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One Of Us Recap Episode 2

At the beginning of the second episode of One of Us, Detectives Andrew (Steve Evets) and Juliet (Laura Fraser) head towards the family’s farm. Claire (Joanna Vanderham) is still hesitant about the arrangement, but Louise (Juliet Stevenson) is ready to move ahead full steam. She admits she doesn’t regret the death of Lee Walsh (Owen Whitelaw). The group prepares to leave the barn. As soon as they exit, they’re swarmed by two photographers. A picture or two is snapped, before the journalists are sent down the hill. Andrew and Juliet head to the local petrol station, where they watch footage of Lee. They do not acquire anything of significance.

The detectives leave moments later and prepare to head to the Douglas farm. During their trip, they receive information about Lee’s state of mind and it is confirmed that he was schizophrenic. Meanwhile, the others begin preparing for the arrival of the police. Bill (John Lynch) and Moira (Julie Graham) cover up Lee’s body, while Louise and Rob (Joe Dempsie) attempt to hide the car. Claire and Anna (Georgina Campbell) have a short conversation, while cleaning up the debris from inside of the home. Claire is still hesitant, but Anna insists she will stand by Rob regardless. By the time, Anna and Claire join Rob and Louise, the car is nearly hidden.

They finish up just in time. The detective approach and everyone makes a run for it. Moments later, Louise greets Andrew and Juliet at the front door. They are shown a picture of Lee and everyone admits they have no clue who he is. Rob questions why Lee would do something like this and the detective admit they have no idea. They learn about Lee’s mental condition and his past history of drug use. Lee’s previous assault charges are also revealed. Louise breaks down when Juliet asks her about Grace (Kate Bracken) and Adam’s attitudes and behavior before the murder. She shares a smoke outside with Claire, while discussing Grace’s desire to save the world.

Louise wonders whether Grace’s good will could’ve made her a target for Lee. Claire eventually asks Louise, if she was responsible for Lee’s murder. She insists they’re not made for this and admits they just lied to the police. Louise contemplates telling the detective the truth, but she admits it wouldn’t be a good idea. Claire returns and decides to head to work. The others attempt to convince her to remain home, but she refuses. Their father, Peter (Adrian Edmondson), is brought up before she can leave. Claire admits to calling him, but receiving no answer. On the way to work, Claire calls her brother’s phone and leaves him a message. Andrew and Juliet leave. They agree to head to the soup kitchen.

One they return to the car, Juliet receives a call from the drug dealer, who wants more. She tells him to never call her again. Afterwards, we just back to the Douglas house. Bill and Moira speaks with Jamie (Christian Ortega). It is revealed that the boy once took a shotgun to school, but didn’t use it. He insists he was only tying to call someone. Jamie argues with his mother and professes his innocence. Bill’s hand beings to shake. Jamie notices and asks if it happening again. Jamie agrees to keep Bill’s condition whatever it is a secret. The drug dealer meets up with a flunky and gives him a few sheets of LSD to sell. He also provides him with an untraceable phone. Alastair (Gary Lewis) makes it home and speaks with his wife.

Alastair tells his wife a little about what happened last night. During this time, Claire makes it to work and speaks with Meredith (Anne Kidd), who insists she shouldn’t be at work. Claire breaks down and is comforted by Meredith. Alastair admits the body was in the barn and so was he. She uses his war time against him and insists she knows what he needs to do now. Louise watches from a distance as Juliet and Andrew depart. The Elliot group speaks with the Douglas couple. They quickly begin freaking out and trying to come up with a better way to dispose of the evidence. They see a bulldozer and conjure up a scheme to hide the body and the car. Rob and Bill grab the body and carry it to their vehicle.

Journalists watch on from beyond the gate. Out of view, a hole is dug. Lee is throw into his vehicle and it is pushed into the hole, before it is covered up. Back in the city, Leah Elliot (Elizabeth Healey) hears Peter crying. She finds him scouring over the newspaper, which details Adam’s death. Peter expresses his love for his wife and insists he was going to tell her, but just couldn’t. He tells her about his previous family. He also admits to having a stress breakdown and eventually leaving his family to start anew elsewhere. Finally, he tells Leah about the death of his son. In the city, we see Craig (Daniel Campbell) buy LSD from one of the drug dealers.

He returns home and prepare for an upcoming camping trip. He tells his sister he will be back and they’ll head to the cinema when he returns. That night, Claire returns home from work. Jamie appears in the road and forces her to a screeching halt. The pair chat about the current situation and Jamie attempts to kiss Claire. He freaks and rushes off, while Claire gets back into her vehicle and heads home. One Claire makes it home, she learns that Anna and Rob have decided to return home. She learns about the burial of Lee and his vehicle. The group continues trying to convince Claire that they’ve made the right decision. The couple’s taxi arrives and they depart moments later.

Claire stands outside alone. She pulls the note Lee had out of her pocket and looks at is carefully. At the police station, Juliet tells Andrew about phone calls made from Adam’s hotel room in Spain to his father. She admits it is weird since Claire insisted none of them spoke to their father anymore. Andrew related the situation to the Middle East and refers to it as confusing. However, he admits they all end up killing one another anyway, so there is no point. Andrew agrees to send some officers around first thing in the morning. Peters listens to the voice mails from his son. Adam apologizes for shouting earlier and admits he is scared. Peter gets in his vehicle, programs his GPS, and heads to Braeston.

Meanwhile, Louise tortures herself by watching home videos of Adam. Claire attempts to convince her to stop, but he continues onward. Claire returns to her room. She looks at pictures of Adam and Grace, before getting a Facebook message from Sam. She tells Sam about Jamie trying to kiss her, before we see Jamie spying on the conversation from his bedroom. Moira scours through her belongings and burns a stack of letters. Louise wakes up early and goes nuts cleaning her home. She cleans the fire place in the room where Rob was staying and finds a knife amongst the debris. In the morning, Bill is confronted by Alastair. The conversation turns sour, when Alastair attempts to extort money from his friend. Bill becomes angry, but insists his old friend will get his money.

Meanwhile, Grant and his buddies prepare to get hire on the LSD. He quickly finds out that one of the tablets is missing. He immediately comes to the conclusion that his sister must’ve take one. His sister climbs onto the balcony and believes she sees her brother on the ground below. He calls for her to come down and join the fun. Without hesitation, she leaps from the balcony to her death below. Juliet returns to her daughter and tells her about their upcoming trip to India, where she will have her operation. Juliet is brought a newspaper by the nanny. She notices the picture of the Elliot and Douglas family. Once she returns to work, she shows Andrew and admits it is weird that Louise was wearing slippers.

Andrew agrees it is weird. Claire speaks with Meredith at work. She asks if the woman has every done anything wrong. Meredith seems baffled by the question, but doesn’t take it any further. One Claire returns home, she admits she is a wreck and cannot stop thinking about the murder. Louise shows her the knife and they both come to the conclusion that Rob must’ve killed Lee. At the end of the episode, the police arrive at Rob’s place and ask to speak with him.

One Of Us Review

The second episode of One of Us was a little slow, but very enthralling. The series is beginning to take on a life of its own and it would seem everyone has some deep dark secret to hide. Jamie is ultimately a creeper. Claire was lucky she made it out alive, during their night time rendezvous. And how about Rob?

Is he Lee’s true killer? At times, Claire seems a little too innocent and could end up being the real culprit. Nonetheless, the episode was great. An 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of One of Us right now!

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One Of Us Recap Episode 2


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