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Six Of The Most Shocking Deaths In THE WALKING DEAD

Tonight is the night where we find out just who Negan killed in THE Walking DEAD as the season six finale’s closing moment saw him batter his bat Lucille across a poor skull, bashing it to non-existence. With the season seven premiere tonight, we thought we’d put together six of the most shocking deaths that have been scattered across the show so far.


Once upon a time Carol was quite a quiet and gentle Character. Yeah, if you don’t remember that version of her watch the first three seasons. Season one she had an abusive husband who met his end, and season two she managed to lose her daughter in season two at the start. The majority of the second season, whilst taking part on Hershel’s farm, saw the group of survivors searching for Carol’s poor daughter. That was until the secret of the farm is opened up, quite literally, as the group discovers the barn hiding plenty of walkers because Hershel can’t bring himself to kill his family. At that moment, we saw poor Sophia, now fully walker-fied, in a truly shocking moment for the show. At this point, we realised even THE WALKING DEAD is happy to kill off children.


“Just look at the flowers” were the final words Lizzie got to hear. To be honest though, not a shocking death in itself as many just kind of wanted it anyway. Lizzie was a character who felt sorry for the walkers, still viewing them as people and herself and sister Mika went around playing with them. Under Carol’s care at the time, she discovers Lizzie has brutally killed sister Mika so she can be like them. It’s at this point Carol takes it upon herself to tell the young girl to “just look at the flowers” while she kills her from anymore nasty deeds.


Noah wasn’t a character who managed to stick around for too long, however it’d seemed that he would as his story arc slowly got it’s roots in the series and he slowly became a stronger character. Of course the young character didn’t get to see out all that much as he met one of the very grizzliest of endings in season five as he was trapped in a revolving door by the cunning Nicholas. The moment we all thought they’d get out and survive, Noah gets snagged by some walkers and torn to shreds as Glenn and Nicholas watch on. Pity, I quite liked Noah.


Dale was such a charming and kind character. He lived long through the first two seasons of the show, however whilst on Hershel’s farm towards the end of the season, his arc just wasn’t meant to continue. Firstly his death was an extremely gruesome one, plus it actually came out of nowhere and felt like one of the first major deaths in the show. Until this point we hadn’t really had anything as severe or as sudden, but Dale met his end when a walker snuck up on him, plowed it’s fingers into his stomach and started nibbling away at his insides. It wasn’t even the walker that killed him (I mean it would have) but instead Daryl who had to pull the trigger to put poor Dale out is suffering.


Quiet little Beth finally came into her own in late season four and season five. As the group were on the search to find each other once again in season four after their prison home was destroyed, Beth spent much time with Daryl and the pair grew a very fond connection. Season five saw this continue and her becoming quite the badass, that was until she landed in a hospital ran by some loons it seemed. The first half of season five saw Daryl and Carol in search of Beth after going missing, until finally the group come face to face with her captors and things don’t go well as Beth takes a shot to the brain.


A huge fan favourite character came to an end. Hershel started off as a grumpy farm owner who didn’t agree with Rick’s ways, but he soon became a right hand man to Rick and kind of a mentor for the group. We all got the skipping heartbeat though when the Governor came to take Rick’s prison home and placed Hershel and Michonne on their knees. Although Michonne managed to get away, Hershel met an end we all still can’t get over as the Governor took a sword to his neck. We eve got the unpleasantness of seeing Hershel’s zombie-fied head afetrwards as well. A truly missed character.

Of course, we’ve had numerous deaths in THE WALKING DEAD and that’s just a few of them. A few notable mentions has to be Andrea killing herself after being bit by a walker, Tyrese cutting his arm off after also being bit by a walker, Nicholas’ shooting himself after hime and Glenn being surrounded by walkers (I’m not complaining as it let Glenn get away.) Plus we have Shane and Lori, Shane getting killed by Rick after he goes crazy and Lori being killed by her own son.

THE WALKING DEAD returns with it’s season seven premiere tonight on AMC and tomorrow in the UK on FX.

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Six Of The Most Shocking Deaths In THE WALKING DEAD


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