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You Are Bad Actor With Bad Habits | Not For You

Actor's bad habits
Too much of beer and whiskey?

Actor's bad habits. How to remove them

Good acting school, good auditions, running around but struggling for 5 years. No success. Why?

What else is required to become a successful actor apart from a good training?

Why am I failing as an actor?


What about your habits?

Actors! Get Rid Of These 7 Bad Habits NOW If You Want Success 

I sympathize with you and myself. It's not a sin to have a bad habit. Everybody has but quietly can start destroying your career and happiness. So, let's kick them out

Do You have These Bad Habits?

  1. Dominating a conversation. Everyone wants to be heard but some just go on speaking
  2. Overthinking and brooding on any subject. Most of the times it makes you sad, drags you and wastes time.
  3. Over-attachment with people. Rule No. 1-Focus on yourself
  4. The habit of delaying (procrastination). You will never do it if you don’t do it now
  5. Lying and cheating yourself because you dare not face the truth
  6. Finding excuses for yourself and other people
  7. Spending too much time on social media like FaceBook

4 Steps on How to Break a Bad Habit

1 Be aware. Consciously focusing on everything, even small you do and identify THAT bad habit

2 Write down -This is my bad habit I WILL through it out before the new year

3. Substitute it with a good habit. For example, instead of biting nail or smoking , try chewing gum or some other mouth freshener.

4. Finally, I strongly recommend Meditation, self-hypnotism and auto-suggestion techniques. This definitely helps. Learn from us

A few of our TV Serial actors talk about their habits which they want to get rid off and what does the New Year mean to them.

Sneha Wagh-I wants to give up taking people at face value and sweets. New Year means fresh perspective on your priorities and goals and finding happiness.

Piyush Sahdev-I wants to give up nail biting and also want to learn to forgive easily and also want to try to sleep early. A new year means a new beginning for me, new hopes and aspirations. I also plan on buying assets as the new year begins so the new year is big for me.

Gaurav S. Bajaj- I will not give up but I'll reduce the no. of cups of tea in a day. I drink 5-7 cups of tea in a day usually. Late night eating habit. When I watch films at home. I grab so much unwanted stuff from the fridge and hog like a dog ice creams, Namkeens, and chips etc.

Shivin Narang - I would like to take a control on fattening food and second habit is I would more focus on my fitness.  New Year arrival means new chapter for me

Rishina Kandhari - Life is a book and every year is a new chapter full new challenges and opportunities and I would like to score my 100% in it. Two things I would like to change will be A-under estimating my abilities towards myself andB- spending money like a spendthrift.  I will save as much as I can.

Gunjan Utreja - I want to sleep early. It's been long I have not slept before 4 am. And that's a bad habit  because  I wake up early as well.  I want to give up my fetish for sweets. I cannot resist chocolates and Gulab jamun. Change of date doesn't mean anything to me. It's just another milestone and gives you an opportunity to measure the distance you have come in your life. I believe life is to be lived not measured.

Shashank Vyas -Pray  to God and mom on 1st of January that makes me a better person and asks for good health.
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You Are Bad Actor With Bad Habits | Not For You


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