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Mobage is shit

Mobage is shit.

The thing about mobage is that I only see them as “time-killers”, and as games which I’m only ever going to use for killing time, I’m not going to spend any longer on it beyond that. This is the one reason why I haven’t idolize even a single event SR in LLSIF, because I feel like it’s too much grinding from a game I’m just going to spend for a couple of minutes to kill time.

F/GO has so many maintenance it eventually turned into a meme.

Furthermore, these mobile games require constant updates. I guess it helps that the developers are actively including new features in newer versions. At the same time, it sucks for people with an older device… like me, because the newer these mobage are updated, the higher the minimum requirements. LLSIF, the one and only mobage I have been actively playing, finally got a technical issue the other day. I was like “LLSIF is my one and only mobage I ever play, it’s my one true solace, and you would deny me even that?”

…But yeah, the game just won’t start in a proper horizontal format, I managed to get it horizontal by downloading another app to force my whole phone in horizontal orientation, but I shouldn’t need to do that in the first place. The latest LLSIF doesn’t support the older firmwares anymore, from what I know, it seems the developers are no longer providing technical support for older firmwares — hence odd, buggy issues appear like this and is something they will probably never fix. Eh, this sucks.

So if I can barely even play old mobage, needless to say, I doubt I can even play newer games. I just tried Granblue Fantasy the other day, and it lagged so much it’s completely unplayable, and my phone also can’t process the graphics properly too — during dialogues, there won’t be any sprites or backgrounds, just pure black screen though with dialogue box and the audio is at least working. I understand I’m to blame too, since I really should just change my ancient phone already. Besides, you can play Granblue on the computer too, and once I did that, I managed to get a little further into the game. And you know what? I got even more fed up.

The biggest appeal in mobage are SR, SSR, UR (or any equivalent terms) items or characters, mostly in the form of in-game cards. So what does mobage developers do? Well, microtransactions. Aside from looking absolutely amazing, these cards are the often more useful, and sometimes even game-breaking ones which you will probably never get unless you pay an enormous sum of money (because come on, it’s not like you can get what you want with just one try), or if you have some serious, miraculous luck. So most mobage players opted for the former, and it’s not uncommon to see people spending thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars just on these games. To be honest I’m even dangerously close to going down this hellhole too, but my phone’s in-app purchases doesn’t work, which is something I’m still not sure if I should feel fortunate or unfortunate to this very day.

But indeed, it does makes me feel like I’m missing a whole lot of fun though. Not sure why LLSIF is more tolerable with me, other than the slight occasional envy at other people’s idolized SRs and URs; but the moment I started Granblue, I was like “Ah shit, this game is gonna be fun…” It’s funny because some of these SSR characters are even more popular than their main story characters. Furthermore, it just doesn’t help that they advertise their SSR characters and weapons any opportunity they can, sometimes even the very moment you open the app — disrupting your gameplay by showing you these shiny ultra rare items, as if screaming to everyone “GIVE US YOUR MONEY”. I barely tried Granblue for a day or two and I already got fed up with it.

Admittedly though, it’s not like I have only hatred against these games. Most of these games are tailored specifically for people to kill time, and for that, these games serve their role perfectly. In fact, I honestly have nothing against these games. I like rhythm games and LLSIF is a good rhythm game, and it’s Love fucking Live. Granblue Fantasy is good since I always have a soft spot for medieval JRPGs. It’s just that I have a huge distaste for mobage’s reliance on microtransactions — I hate the idea that you have to pay so much to get more out of the game. Even paying a $60 console game sounds a lot more cheaper in comparison.

Mobage developers

That’s why I think mobage sucks, not because of the mobage themselves, but the system and culture behind them. The older your phone is, the less chances you will be able to play any of these games, combine that with the fact that these games are already so over-reliant on microtransactions — everything about them just screams MONEY. Oh well, if you happen to enjoy these mobage then fair enough, though I would rather just spend my time on other games in my backlog.

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Mobage is shit


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