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One Of Us Recap Episode 3

At the beginning of the third episode, Rob Elliot is questioned by the authorities. He is asked about him stalking Anna’s rapist. He remains mum and doesn’t say anything about the rape. Moira Douglas heads to a local restaurant, where she meets up with Alastair. The pair chat for a few minutes, share a drink, and wind up heading to a private room. They have intercourse, before we switch over to Claire (Joanna Vanderham). Claire answers a call from her father, Peter. They chat about the situation and Claire quickly tells her father that he isn’t a father at all. She grills him about Adam’s favorite music and film, before hanging up angrily.

During this time, Juliet (Laura Fraser) continues contemplating Louise and her slippers. She receives a phone call from her daughter, Maddy (Isis Hainsworth), and is forced to return home. Once she arrives, she learns about the death of the local girl, who happened to be a schoolmate of her daughter. Maddy contemplates whether or not she should make contact with the girl’s brother and give her condolences. Juliet is stunned and disheartened by the news. Eventually, Juliet snaps out of it and says it would be fine to contact Grant. They embrace, before we switch back to Claire, who arrives at a lake.

Claire jumps into a boat and paddles out into the water. During this time, she receives a phone call from Peter, who tells her Adam’s favorite song when he was younger. Peter apologizes, before stepping out in traffic and being run over. Claire makes it to the middle of the water and throws the knife overboard. We jump forward 4 days. Claire meets Anna (Georgina Campbell) and Rob (Joe Dempsie) at the train depot. Rob comments on Claire’s appearance, before they briefly talk about their father and how selfish he was. Anna leaves the pair alone, before Claire confronts Rob about the knife.

Rob sincerely doesn’t seem to know anything about the knife. He denies everything. He quickly seems to believe Anna might’ve been involved. Afterwards, we see Andrew and Juliet cruising down the road, while Juliet looks at pictures of the girl, who committed suicide. The detectives arrive at Louise’s (Juliet Stevenson) door and begin asking her question. They first inquire about the slippers, before asking about the vehicle, which has now gone missing. Louise makes an excuse for both. We also learn that the funeral for Adam and Grace will be taking place shortly, thanks to the detectives releasing the body quickly.

Louise tries to get in touch with the Douglas family, after the cop’s depart. Jamie (Christian Ortega) eventually picks up after pulling himself away from the company. However, it is too late. The cops speak with Bill (Bill Lynch) and ask him about the family’s walk with Louise and her family. Surprisingly, he doesn’t make himself seem too guilty. Juliet and Andrew (Steve Evets) return to their vehicle and Andrew admits he believes Lee might’ve made it to the farm on the night of the storm. Juliet insists people are capable of things they never thought they could do. Next, Rob returns from a stroll. He speaks with Anna and asks her about the knife. They also chat about the funeral and Anna gives up very little information regarding the knife. Alastair returns to speak with Bill once more.

They quickly chat about Louise and her mindset, before Alastair tries to extort more money from Bill. This time Alastair’s (Gary Lewis) threats get him nowhere. Bill blows him off and insists Alastair is in just as deep as they are. Claire hangs out with Meredith (Anne Kidd) at work. She shows Meredith a picture of Sam to justify their long distance relationship. Meredith also insists Claire should speak with someone about her current problem. Back at the police station, Juliet and Andrew go over their evidence. They confirm they have nothing tying them to Lee. Andrew insists people do strange things without explanation sometimes. In the morning, Claire watches home video of Adam’s wedding. She picks up the phone and texts incriminating evidence to her boyfriend. Jamie watches it all go down, before grabbing the detective’s business card.

Rob tells Claire he just got off of the phone with Leah and confirms she was quite nice. They contemplate whether or not Peter knew something about the murders. Rob doesn’t want to hear it and insists they’ll drive themselves nuts, if they keep thinking about it. Claire enters her mother’s room and finds her grieving. With a little effort, Claire manages to get her mother ready for the funeral. Moira and Bill also prepare for the event. Meanwhile, the low lever drug deal hangs out in a vacant building filled with homeless people. He makes a run for it, once he sees the cops outside. He manages to make it to the rooftop, where he calls his boss, Jay (Chris Fulton). Jay tells his boy that he’ll take care of it and to chuck the phone right now. He hangs up immediately after. Maddy and Juliet get a visitor.

Juliet heads downstairs and finds Jay in her house. She sends Maddy away, before speaking with the man in private. Jay tells her about the situation and the suicide of the young girl. Juliet insists she doesn’t care. Jay threatens to rat on her, if he does down, before making his exit. Juliet returns to the station learns about Jamie sending them screen grabs of messages between Claire and her boyfriend. This gives them enough evidence to get a search warrant. While Rob speaks at the funeral, the police go to work searching his property. Bill speaks with Alastair after the ceremony and tells him not to return to work the following day. The police find blood on the rug, while Rob chats with Claire outside.

One again, Rob professes his innocence. He admits he believes Anna might’ve had something to do with the murder of Lee. He reveals she hasn’t been the same, since return back home. Back inside, Jamie speaks with his mother. He is scolded for having a drink, before revealing his dad’s Parkinson’s disease. Jamie admits he contacted the police and told them what happened to Lee. He confirms he kept his family out of it and only implicated the Elliot family. Moira is startled and knows they’re in big trouble. During this time, the police storm the barn. The police use dogs to sniff for Lee. They uncover the car and find Lee’s body inside.

Bill joins Moira and learns about the situation, just as Juliet and Andrew enters. The detectives confronts Louise and Rob. They urge everyone to come down to the station, so they can talk about the situation. Eventually, everyone agrees and they’re interviewed one by one. Louise tells the detectives about the night of the storm and caring for an injured Lee. Claire gives further evidence and mentions the note, which she doesn’t have with her. Then, Bill speaks with the cops and tells them how Rob recognized the man. Eventually, the couple turn their attention to Rob. He is told about the conversation between Claire and Sam and how it was turned in by Jamie. Rob asks for a lawyer. When confronted with the evidence, Rob eventually confesses to the crime. During this time, Jay is arrested.

Juliet speaks with Claire and tells her that they’ll most likely be granted bail in the morning. Claire finally admits she is glad her brother’s killer is dead. Bill and his family are released from jail. Jamie quickly asks for an apology, but his parents aren’t having it. They ridicule his actions. Jamie admits he used Claire’s password to access her messages. Bill’s condition begins acting up. Jamie watches on as Claire, Louise, and Anna leave the jail. We see Rob biding his time. On the outside, Anna confirms she is going to the prison to see Rob. Claire heads home and watches the unedited video of Adam’s wedding. The cameraman is told to head outside and get shots of the building. When he does, he captures Bill arguing with Adam. Bill tells Adam, if he carries on he will end up going straight to hell. Claire heads to the Douglas farm and speaks with Bill. She asks him about the argument and whether or not it had something to do with Adam’s death.

One Of Us Review

This was by far the best episode of One of Us. The group’s crime was finally uncovered, but many questions still remain. The sympathetic Juliet will most likely be forced to confront her own crimes. How will that impact Rob’s case? What does Bill know about the murder of Adam and Grace? The episode was very bleak and revealing. It also did an excellent job of setting up the finale. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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One Of Us Recap Episode 3


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