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The Voice 11: Top 10 Report Card

Disclaimer: All these opinions are clearly subjective and I am in no way affiliated with The Voice or any other corporation. 

I almost fell asleep typing a lot of this.

Billy's just one big glory note of a contestant. He's great to have around, his voice is great, but he's too much of the same. That being said, it was predictably pitch perfect and lacking of believability. B

"If I Could Turn Back Time"
Everything about Courtney should work on paper, but just doesn't. I appreciate seeing a black woman on these singing shows not being the stereotypical 'big ballad diva', but she's just not memorable. Her breath control is non-existent and she was downright shrieking towards the end. C-

"Real Good Man"
Josh sounded good. There wasn't anything particularly special about this Performance, but he sounded fine but lacks anything that puts him apart from everyone e...I said this last week.   C+

"Rocket Man (I Think It's Going to Be a Long, Long Time)"
About halfway through, I realized I was digging the vibe of the song, and not Aaron. Aaron is not for me, and I've learned to accept that. B-

"Missing You"
Nice cage. C

"Million Rasons"
The Voice will never be a show that will appeal to my emotions. Ever. A lot of the performances on this show just seem so manufactured to be generic that it makes performances like this all the better. The song fit Christian like a glove and his connection to the material made the performance believable. Was he about to breakdown at one point? Haha. That was powerful! A-

"True Colors"
Cyndi Lauper song? Soprano saxophone? They Literally ripped this out of the Madi Davis handbook! Haha. Never in a billion years would I imagine Brendan to be one of the most consistent contestants delivering a strong performance every week. His voice is already so raw that stripping back everything to piano, vocals, percussion (and that sweet soprano sax) just added more layers and dimensions to this performance. A-

"God Bless the Child"

No, I don't know Wé was talking during the performance. No, I don't approve of the last opera note. Literally none of us asked for that. Strangely, literally everything else about the performance worked. Not going to pretend like the whole performance wasn't pitch perfect! She's great, but there was just too much going on for me to enjoy this as much as I should have. I absolutely love that Wé was trying to loosen up a little bit, but it still seemed like she was trying way too much to give off that vibe. Eh. B

"Me and Jesus"
Hey, Sundace looked like he was having a good time and he sung the song just fine. B

"Without You"
Vocally, this took the cake as the best vocal performance of the night. Her vocals were just oozing with desperation! The second have was a bit overindulgent with the glory notes but she hit literally all of them perfectly so there's no reason for me to complain. A-


10. Courtney Harrell C+ (Last week's position: #10 // +0)

09. Austin Allsap B-  (Last week's position: #9 // +0)

08. Josh Gallagher A- (Last week's position: #11 // +3)

07. Aaron Gibson  B (Last week's position: #7 // +0)

06. Sundance Head B+ (Last week's position: #4 // -2)

05. Wé McDonald B- (Last week's position: #8 //+3)

04. Billy Gilman A- (Last week's position: #1 // -3)

03. Ali Caldwell B+ (Last week's position: #3 // +0)

02. Brendan Fletcher B (Last week's position: #6 //+4)
01. Christian Cuervas B (Last week's position: #5 // +4) 

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The Voice 11: Top 10 Report Card


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