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Men dressed in white robes and high spinning in circles and hats do not seem as exciting working with bulls or dance at the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, but the opportunity to learn and dervishes change in the way we never expected. Based on the teachings and practices of the poet Rumi 13TH century, and this festival for 10 days to expose the power of sincerity and show that spinning can do more than make you dizzy.

Remember Rumi

He said that the idea of ​​finding inner peace through the twists and turns does not come out of nowhere. Rumi was born in Afghanistan and spent time in Persia (now Iran), before moving on to Konya, Turkey, where his father was invited to be a scientist. Rumi became an academic himself, teach peace, love and tolerance, which received a large number of followers. Educated followers saw as a wise philosopher, while considered uneducated him a prophet. Rumi's life changed when learning intensive relationship with the largest advanced Sufi, wandering called Shams of Tabriz. Unfortunately, the followers of Rumi disagree with the influence of the sun, and mysticism, allegedly killed.

Since the tragedy comes the discovery, and found Rumi poetry in channel capacity. It was also at this time that Rumi and shift introduced as a means to achieve divine harmony. Thus was born the movement. Dervishes (also known as the Whirling system) was honored the death of Rumi nearly 750 years, the brand of their "wedding night" with God in the December 17, 1273.

You can come here to marvel at the turn, but this festival is more education about contemporary Islam than you imagine ever.
Authentic experience

When we heard for the first time in this festival, we were sure that there would be packaged and charter flights to fly from the United States rounds after all, written on Rumi has sold more than any other poet there, and it seems that every wedding New Age has a free turkey Poem. This, however, was not the case. Rumi is revered as much more than just a poet in his own country, and 100,000 festival visitors, nearly 90% of them from Turkey.

Konya is the largest and most 7TH province of Turkey, with more than 1 million people, a major city. No bars and restaurants do not serve alcohol, and 95% of women wear the burqa or niqab. While most magnificent Islamic architecture of the city comes from the Seljuk period in the 13th century (when Rumi was there), and most of the modern buildings are straight out of the 1970s and 80s.

This festival is to meet real, indigenous people. In the West, we tend to overlook the message of Rumi Islamic despite the fact that exactly 10% of his poems lines virtually taken Koran. You can come here to marvel at the turn, but this festival is more education about contemporary Islam than you imagine ever.

While this is a spectator sport, it is impossible not to get "high-touch" elegant soft trance dance ,, in. Robes White Dervish "collect different colored lights in the cultural center Maulana, who fits nearly 2,000 people and was built mainly for ceremonies spinning. Moment crossed his arms on his chest, toward the sky, right arm up to God and his left arm came back to earth it feels like a flower blooming in spring. No wonder this ceremony, UNESCO added to the list of masterpieces of the oral and intangible Heritage of humanity.

His personal experience will probably be full of wonder. As is converted those individual men to the collective visual symphony, I was struck by the loneliness sitting with them, and how to transfer to the unit with a higher authority. If you are religious or not, you have to understand what is meant Rumi when he said: "The real work of religion is durable wonder why I do not mean in amazement with his back to it, I mean burning in the euphoria of the blind. Drowned drunk in God and love."

MEVLANA WHIRLING DERVISHES on Dec at Konya, Turkey Pictures And HD Wallpapers

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