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Winter 2016 unreleased content: Pt. 1 – Shelbyville

Before I start, quick sorry for the lack of posts. Haven’t had access to a computer and uploading this vast amount of media is hard on my phone. Enjoy

Hello Tappers! Hope you are enjoying this Winter/Pagan event 😄. I have learnt to love it – it’s actually really fun and they have still incorporated some returning “consumerism” Christmas items most were expecting. With some updates EA adds content to the files which isn’t active – this is called unreleased content.

What is unreleased content? This is content added to the files that isn’t scheduled to arrive in a future date. Sometimes it could be an image from the show, an unlock screen or some form of content.

EA used to add future event content into the files but this was stopped, I guess to stop spoiling the surprise! But with this event we have been chucked LOADS of unreleased content – some seems random (look out for Pt. 2) but there are a few items that hit a theme: SHELBYVILLE

All the Shelbyville themed items in the theme all come from the same episode: “Lemon of Troy” which is definitely one of my favourite episode- I love it.

Very brief episode description: When Grandpa retells the story of the origins of Springfield, Bart and his crew enter Shelbyville territory to retrieve the stolen Lemon Tree. So I am super excited about this news.
Here are the items in the files so far and some info:

Jebediah Springfield and Shelbyville Manhattan: 

When Grandpa retells the heritage of Springfield he tells about Jebediah Springfield & Shelbyville Manhattan and how they decided to split and make two seperate towns after Shelbyville finds out that Jebediah wasn’t doing it to marry his own cousins.
They are both, Jebediah in particular(!), would be really fun characters in the game and I can’t wait for their arrival.

Screenshot from the episode:

Shelbyville Statue

When Bart, Milhouse and the Springfield crew cross the border to rescue the tree they start planning their action plan below the Shelbyville statue showing Shelbyville Manhattan with his two cousins

Screenshot from the episode:

Car-Impound Lot

Bart and his crew come across the lemon tree in the middle of a car-impound lot with the Shelbyville kids protecting the tree by motorcycling around it.

Screenshot from the episode:

Ned’s Winne Bago

After Homer, Ned and other parents notice that their children are missing in Shelbyville they go after them. They eventually find them at the car-impound lot but after Bart explains that Shelbyville have the historic tree, the group of parents decide to go after the tree.

They end up failing to retrieve the tree after going and asking for it so hatch a plan. They park Ned’s Winner Bargo in the Hospital Zone making the car-impound lot man (one of the Shelbyville boy’s dad) collect up and put them in the lot over night. When they are in the lot they sneak out and attach the tree to the winner bargo and end up escaping.

Sceenshot from the episode:

So … That’s all the items in the files and where they come from in the episode.

I think we I’ll either get an event about Shelbyville or a mini-event as a tie-in for “Lemon of Troy’ like we got a mini-event for ‘the mysterious voyage of homer’ and ‘deep space homer’.

Here are some more images on what I want from that episode:

Where would Shelbyville go? I have a feeling that Shelbyville will be either an expansion in a form like Springfield Heights and hopefully not like Krustyland.

Springfield Heights has A LOT of blank space going north and I have a feeling that that is where we will get Shelbyville with the Shelbyville sign from Springfield to Shelbyville.

And as Wookie said on the recent Addicts live! they could do a Shelbyville and Springfield collide to make one town with the arrival of both town leaders but I am not a big fan of this idea – although it seems likely – because it is the EAsy option: EA will just give up content and say that the towns are working together (easy! – just like every other update) but I want to starting seeing EA do something different and go over and beyond with the details and new ideas put into this content.

For all my ideas on what I want with Shelbyvile and a better explanation of the Shelbyvile files then watch the video below:

There is more stuff in the files and this will be explained in later posts. Happy tapping …

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Winter 2016 unreleased content: Pt. 1 – Shelbyville


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