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I was having a happy hour with friends (virtual of course) and mentioned that I was going to dive into Peacock to watch the latest Psych movie. I had recently binged the whole series and wanted to close it out. A friend said his mom has enjoyed Psych and was looking for similar shows to recommend, I think he also mentioned Chuck (which is also super fun) as another good example. So thinking fun, episodic, kind of capery,

I as per usual spaced on anything good. One of the reasons I capture lists in this blog is so that I don’t continually forget things. Another friend suggested Burn Notice which we all agreed was a good choice. But after some time Leverage was announcing a reboot, and I thought that too would be a good option. So with a moment to think here are a few of the shows I wish I could come up with off the top of my head, in alphabetical order of course. They might not all be for every Psych fan but there’s a little something here for everyone.

  • Bones (Hulu, Prime) FBI agent and forensic anthropologist crack cases, and while the romance heats up between these opposites attract it’s really her team of scientists that give this a ton of appeal.
  • Bored to Death (HBO/Prime) Jason Schwartzman decides to become a detective when stifled by his writing, what could be better, well side kicks Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis as his friends who get dragged into the hijinks, great fun.
  • Burn Notice (Hulu, Prime) A spy recently disavowed by the U.S government uses his special skills and ragtag spy friends to save folks in trouble, funny, charming, and action packed.
  • Castle (Prime Purchase) Another opposites attract/partners premise Nathan Fillion as crime writer turned consultant has enough charm to keep things interesting.
  • Elementary (Hulu) Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu make an updated version of Holmes and Watson consulting with the NYPD and make for a lot of fun solving an odd case or two.
  • Eureka (Prime) This one is a little more quirky genius scientists than a typical crime buster but the sheriff finds himself investigating one calamity after another that tends to have someone beyond the norm explanations which is good fun.
  • Firefly (Hulu) This one is actually a bit more space cowboys but take my word for it, it’s full caper fun as Nathan Fillion is on our list again as the captain of a ship filled with an odd group of passengers and crew that is as busy getting into trouble as evading those trying to find them.
  • iZombie (Netflix) This show is a bit Veronica Mars meets zombies, and while it is a zombie show our protagonist taking on the personality of the victim (yes through eating their brain) each week and helping solve the case is a delight.
  • Leverage (Prime Purchase) A team of criminals pull off an elaborate con each week, but all in the name of righting a wrong, as noted they’re rebooting this with Noah Wyle replacing Timothy Hutton, still a great team.
  • Mentalist (Prime) – So you can’t have this list without the comparable premised ‘psychic’ handling cases, but Simon Baker has enough charm to make this less campy version still a lot of fun.
  • Monk (Prime) Tony Shalhoub carries this former police officer turned police consultant as his character’s OCD, among other things, makes him unbearable but excellent at figuring out what others can’t.
  • Pushing Daisies (Prime) This piemaker can bring someone back from the dead with his touch, but only for a minute or someone else dies, and he uses it to solve murders along with a fab supporting cast including his love interest who he of course can’t touch.
  • Sherlock (Netflix) This isn’t quite as campy as some of the others but Benedict Cumberbatch’s detective is a ton of fun and while each season is more of an overarching story there’s just three extended eps per.
  • Terriers (Hulu) A little grittier than some of the other options but our unlicensed PI ex cop/recovering alcoholic and criminal buddies are such a pleasure to meet and watch then get as much into trouble as out of it.

I’m sure I’m missing some good ones, what would you add? And of course for more bingeable options check out the longer list. Availability as always subject to change.

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