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πŸ“š 🎬 Sci Fi by Renee Ashley Baker


by Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright by CP Irrevocable Trust

The Epilogue

Case Closed:

Date of Murder:

Dec 11 1964

Age: 33

First Wife’s Name:

Delores Mohawk.

Assistant: Zelda Sands.

DOB: Dec 1956.

Witness: Elisa Bower the Witness who worked for  Madam Bertha.

Annihilator: Bertha Franklin who shot and beat soul singer Sam Cooke claiming self defense.

Type of gun used to kill Sam Cooke:  A 22 caliber revolver.

(A  32 caliber was registered to Madam Bertha. A 32 caliber just like the one that had been used by Percy Ivy to kill Black record store owner John Dolphin).

Who owned Sam Cooke ?

In Dec 1956 Sam Cooke’s first recording was “Lovable” written by Cook-Harris.

Who owned Allen Klein ?

Allen Klein was active from 1956-2009. His Army Buddy helped him set up his first Accounting Firm. His best friends were: Morris Levy a mobster; and Philip (the only person to sign his high school year book). Allen’s early years were spent in an orphanage. Allen’s Company: ABKCO.

She “Detective” stopped there, she put down her pen. She would not yet reveal, even in the year 2049, an evil the world was not yet ready for. She would appear tommorrow before the Inquiry Board and tell her story exactly as it had happened.  She gathered up the exhibits. One she placed on top; it was the photo of Elisa Bower who had tried, unsuccessfully, to mislead her into thinking the murder of Sam Cooke had been for economic gain. “Looks just like YK in sunglasses” she wrote on the back of the photo. (YK was the initials of John Lennon’s Japanese wife.) But, another reason far more sinister than mere money existed. Power. Power to run a city like a crooked Company Town. And that “Company” being none other than the U.S. Army.  John (Kennedy) thought he had put in place a protector, a guardian for his younger brother Robert. Which is why Robert feared no one in the city of Los Angeles. “Oak Comes” was supposed to have been the guardian for Robert. But “Oak Comes” was in the way of far more than a Robert Kennedy Presidency. “Oak Comes” was a detriment to the careful planning the  U.S Army Chiefs had done to “run” the  “City of Vice”. To run drug dealers: Charles Manson , the Corsicans, then later Freeway Rick. To run Prostitution (and Sex Trafficking) with Madam Alex and Heidi Fleiss. To run all criminal activities the Mob had previously had control of. She picked up her pen and wrote:

Case Closed:

1. Marilyn Monroe

2. Sam Cooke

3. Robert F Kennedy

4.  Tate-LaBianca.


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πŸ“š 🎬 Sci Fi by Renee Ashley Baker


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