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One Of Us Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale for One of Us, Claire (Joanna Vanderham) speaks with Bill about the video tape. He insists Adam was having an affair and he tried to stop it. Claire quickly denies it and insists Adam wasn’t that type of person. Claire remains suspicious, before departs without taking it further. Meanwhile, Maddy and Juliet (Laura Fraser) begin looking for hotels. Juliet is pulled away by a phone call from the police station. An officer tells her about Jay Clark, who has been asking for her. Claire heads to the hospital, where she learns Meredith has been hoarding her pills, while probably planning her suicide.

Meredith insists she is just forgetful and picked up other people’s pills by mistake. In private, Claire forces her to tell the truth and apologizes for not helping. Meredith again confirms she is ready to die and will keep trying until she does. Claire reluctantly agrees to help. Claire heads hole, while Anna prepares to see Rob (Joe Dempsie) at the jail. She heads inside and asks to see Rob. Rob is escorted to the visitor area, but Anna has already left. Juliet makes it to the jail and speaks with Jay. She is quickly threatened with exposure, but she doesn’t back down. It gets worse when Jay reveals he has audio recordings of their conversations.

She agrees to speak with the dealer and convince him to retract Jay’s name. He tells her she has until six, before she makes her exit. Next, Louise (Juliet Stevenson) and Claire work together to try and cancel Adam’s bills. During the task, Claire notices a strange number on Adam’s phone bill. With a little investigating, they discover that the number belongs to Bill Douglas and that Adam called the number five times. Meanwhile, Alastair (Gary Lewis) makes it home and finds his wife, Sal (Kate Dickie), is prepared to leave him. She admits she knew about his affair with Moira and insists she is taking the money, before exiting. While Bill (John Lynch) is at work, Claire sneaks into the family home and begins searching for Bill’s cellphone.

Claire is eventually caught by Jamie (Cristian Ortega), who apologizes for spying on her. She tells her how he got the password, before helping her find his father’s phone. Some arrives outside, so Claire exits through the back door. Claire heads outside and listens to the voicemails on the phone. She seems distraught, but we’re unable to hear any of their contents. Bill and Moira (Julie Graham) return home to find Sal in their living room. Sal tells Bill about Moira’s affair with Alastair, before making her exit. Next, we see Juliet in her car looking at a USB drive. She heads back inside and speaks with Jay (Chris Fulton) once more.

Juliet tells Jay about her time working to track down child predators. She confirms she kept child pornography on a USB drive and will frame Jay, if he doesn’t remain quiet. He doesn’t believe her, but she remains adamant. Again, she is told she has until six, before their conversation is stopped by the guard. Bill and Moira speak outside about the affair. Bill lashes out at his wife and also accuses her of having an affair with Peter Elliot 20 some years ago. Juliet rushes to join Andrew (Steve Evets). Together, they listen to the voicemails brought over by Claire. Adam tells Bill that he isn’t even Grace’s father, while also telling him to stay away from them after they return. The voicemail confirms Peter was sleeping with Moira.

Once the voicemail ends, Juliet comes to the conclusion that Adam and Grace were brother and sister. Claire asks whether or not this could impact the investigation, while also describing how she obtained the information. She is escorted out and told to return to her family. Before she leaves, she gives Juliet the note Lee had when he arrived at the farm. Juliet gives the note to Andrew, who is working to get all of Bill’s phone records and bank statements. He agrees to have the note analyzed for DNA and fingerprints. Juliet makes her exit. She heads to the evidence room and prepares to frame Jay. However, she stops midway through and exits. She quickly heads home, where Yuki (Kae Alexander) is playing with Maddy (Isis Hainsworth).

Juliet tells Maddy that the operation has been pushed forward, so they need to leave right away. Yuki says her goodbyes, while Maddy bombards Juliet with questions. Juliet snaps, before she manages to convince Maddy to get her belongings and prepare to leave. Claire returns home and tells her mother the truth. Louise quickly lashes out and demands answers. Louise and Claire head to the Douglas house and demand answers. Moira insists it is ridiculous that Adam and Grace could be brother and sister, before Bill lashes out at the group. Charlie Fuller (Gilly Gilchrist) and a few other officers enter moments later. Bill is told his DNA was found on the note. Moira pleads with Bill to say he didn’t do it, but he doesn’t. Instead, he is given permission to head upstairs to get dressed.

Bill heads upstairs, passes his son’s room, and heads into his room. He emerges with a shotgun and heads downstairs. He sneaks out the backdoor and heads towards the barn. Bill is stopped by the others, before he begins confessing to the truth. He admits if it wasn’t for his illness none of this would’ve happened. He confirms he tested Adam and Grace when he was tested for Parkinson’s. Bill admits he attempted to speak with Adam and convince him to pull out of the wedding. He confirms giving the DNA results to Adam on the night of the wedding. We jump forward and see Bill at a bar, when his daughter was out of town. He emerged and walked the streets alone, before Lee Walsh (Owen Whitelaw) attempted to rob him. He confirms he turned the tables, took Lee’s knife, and made him an offer.

He admits to offering 3 and then 5 grand to Lee to take care of Adam. Lee went through with it and murdered Adam. Once he was finished, Grace burst through the door and Lee was forced to deal with her as well. Bill also admits to disposing of the knife, which he used to kill Lee. He reveals he thought he would be able to deflect the blame to Rob, if he needed to do so. Bill insists he wanted nothing to happen to Grace, before putting the shotgun to his chin. Louise urges him on, but Bill is unable to do it. Claire calls him a coward, once he puts the gun down and drops to the ground. Afterwards, we see Maddy and Juliet at the airport. Andrew shows up behind them and speaks with Juliet in private.

Andrew confirms he always listened to Juliet and that is how he knew where she was. Andrew admits he is tired of running around in circles and sick of arrested suspects, who are later released and allowed to reoffend. He also reveals that he came alone and gives Juliet the decision to choose what to do next. Juliet thanks Andrew, before returning to Maddy. Afterwards, Anna (Georgina Campbell) meets Rob as he is released from jail. She admits their relationship has changed since her rape. He tries to make things work, but they eventually agree it would be best to split. We jump to the hospital, where Claire admits she cannot help Meredith. She apologizes and says she might be selfish, but she doesn’t want to see Meredith leave. Moira visits Louise, apologizes, and the women embrace one another. At the end of the finale, we see a home video of the moment Adam told Grace he liked her for the first time.

One Of Us Review

By all means, One Of Us was a great mini-series. Each scene revealed something or delved into the characters’ mindsets. Each seemed impactful and important. And, the acting has been extraordinary throughout. Each member of the cast was perfect for their respective roles. And, the finale was excellent.

It was definitely surprising and unpredictable. And, it was easy to sympathize with the culprit. All in all, One of Us was a great watch. The finale deserves a 9 out of 10. Be sure to check our previous One Of Us recaps right now!

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One Of Us Finale Recap


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