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10 Terrible Realities You Will Face In Your Actor's Life

Terrible realities of life as a Bollywood actor
Bollywood top star Salman Khan who faced terrible realities in his career

Be Prepared and Face or Quit Dreaming to Be An Actor

Understanding that hard work does not always equal success, is the most ruthless of all truths. We all know the great older actors that have worked in their whole career compromising with  small roles and yet cannot seem to break through for the big. Contrarily, some lazy young actors can simply become surprisingly lucky, which seems patently unfair to everyone else. The simple matter is that life does not promise—or even owe you—fairness. Hard work does not always equal success, but may simple help.

Your journey is your journey. At times simple, and at times alarmingly  challenging. Learn to enjoy the entire roller coaster ride, and not just the peaks. When you do, you’ll find that the “harsh” realities are every bit as enlivening as the “lucky” breaks.

Reality 1

One of the merciless truths actors discovers in this industry is that the most handsome, hot and the talented people don’t always get regular roles or experience the greatest success in their careers. This can be a harsh truth to face because when we first start out, we expect talent to win out.

Reality 2 

Much to our surprise, there are outstanding talents available in our country in Bollywood or TV serials we remember that somehow never work regularly are well known or earn their living without taking up another job. This can be a harsh reality to face when an actor sees someone they feel is less naturally talented gets regular jobs. A successful TV series producer told me  once, “We went with someone less talented who got less nervous and quick in memorization, rather than someone who is  having an excellent talent in the audition with their natural gift, but became less effective and requires repeated takes in a shoot.” So the harsh reality is it may not be talent but flexibility, perseverance, hard work, and a clear head that determines an actor’s fate.

Reality 3 

As an actor, you are a sensitive instrument, and it’s easy to take things personally and feel bad. Don’t. You may face many rejections. It’s not all about you. Casting decisions are trying to find out the best among hundreds who suits the best as a character in the story and on the camera. Therefore, it would be wise for you to find out your type and research before hand whether you suit to a character description, before you go for an audition

Reality 4 

One of the hardest realities to face as an actor is that you will always be who you are. As we know, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. You’ll win some roles and be rejected for others. The reality is the more roles you audition is not great, but more disappointed you’ll be. This is why it is important to know yourself, your strategy based on your talent, and set realistic expectations. Audition for roles you are confident in booking and have a strong desire to perform. When it comes to not getting the role, be able to separate your feelings from casting decisions, which are, in fact, business decisions (nothing personal). Choose to be happy for the person who got the role and move on. The more opportunity awaits you!

Reality 5

Everybody wants to be an actor and simply going to acting school is not enough. Better to engage a personal acting coach who will guide you for a long time. You have to be better focused, motivated, talented and have a razor sharp positive attitude—not to mention a perfect knowledge of acting as a business and how to market yourself to be successful hitting your goals. There are people literally dozing on benches at the reception of Bollywood and TV channel production houses to wait for a meeting with a big director or a producer to get their chance and if you are not willing to give it everything you will have to wait for years and years, your chances of success are small. It is not for the weak of heart.

Reality 6 

The truth is it’s a prolonged struggle and puts a lot of pressure on your financial resources to maintain this struggle.

Reality 7

No industry professional (artist coordinators, industry insiders, casting director, director, producer, etc.) will give a career to you. You must actively, aggressively, and strategically create your own opportunities (dancing, singing, martial arts, assisting directors or producers, comedy, etc.) to create a platform for yourself to be taken seriously. Career success is linked with the amount of focused work you put in and with your ability to build and maintain relationships with other industry professionals.

Reality 8

One of the hardest things for young actors to learn and accept is that you are not going to be right for every role you go out for. You just don't know why you were rejected. Apart from matching with the character as the best among the lot, there could be hidden reasons nobody can identify. For example, casting director had a bad night, the role had been cast already or a casting director is not really a decision maker (especially in India) but may be a producer or a client (in the case of a commercial ad). It can be incredibly frustrating, demoralizing, and difficult for an actor to grasp this reality that it’s not about who is good or bad, but that there are other factors that weigh into the casting process.

Reality 9

 One of the harshest things is that it’s purely a profit business and many a time your selection is based on this factor. Are you willing to work for free or on a small pay? Are you hot and sexy as an item girl or a sexy hunk to attract more viewers to my film or TV serial? You may be the most talented and most deserving, but do you fit into the project's financial budget? Keep this in mind this fact for your acceptance or rejection.

Reality 10

Actors have no power unless they’re stars. The hardest lesson an actor will learn throughout his or her career is that he or she is not necessary. How many actors become Bollywood or TV  stars? How many even ever get to make a living acting?  So, don’t expect all the roles you audition. The easiest way is to start thinking like a filmmaker, an investor in a film then probably understands a selection process

The Key Success and Happiness Factors To Develop

Lock and key to an actor's success
1. Insane Determination and Dedication
2. Polished People Skills (Networking)
3. Awesome Auditioning Skills
4. Excellent Acting Talent
5. A Strong Yet Open Personality

The last one (5),  may just be the hardest quality to acquire. An actor must be open to the world and the people in it in order to develop the insight necessary to bring characters to life. At the same time, he or she must be protective enough to deal with the constant rejection and disapproval that abound in this industry.


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10 Terrible Realities You Will Face In Your Actor's Life


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