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‘The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 9’ | TV Review by WatchThatTV

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So we are back ladies and gents, (as am I, after a brief stint in Gibraltar) The Walking Dead returned this Monday and it is now Friday which means I am a little late with this review! (Blame my parents for choosing to get married in another country, thinking it’s all about them ).

Anyway, getting back to the Episode, it followed a pretty simple pattern but with one absolute scene stealer towards the end.

I’ve been tempted to look at spoilers for the answer to this before I watch next weeks episode but so far I have managed to resist! I think I’ll be able to hold out until Monday (he says ).

Back to the episode though, and the first 10-15 minutes reminded me of being a kid, going around the houses with your pals knocking on your mates door asking if they ‘wanted to come out?’. This was essentially what Rick did with The Hilltop and The Kingdom!

On this occasion though (much like your Mum stopping you from heading out) it seemed Ezekiel & Gregory didn’t want to play, especially if it involved The Saviours from ’round the block!’

Having said that, The Hilltop residents rallied and offered support to The Alexandrians plus we got to see Morgan reunited with the group! It was all a little cheesy up to this point (don’t get me started on the ‘running club’ ) but the episode stepped up once we finally witnessed the meet between Rick and Ezekiel. I loved Rick’s speech about “the rock in the road” and it was great to catch another glimpse of The King with Shiva!

(King Ezekiel alongside Shiva)
At this point in the episode there was now a real sense of hope in the air. Although, the deaths of Glen & Abraham were revealed to Morgan, (I thought they could have made this scene a bit more poignant by the way) you can feel the tide starting to turn slightly back in favour of The Alexandrians.

However, despite the best efforts of youngster Benjamin and the annoying Richard, The King says no to Rick’s request but asks that Daryl stay and be his number 2. Which is great as Daryl can now work his lyrical magic to turn The Kings mind around whilst being safe and hidden from Negans band of merry men!

Rick though, being the bad ass that he is (he even has Jesus on his side remember) he decides to go after The Saviours anyway but comes to a slight road bump along the way; a steel cable wire full of explosives spanning the width of the main road!

This led to a rather poor attempt from the directors at building tension, as the group very easily & successfully disarmed the dynamite right before a herd of Walkers seemed to suddenly appear even though they were very far away just moments earlier. I didn’t rate this scene but the next scene was pretty amazing I have to say!

The writers certainly excelled by displaying a new method of killling A LOT of Walkers at once, I won’t spoil it too much but it really was spectacular to watch. Bravo on the camera work too!

As mentioned before, this scene coupled with THAT smile from Rick meant a superb ending to the episode. Episode 9 has set the tone very nicely indeed, let’s just hope it continues!

Oh yeah and one more thing, what on earth were you doing Gabriel!?

Let me know what you thought of the episode, is Gabriel doing the dirty? I’d love to know your thoughts


Rating: 7.8/10

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‘The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 9’ | TV Review by WatchThatTV


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