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The Haves and the Have Nots: My Grandson's War (5x13)

Disclaimer: Spoilers for this episode of Tyler Perry and OWN's The Haves and the Have Nots after the jump! If you haven't seen it, do not click any further (until you've seen it, then definitely read)! Thank you to the Oprah Winfrey Network for the pictures!

Kathryn shows up at the hospital after Benny calls her and immediately runs into Veronica. They throw a little back and forth shade before they see Wyatt being wheeled in by Anna. The wheel Wyatt into a separate room and tell Kathryn that it wouldn't be wise for her to see him while he's in there because she's not good for his sobriety. Afterwards, Jeffrey and Veronica go back out into the lobby where the doctor tells them that Melissa is doing just fine after her suicide attempt. Veronica couldn't give any less of a fuck and just asks about the baby, who is doing fine. When she tries to leave, Jeffrey stays to keep an eye on Melissa and Wyatt. Mostly Wyatt, probably. Wyatt didn't really have any lines, so thank you, Tyler. I particularly enjoyed Kathryn emphasizing how irrelevant Anna is, basically physically embodying how we all probably feel about her (and Wyatt's storyline of being a complete moron). 73 more points for Kathryn!

If you're not sure whether or not your heart is made of stone, just check how you were feeling watching this next scene. I'm not the type to cry, I'm just not, but I got chills watching Kathryn at the end of the hallway watching Hanna being consoled by Benny. I've said this time and time again, Kathryn and Hanna's relationship is the heart of the show to me. The two actresses share an undeniable chemistry, and there's enough rich, believable history there that brings a certain intensity when the two of them share the screen together -- not to mention when they're just purely acting their asses off together. Hanna explains to Kathryn that War shot Q looking for Candace, fighting over money that wasn't even theirs to begin with. Watching Hanna was just simply heartbreaking. It was a long time coming, but she's finally at her last straw as she quite literally starts to lose her faith right before our eyes. She verbally tells God that he's got some explaining to do. After all these years of keeping a strong faith she's finally beginning to wonder why her life is so horrible and all of this keeps happening to her. Seeing her scream out "You don't understand! He's dead!" Repeatedly, breaking down in Benny's arms was the most intense moment of the episode, if not the entire series. 

Oscar's back, overstaying his welcome this week by continuously trying to get Candace to play Charles (the senator guy who's running for office that she slept with). He wants to work with her and get some dirt on him and eventually promises that she'll be the first lady someday. Jokes on him because she was already the first lady on 'Southside with You'! Oscar eventually leaves, but he'll be back. Oscar always comes back. Jim meets with Mama Rose, who tells him that she's pissed that her grandson got shot at by War and asks who he is. Jim explains that he and Candace kidnapped him, Candace cheated him out of a bunch of money and thinks he put drugs in his car. He begs her to let him handle it, but she's insistent on ringing true to his name and giving him a real "war." Jim ends up calling War and telling him he shouldn't have messed with the Malones and War is obviously supper stubborn and ends up hanging the phone up. Jim ends up calling David, asking him to get Oscar to find War before Mama Rose (so he can get his pictures of him with the drag queens) and tells him that he'll meet him at the hospital.

Hanna, Kathryn, Benny and Mitch are stopped by the cops (Officer Justin and some other detective). After Hanna tells them War's full name, Kathryn gets her out of there and Benny and Mitch answer a few more questions. Answer is a bit of a stretch since they were basically just smugly half-assing all the questions. He asks about Candace, wanting to know where she is, and Benny is loyal until the end trying to keep her out of jail. The cop tells him that he's a suspect for the murder and Benny gets arrested. Yikes.

Storyline grades:
Wyatt: not even worth a grade, man
Kathryn/Hanna/Mitch/Benny: A
Veronica/Jeffrey: B+
Jim/Mama Rose/David: B
Candace/Oscar: C

Stray notes:
-CLICK HERE for more #HAHN reviews!
-I've typed "Mama Rose" an absurd amount of times tonight.
-Veronica and Kathryn throwing shade at each other is just so great. So great.
-Once again, Crystal Fox did a fantastic job as Hanna tonight with such a moving performance.
-Kathryn talking about the aftermath of Amanda's death was heartbreaking!
-I still don't really get the whole Charles/Candace/Oscar thing. I don't think I ever will.
-"Is this depression affecting the baby?"
-Jim's reaction when Mama Rose told him that Mitch didn't even get shot was HILARIOUS.
-Thank you to OWN for the images!

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The Haves and the Have Nots: My Grandson's War (5x13)


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