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Unotaku’s Weekly Osu! Maps: Aug 26 – Sept 1

If you’ve ever taken the time to glance at my bio on Unotaku, you likely know about my love for Osu!. It’s so incredibly unique compared to every other rhythm game and caters to my love of Japanese music. To top it all off, it has one of the greatest community contribution systems ever conceived. That system results in a consistent stream of new beatmaps being released every single day. It can be hard to keep up with at times especially if you miss a few weeks and have to try getting up to date.

I thought it would be worth it to present my favorite Osu! beatmaps each week. If you like similar maps as I do, then I might be able to save you some time wading through the ocean of maps. With that said, I’m very aware that most people don’t play maps as difficult as I do. So if you play easier maps, I got another member of Unotaku to pick out his favorite 3-star maps as well. With that out of the way, here are our favorite Osu! maps of the week.

Aretheus’s Picks

EGOIST – The Everlasting Guilty Crown (TV Size) [Evanescent-‘s Extra]

  • Mapper: gary00737
  • Stars: 5.43
  • Length: 1:25
  • BPM: 172

Let’s start this list off with the second opening of the anime Guilty Crown. It’s more or less just a typical TV Size pp farm map except that the difficulty is spread a little more evenly than usual. The jumps aren’t Cherry Bomb quality, but they’re fun enough I guess. Also, I like how large jumps lead into some pretty long streams because it feels very climactic.

ClariS – Hitorigoto (TV Size) [Expert]

  • Mapper: pishifat
  • Stars: 4.61
  • Length: 1:28
  • BPM: 165

Osu! ClariS - Hitorigoto Mapped by pishifat

The second Song featured on this list is by the lovely Pishifat. If you don’t know, he has an Osu! mapping tutorial on YouTube. He understands the fundamentals of mapping while still knowing how far he can stretch them.

The minimal stack leniency forces the player to pay closer attention to the rhythm of the music. Also, the way that Pishifat gradually matches the intensity of the song with geometric patterns is simply masterful. I wish there was a higher difficulty map, but it’s still great fun.

ONE OK ROCK – Cry Out [Sotark’s Misery]

  • Mapper: A r M i N
  • Stars: 5.56
  • Length: 1:38
  • BPM: 168

Earlier, I referred to Cherry Bomb as my personal benchmark for fun jumps in Osu!. Well, what do you know? It turns out Sotark was the one who mapped that song. So naturally, this song should be just as well-made. Of course, that’s mostly the case. The structure of the jumps still feels like trampolines bouncing me to the next note. It’s just that I don’t quite see why the distance spacing spikes so hard sometimes.

Suzuki Konomi – Zenbu Kimi ga Kara Shittanda [Irohas x Kalibe x Haruto’s Insane]

  • Mapper: Kalibe
  • Stars: 4.93
  • Length: 4:15
  • BPM: 112

Osu! Zenbu Kimi 4.93 Star Difficulty

There have been a few maps over the years like New World and Omoide Kakera where I can hold a >97% accuracy through the whole map before I suddenly fail. Zenbu Kimi can be added to that list and I’m very grateful for that. These maps do this by having sudden spikes in difficulty that will fail you if you can’t keep up. They’re always great for learning difficult patterns and just improving in general. So while I haven’t even cleared this map yet, I’m definitely going to be practicing it for a while.

Estatia’s Picks

As mentioned above, Unotaku’s one and only Staff Organizer will be joining me on this weekly endeavor. Estatia may decide to write these segments himself in the future. Until then, I’ll be ghost-writing for him. To reiterate, these picks will be catered to newer, casual players within the 2.5-3.5 Star difficulty range. This will likely change as he improves at the game. But we’ll deal with that when it comes up.

Yomi – D’s Adventure Note Remake-ban [Hard] (3.24 Stars)

  • Mapper: toybot
  • Stars: 3.24
  • Length: 2:30
  • BPM: 100

Osu! D's Adventure Note hard

For my first pick, we have a remixed version of a song from Bandai Namco’s ‘Taiko Master’ rhythm game. This song stood out to me for holding such a consistent pace and tone for the majority of the song. A bit in the second half did have a small spike in note density. But overall, it was fun to play a song that never felt the need to slow down. That speed also helped me understand the importance of looking a few notes ahead to get a handle on the patterns before I have to hit them.

Tsukiko – Hotarubi [PandaHero’s Hard]

  • Mapper: Mirash
  • Stars: 3.37
  • Length: 4.02
  • BPM: 154

The next Osu! song on this list is a vocal arrangement of a Touhou Project song. Specifically, of ‘Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World’ from Imperishable Night. PandaHero’s map starkly contrasts the previous map in that it wildly varies in intensity and pacing. But unlike most of the tv sized pp farming maps, doesn’t restrict the difficult section only the chorus near the end of the song. This unpredictability is great for learning to be more deliberate in your every keystroke.

M2U – Moon Halo [Mathew’s Hard]

  • Mapper: Minorsonek
  • Stars: 3.41
  • Length: 1:43
  • BPM: 180

Osu! Moon Halo mathew's hard

Finally, for the last song this week, we have a song from the critically acclaimed mobile rhythm game, Deemo. While a lot of songs on Osu! seem to be mapped to a particular instrument of the song, that isn’t the case here. This unambiguous mapping makes it feel like you’re skating through the song. With that said, some patterns can still catch you off guard. One of the triple note patterns, for instance, hides a slider underneath it. This is a good way to get into playing more complex maps.

This is a very new thing for us at Unotaku. Feel free to let us know what we can do to improve this in the future. Let us know about your favorite maps from the past week as well.

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Unotaku’s Weekly Osu! Maps: Aug 26 – Sept 1


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