G: Ice Ice Baby/Under Pressure (??)
Matt Terry: I'll Be There
Relley C: Natural Woman
Ryan Lawrie: Rolling in the Deep
Saara Aalto: Oh So Quiet
Sam Lavery: Earth Song

Also, sorry I didn't post a results show recap for last week. I've been super busy. Hopefully I'll get one up this week!

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#SurvivorSaturday: X Factor Edition (Top 10)


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