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Dear Daughter... :)

Summer Vacation= Two months of jobless-ness= Frustration= I’M GOING MAD..!!

Well, that has been My condition for over a month now. J Wondering what to do… So, I picked up the phone, called up My classmate, to ask her how she’s doing. She was a little busy, and said she’d give Me a call later in the afternoon.

When she did call later, I asked her, “Oh man..!! What on Earth were you busy with..!! I’m trying so hard to find work…” And she tells Me, “HEY..!! I had just woken up. I had to brush and stuff..” Trust Me, it was hilarious. I had called her at about 10:30. And she said she was busy, cause she had just woken up..!!

Phone+Me= Frightful combination. High phone bills. Luckily, this time, My friend had called, and not Me herJ We talked about all the possible things… We also talked about… Restrictions. As girls. At home. Un-avoidable subject, I guess.

Here we go… Everytime I think about those restrictions, I don’t know whom to blame. My mother always says don’t go out in the dark… Don’t trust guys too much… No this, no that, blah blah. I guess we never did achieve the Independence Gandhiji had in mind… Where a Woman wearing heavy jewellery could walk alone on the roads when it is dark, without any Fear. By birth, a girl is taught to Adjust, adjust, adjust. Someone misbehaves with you, ADJUST, don’t let it out, or you won’t be ‘respected’ anymore. If you can’t walk in the dark out of fear, take your brother/father with you, don’t go alone; ADJUST with the situations. There is a sloka in Sanskrit,

"Yatra Naaryasthu poojyanthe
Ramanethe thatra devathaha"

Meaning where a woman is respected and treated with dignity, there resides God. I wonder whether there is God anywhere around Me… They say God is everywhere, I wonder then, why I have to think twice before stepping outside My house past 7 pm. I wonder then, why I have to think twice before picking out My friends. I wonder then, why My friend and I are talking about restrictions…

I wonder now… When will we achieve the Independence the Father of the Nation dreamt of. I wonder, when the average middle class woman in the village will come out of the kitchen to get educated… I wonder when a pretty looking woman in the City will dare to come out late at night, alone, without the fear of being robbed or harassed in any manner. I wonder when a poor girl will get married without the fear of dowry death… I wonder when abominable practices like sati, child marriage, dowry, etc will be abolished…

Many a times, whenever the box around Me grows too small, meaning I feel there are too many restrictions, I find that I’m unconsciously promising Myself that if I have a Daughter, I will give her all of this. I will give her enough freedom. I wonder… If I do have a daughter, maybe she’ll be writing a blog similar to this in the future? Of that, I’m not aware… My friend said, “If I have a daughter, I’ll give her all that I missed out.” I found out that I’m not the only one promising that to Myself. J

It was just a few minutes before that, I’d written a blog posted by My sweet sweet Mama… J About War… Peace. And I’d told him that it was an amazing entry, and we have to make this world a better place to live in for our Children and grand children.

I wonder now… I’d sub consciously promised My “daughter” Freedom, Trust… Of course, she’d have all of that. But now… After talking to My Mama… I realized, there is something more My “daughter” needs. Something I’ve missed out, and something she deserves, as the Country’s future. Something that now lies in My generation’s hands… Something My previous generation missed out and never looked at. My “daughter” needs cleaner air to breathe, fresher and more pure water to drink, and most of all, My “daughter” needs to be able to look at a person from another Country which affected us in the past and not hate them. My “daughter” needs a peaceful Earth…

So I ask of all My generation- mates... Our children are begging for a better future… Our children are begging for a peaceful Earth. They need us…

Let’s give this Earth the condition it deserves… Let’s give our children a future they would love, not be forced to love...

Me :)

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Dear Daughter... :)


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