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Dripping Slime Everywhere

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It is time for another at home movie! I'm still trying to get through movies that my friend Terry sent to me to watch. On top of the movies he first sent to me, I just got another package with more movies from Terry! I don't know when he thinks I will get to watch them, but I will sure try. I would get through movies a bit quicker if I wasn't falling asleep during them so much. With the heat and long busy days at work, it doesn't take much for me to fall asleep once I sit down at home to relax. Anyway, I decided to check out the film Slime City (1988). This was an older film than I was expecting, but that is just fine by me.

Alex (Craig Sabin) is looking for an apartment and isn't having a lot of luck. He checks out an apartment with his girlfriend Lori (Mary Huner) and decides to rent the place. Lori was supposed to move in with him once he found a place, but gets cold feet about it. Alex meets Nicole (Mary Huner) and Roman (Dennis Embry) who also live in the building. They are a bit different, but friendly at least. Roman has Alex over for dinner and serves some odd looking food and drink which causes Alex to start changing eventually. Covered in some kind of slime and causing his skin to look bad, Alex isn't sure what is going on. The first thing he discovers is that he reverts back to normal after killing someone.

Slime City was written and directed by Gregory Lamberson. I still have a couple more of his movies to watch. By the time I'm done, I will have watched most of the movies he has directed. When I started watching Slime City, I wasn't all that sure that I would like it. I guess I felt that the story wasn't anything great, but it did start to make me interested in it the longer I stuck with it. I watched about half the film and started to fall asleep so I turned it off. When I went to finish it, I accidentally ejected the disc, which made the movie start completely over. While I didn't miss anything by being sleepy, I was still kind of glad that I started watching from the beginning again. There were some minor plot details that I was confused over the first time I watched it, so I was able to clear those up at least. I guess I felt that the plot wasn't really going anywhere for a while. Alex eats and drinks some weird stuff and changes because of it. Nothing new under the sun there really. But the story does end up surprising me some. It starts to get into flesh control and a possible cult where the leader is looking to be resurrected. Even though the story doesn't follow through on some of these plot points all that much, Slime City makes up for that by being as crazy and weird as it can be by the end of it. I never figured out what the slime is or what it does really, but that wasn't the focus of the story.

The characters range from the sweet and innocent to leather clad folks, which oddly enough one actress played both sides in different roles. The characters were fairly interesting, but it just felt like something was missing for a while. It could have just been the acting, but it felt like there was something else as well for a while. Even watching the first half of the film over again didn't really get me all that interested in the story for a while. As I mentioned, the story did improve as it went, especially when the whole cult thing came into play. The ending gets so insane though, that it more than makes up for the slow start.

The effects, much like the acting, was very mixed. There are some good effects to be found here, especially for the big ending, but there are also some that come across as...well, laughable. I don't know if this was done on purpose or not. One of the first gore effects had to do with Alex attacking a homeless guy in which Alex hits the guy over and over in the head. The wound and the blood didn't look very good at all. Some of the other early effects were the same way. By the end, we are getting knives stuck in the neck and all kinds of other effects which tuned out very well. The acting wasn't great but it wasn't really bad either. I enjoyed Craig Sabin in the lead role for the most part. Mary Hunter wasn't bad in the Lori role, but I didn't care for her all that much in the Nicole role. Maybe it was just me, but it seemed like she was a bit nervous in that role.

Slime City may have gotten off to a slow start for me, but it won me over before it was over with. It ends up being a pretty fun film that I will be looking forward to watching again someday. It has been hard for me to revisit films at times because I'm always pushing to watch something new for a review. Slime City was obviously a low budget film for the time that it was made in, which shows through from time to time. In some ways, that is the charm of it all. I can see Slime City being a lot of fun with the right friends watching along with you. It is worth a watch just for the ending alone I think. If you haven't given this film a watch and you are looking for a fun film, look no further than Slime City.
3 out of 5 Just Slime me already

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Dripping Slime Everywhere


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