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Air Date
Monday, November 17th, 2008 7/8c

It’s Coming...

The Eclipse is back….
(And very much at the forefront of the story)

Three minute re-cap:
- Arthur has “mind-washed” Hiro who believes that he is once again ten years old.
- Arthur tells Sylar that his “hunger is not about killing but about power” (I begin to see exactly which son is the favorite – Gabriel Petrelli is leading this week…)
- Elle has been captured by Arthur who leaves Sylar alone with her. Elle, in anger at her father’s death, turns Sylar into a piece of “Burnt Toast” (Pun intended!)
- Knox and Flint attempt to kidnap Claire but she swan-dives out the window into the alley below. A familiar alley, BTW, as this is the place we see: a) Usutu’s painting of the world cracking w/ symbol embedded, and b) where Future Claire shoots Peter.
- Arthur reveals to Mohinder that there is a part of the formula missing and tells him that the “catalyst” it is not a something but a “someone”.
- Deep fried Sylar heals himself after Elle’s electric onslaught.
- Matt and Daphne are on a mission to find Angela Petrelli and find her lost in Arthur’s imposed mind-prison. Daphne reports it to Arthur.
- Peter tells Claire that in the future she becomes a killer and that she shoots him in the alley they’ve just vacated escaping from Flint and Knox. Hmmm… Future Claire shoots Peter and Future Peter shoots Nathan… you’ve got to wonder when Future Nathan gets his chance!
- Hiro begins to re-visit his powers and, as a typical ten year old, commits a number of pranks at the bowling alley. (Ketchup on a chair, salt lid removed, bowling balls moved and spit-balls redirected.)What fun! Yatta… and Waffles too!
- Matt delves into the fragmented world of Angela’s head.
- Elle continues to pummel Sylar with bolts of blue-hot electricity. After one huge discharge, in which Sylar again heals himself, she asks him to kill her.
- Nathan and Tracy go to Pinehurst to find Papa Petrelli. Arthur tells Nathan that his role was never explained and that the assassination attempt, Linderman, and his Senate seat are all part of a bigger plan. Nathan tells his dad that his plan destroys everything and Arthur tells him that with the formula they can save the world.
- Sylar looks like he’s going to buzz-cut Elle but instead frees her from her chains. They begin to bond and in a moment of pure empathy Sylar forgives Elle and her powers are mysteriously transferred to him. Sylar begins to understand that he no longer needs to “free a brain” to gain an ability.
- Knox and Flint attempt to kidnap Claire again but Peter (without using any powers except thought, for a change) outwits the captors.
- In a poignant moment Sylar tells Elle “we are all at war with ourselves” and she begins to teach him how to use the power of Tesla!
- Hiro begins to re-learn his power and transports himself and Ando to the Mecca of all knowledge. The mystical and spiritual… Comic Book Store!
- Nathan flies away in a supersonic cloud as he heads off to Primatech looking for answers to his questions. Tracy returns to Arthur and using her charms and experience in Marketing and P.R. convinces him that she can make Nathan the face of Pinehurst.
- Matt walks the halls of Angela’s mind and Daphne shows up. I’m not sure if this is metaphoric or literal… but she stabs him in the back!
- Angela finds a way to suck Arthur into her world and convinces him to let her go. With this task accomplished she is released from her coma. Matt and Daphne find themselves committed to each other and in love!
- Ando shows Hiro the 9th Wonders Comic and the return of the eclipse.
- In the finale, Peter, Claire and Nathan are reunited at Angela’s bedside with Matt and Daphne. Angela tells them that the third part of the formula, hidden by Hiro’s father can be found in the blood of the host. Claire, who remembers Sylar telling her that she is different from everyone else, is convinced that she is the catalyst! (I, however, am not as sure about this as she seems to be!)

The Alternative Takes Note:

And speaking of the eclipse (or solar flare depending on who you listen to), why is Arthur Petrelli so fascinated with it?
Speculations include:
1. Those with abilities loose their powers during the eclipse
2. Something extraordinary takes place during the eclipse
3. The “catalyst” is more powerful during the eclipse
4. The eclipse enhances abilities in those who have power (and this is a bit frightening because of Arthur Petrelli and his “gift”!)

Hiro, in the comic book store, references three shocking superhero comic plots because of his recent memory loss due to Arthur Petrelli’s mind-washing:
1. “Spider-Man reveals his secret identity to the world” – In what is quite possibly the most shocking and historical event in the Marvel legacy, Spider-man reveals his secret identity to the world as part of the Civil War storyline. In the Civil War Series [Civil War #2 (June 2006)] Peter Parker, dressed as Spider-Man, holds a press conference and reveals his secret identity to the world.
2. “Captain America died” - Daily Bugle: Captain America shot and killed
Living legend assassinated on steps of Federal Courthouse
By The Daily Bugle Staff
Earlier today, we reported on the attempted assassination of a former superhero. We can now confirm that the victim has been identified as Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America. Rogers was pronounced dead at Mercy Hospital due to injuries suffered from multiple gunshot wounds to the shoulder, chest and stomach.
Eyewitness reports claim that the initial bullet, tagging Rogers in the shoulder, came from a sniper perched atop or in one of the buildings adjacent to the Federal Courthouse. Several other shots were fired during the ensuing commotion--hitting Rogers in the chest and stomach--but witnesses fleeing the scene, as well as the U.S. Marshals who were escorting Rogers, have stated there was only one sniper shot fired. ["Captain America Vol. 5, No. 25." The "Sentinel of Liberty"]
3. “The Hulk is red” - Red Hulk, referred to as Rulk in comic narration, is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Hulk #1 (January 2008) and was created by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuiness.

The inevitable questions, questions, questions:
1. Why was Arthur distracted from Hiro by the painting of the eclipse?
2. Who is the “creature” that Mohinder is testing? It reminded me of Danny Pine (the metal-handed guy captured by Thompson and Claire’s mom during her training.)
3. Why is there a picture on an eclipse on Mohinder’s screen that is labeled “Solar Flare”? This doesn’t make much sense to me.
4. Why did Arthur take Hiro’s memories? What is he afraid Hiro will do?
5. Why have Sylar and Elle bonded?
6. What is the significance of the eclipse?
7. Who is the catalyst?
8. Why does Elle have a sudden change of opinion about Sylar? And where is this story-line (love story?) leading?

The Eclipse: An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when one celestial object moves into the shadow of another. The term is derived from the ancient Greek ekleipsis, which means, "I cease to exist." This gives me the impression that all abilities will be dampened or suspended during the phenomenon.

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