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POLL: Who is the Best & Worst — Couple on The Young and the Restless?

POLL: Who is the Best & Worst — Couple on The Young and the Restless?

10. Cricket Blair and Danny Romalotti

9. Chelsea and Adam Newman

These con artists initially found mutual ground together as the social outcasts of Genoa City. They hit the list near the bottom, but this has more to do with the fact that their relationship simply hasn’t lasted as long as others on the list. This is mainly due to lapses in their coupledom, mainly due to the constant recasting of Adam Newman. Regardless, both with backgrounds of deception, neither Adam nor Chelsea were strangers to manipulating things to get their way. Alas, together these zeros quickly turned into heroes over time. Was it Chelsea that turned Adam into a better man or was it Adam’s love for Chelsea that helped her figure out that lying and scheming were no way to live a life? One could argue that their relationship both essentially helped them to become better people and their son Connor also played a part in their transformation. Sadly, Adam is gone, but in the world of soaps, no one is ever truly dead. Here’s hoping that at some point in the near future, fans will get treated to an Adam return and the return of (one of) Y&R’s most popular couples.

8. Phyllis Summers and Nick Newman

They aren’t together these days, but it seems like at least they are on the same page when it comes to parenting their daughter, Summer Newman. Alas, Nick and Phyllis were a hot item back in 2005 when they first hooked up. In fact, many Y&R fans were shocked when Nick cheated on his wife Sharon and their family got torn apart. Shocking because until that point in time, Nick and Sharon were a very popular coupling that seemed to always defeat the odds. Regardless, the chemistry between Summers and Newman has always been fire hot, and the feisty attitude that Phyllis brought to the relationship was a perfect match for Nick’s good guy persona. The couple has since broken up (and gotten back together, only to break up again). Despite all this, at one point in time, they were a very popular couple on the show, and if history is any indication of what could happen in the future, Y&R fans just might see these to together again…at some point.

7. Sharon and Nick Newman

Now the coupling of Sharon and Nick Newman can be a quite controversial one, which is why they near the bottom of this list. There are fans who are crazy over Naron or Shick (whichever you prefer) and then there are those viewers that can’t stand these two together. Perhaps it is because of Nick’s relentless need to save Sharon and be her big hero, or it could be the fact that Sharon hasn’t been the nicest of characters over recent years as she’s been caught lying, scheming, and manipulating her way out of the many messes she gets into. They still did make this popular couples list regardless, because these two high school sweethearts still have a vast amount of chemistry together. They aren’t together now, but with Steve Burton (Dylan McAvoy) exiting Genoa City shortly, anything is possible when it comes to Nick and Sharon. They are certainly one of those soap couples who break up and then find a way to make up.

Billy Abbott’s mom Jill is desperate to see her son back together with his ex-wife, Victoria Newman.

 And it’s no shocker why — these two love birds were good together! These two were both good looking, successful and smart with strong personalities, they shared some good times both in and outside of the bedroom. So why are they not together now? Well, they say that when a relationship ends it is both parties fault to some degree. However, when it comes to Vicky and Billy, most fans would agree on a huge percentage of blame when it comes to their failed relationship is Billy’s poor choices and lying (Victor interfering hasn’t helped them either). Billy is now still reeling from his affair with Phyllis, and Vicky is with Travis, but anyone wants to make any bets that Vicky and Billy just may end up being a ‘thing’ again before the end of 2016? They have been known to flip flop back together now and again.

5. Phyllis Summers and Jack Abbott

This couple is currently going through some hard times now, but it won’t be long before Jack forgives her. The two started dating in the early 2000s and were even married for a few years during this time. Alas, an affair with Nick Newman broke up that marriage, but the two always remained friends (once the dust settled that is). Jack has always had a soft spot for Phyllis, despite affairs, her lies, schemes, and manipulations. The truth is, Jack has been the only man to truly accept Phyllis over the years for who and what she really is. They are down and out now, but this couple certainly has staying power. That is if Phyllis can once and for all appreciate the gem she has in Jack and quit her cheating ways for good.

4. Cane and Lily Ashby

If there is one thing this couple has, it is longevity. The two got together in 2008 when Lily was a mere 19 years of age and Cane was 31. Once they got over their age gap issue, they certainly had many struggles. Cane lying about his true identity, the couple battled Lily’s cancer together, as well as becoming parents to twins — among other things. Love them or hate them, despite all the years together and affairs between the two, they have managed to beat the odds and stay together. Cane and Lily still have tremendous chemistry whenever they are on screen.

3. Nikki and Victor Newman

Nikki and Victor share a yo-yo of a relationship, but the beauty of this popular Y&R couple is not only their history and family but their undeniable love for each other. In fact, it really doesn’t matter what Victor does to Nikki (or vice versa), they may be mad at each other at the moment, but they always end up back into each other’s arms. Despite the betrayals over their 20 plus years together, despite coupling up with other characters on the show and numerous divorces (and weddings) these two remain an iconic couple on Y&R. Fans love watching their love story and tune in weekly to see what these two will encounter next.

2. Christine Blair and Paul Williams

Another Y&R couple that has lasted the long haul is Christine and Paul. They hooked up in the early ‘90s and are still going strong now in 2016. As a lawyer and an investigator-turned-cop, Christine and Paul have had a whirlwind romance filled with adventure, mystery-solving, and love. Both are smart, strong, and stubborn characters. For the longest time, the only thing that kept these two apart was their successful careers…and maybe a little bit of deception from their rivals, Michael Baldwin and Phyllis Summers. Alas, nowadays their issues are behind them and these two seem stronger than ever.

1. Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin

An 11-year marriage with ups and downs, but no divorce is certainly not only an anomaly in Genoa City, but rather in the land of soap operas in general. However, Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin continue to encompass what a good marriage looks like. They’ve had their battles with Sheila, parenthood, affairs and illnesses, but they’ve overcome it all. Plus, they continue to communicate and seem to still have that magic when it comes to attraction in the bedroom. This couple hits number one on this list for not only being one of the most popular Y&R couples of all time, but also one of the soap’s best couples for managing to stay together through the good and the bad, and keep things interesting enough for fans to want to watch them through their ups and downs.

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POLL: Who is the Best & Worst — Couple on The Young and the Restless?


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