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The Beauty of Nasuverse

You know the best thing about having an Universe so exceptionally large you can make a dozens of anime based on it? It is another way to improve fandom engagement and one of the many reasons why Type-Moon has been so popular even to this day. Yes, I am talking about the infamous “Nasuverse”.

Sometimes I noticed while I was at type-moon wikia reading random crap for shits and giggles, I ended spending hours on it when it should have been just a few brief minutes of killing time. All Type-Moon anime have really extensive settings — they are like bottomless ravines where you can always find some fun new trivia no matter how deep you dig into them. Reading type-moon wikia pages is like an adventure, a treasure-seeking quest.

It helps that the franchise is always very concept-driven, and a lot of the things that drive the Series forward is it’s own lore. And instead of creating a completely new universe, new Type-Moon works reuse the universe for their stories — resulting in countless fun references, trivia sometimes even cameo appearances. Whether or not it’s official information, or fan-made logic that piece together theories as to how the elements are tied together across multiple titles, fandom engagement is particularly strong in Type-Moon, mostly due to the fact that the entire franchise is like one big family.

The moon. Or I guess you can say… The Type-Moon.

In general, the writing of Type-Moon itself resembles an ambitious fanfic writer, or an ambitious forum-based roleplaying. A set of rules and laws were created to govern the settings and foundation of the story (Holy Grail War, etc…) and characters are later on designed, their details spiced up to then fill in the roles (the seven servants/heroic spirits, the seven masters, etc…). But exactly because of this, it is ridiculously easy to expand on the universe, and produce newer titles based on them. I suppose you can say, the universe of Type-Moon is accessible, exploitable even.

This act of tying one another titles in one universe is also the reason why Type-Moon has so many sequels, prequels, spin-offs and whatnot of recurring series, but almost rarely a new series. Just from Tsukihime alone, we had Tsukihime itself, Kagetsu Tohya, Melty Blood and so on. Fate/Stay Night as a series is also so huge it puts most old franchises to shame — on the top of my mind we had the original Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Strange Fake and the Fate/Extra series and I still feel like I am missing a few. Even series away from the “Big Two” of Type-Moon like Kara no Kyoukai and Mahoutsukai no Yoru still somehow find it’s way back to the universe.

Carnival Phantasm. It’s totally non-canonical, still a pretty fun show though.

Indeed, it is as if Type-Moon themselves are joining the fandom along with the fun of stringing ideas to tie their works together in the Nasuverse. Because of that, we get gems like Carnival Phantasm, a fun crossover between Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime. And Fate/Grand Order needs no introduction. Although I never play the game myself, I suppose this is why Fate/Grand Order is so popular, because it must have been satisfying to experience something where characters of past titles of the franchise that already spanned a decade come together in one game. Since the entire franchise is already tied in one huge universe, making these crossovers is a breeze for Type-Moon — Nasuverse makes producing new titles, even crossovers look effortlessly easy.

Furthermore, for me, it has been a particularly joyful ride to follow the franchise from it’s infancy. I still remember the day when I watched “Deen/Stay Night” and was only mildly entertained at best. I decided to jump to the visual novel sometime later and had been with Type-Moon since (well except for Fate/Grand Order, y’all know how much I hate mobage). Having been with the series since the first Fate/Stay Night anime, it feels satisfying that a series I was initially only mildly entertained with at best, has grown by leaps and bounds — in due part to it’s inclination to tie everything in one universe, in due part to the beauty of Nasuverse.

P.S: I swear I’m not writing this post just to put up all those cool af Type-Moon crossover pics.

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The Beauty of Nasuverse


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