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Amanda's Horror Years- 1990

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The start of the 90's brought some great movies. On the whole, the 90's were not as good as the 80's for horror, in my opinion but there were some highlights. This year had some great movies and I will look back on them now.

To start with my favourites, I will begin with Flatliners. This film is one of my favourite 90's movies and the cast is great(apart from Julia Roberts). Kiefer Sutherland leads the group of med school students who decide to see if there is anything beyond death. Unfortunately, they bring something back from the dead with them. It is a great, tense movie which I did hear is going to be re made. I hope that this won't happen. Misery is another good movie from this year. I read the book by Stephen King first and I enjoyed it and the movie was entertaining too. I am not a huge Kathy Bates fan in general, but she was good as the psycho fan here. James Caan stars as the author who gets saved by Bates but she is not going to let him go back home... 

Another King adaptation was Graveyard Shift(avoid if you don't like rats) and IT which I really enjoyed. I loved the novel too.Of course, that is being remade too. A favourite movie of mine released this year was Arachnophobia. Anyone who knows me well knows that I hate spiders. That is why this movie is so scary to me, even though it isn't scary(you know what I mean). That big ass spider at the end made me hide behind my hands, I have to say. Tremors was a good, fun movie released this year starring Kevin Bacon. It is about some sort of weird creatures who are underground. It is not strictly horror, but it is a monster movie, so it is included. Clive Barker's Nightbreed was released too. It is kind of a monster movie, but not one of my favourites. Night of the Living Dead was a remake of the original 1968 movie which is a very good movie. I don't know about this. I am not a huge fan of remakes in general. There are always exceptions, but this isn't one of them.

Tales From the Darkside:The Movie is an anthology based on the TV series. I liked it as I am a fan of anthology movies. I liked the different tales. There was another TV movie called I'm Dangerous Tonight starring Anthony Perkins and directed by Tobe Hooper. It's not a bad movie about a girl who becomes a devil. It sounds worse than it is. The First Power is a horror/thriller starring Lou Diamond Phillips and it is about a shape shifting Devil who inhabits the body of a killer. It was a decent movie and Phillips was good in it. Whatever happened to him? Another few movies worth a mention are Buried Alive, Pledge Night, A Cat in The Brain, Two Evil Eyes, Brain Dead, Darkman(not strictly horror, but I threw it in) and Jacobs Ladder(kind of a horror movie so it's here).

Sequels were big business this year and the best of the lot was Psycho 4:The Beginning. I liked it as it showed us little Norman and how he got to be the killer that he became. Slumber Party Massacre 3 was out this year ( I must watch this one. I haven't gotten around to it yet),Predator 2,Prom Night 3, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, Child's Play 2(good fun), Gremlins 2(great fun),Sorority House Massacre 2, Basket Case 2(Not bad),Maniac Cop 2(good movie), Silent Night, Deadly Night 4(enough already!), The Exorcist 3(Okay).

So, all in all, 1990 was a pretty good year for horror movies and movies in general. I liked a lot of these movies and there are some of my favourite movies here such as Flatliners and Arachnophobia.
As always, if you have any movies that you would like to add, let me know.

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Amanda's Horror Years- 1990


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