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Heartbreak High Series 2 Episode 2 Recap

Heartbreak High Series 2 Episode 2 Recap

SLTS vs C**LORDS – Episode 2 opens with Amerie Wadia (Ayesha Madon) stressing over how the growing popularity of her new online troll, Bird Psycho, is going to affect her campaign to become Captain. Quinni Gallagher-Jones’ (Chloe Hayden) reassurances that she’s launching an official investigation into Bird Psycho don’t appear to help. An intentionally ignored phone call soon averts all focus to Darren Rivers (James Majoos) and the irony of their current situation with Douglas Cash’s (Will McDonald). At nearly the same time, Cash is visited by Chook’s (Tom Wilson) goons, with the request to be added to his visitor’s list.

Harper McLaen (Asher Yasbincek) appears to struggle as her lawyers, David (Santoz Kumar) and Linda (Lena Cruz) hammer out the hard details of the case and request showing more sympathy. Things seemingly only upon learning that the case could linger on for more than 6 months. Principal Woodsy (Rachel House) shows concern on her face as she watches Harper struggle to make it to school on time.

While Jojo Obah (Chika Ikogwe) welcomes her students back to STLS Class, outside Voss (Angus Sampson) discusses the importance of slaughtering and roasting a wild beast. Apparently, he considers it the most powerful form of male bonding. Spider (Bryn Chapman Parish) and Ant Vaughn (Brodie Townsend) couldn’t be happier with their accomplishment and attempt to assert their male dominance by insulting Rowan Callaghan (Sam Rechner), who just happens to be passing by at the time. Voss doesn’t take their antics kindly and after reprimanding them, they not only invite Rowan to partake in their roast, but they offer him a seat at the CUMLORD table.

It doesn’t take long for things to turn messy when Jojo shows up with her STLS class, claiming that she had the outdoor space reserved for their values relay. Although Voss points out that there is more than enough space for both groups, Jojo appears to take it as an insult. The bickering between the two teachers only inspires the students to get involved and before long, it’s complete pandemonium. The dispute ends with Voss suggesting Jojo take her concerns to Principal Woods. Despite his suggestion, Voss appears surprised when she does go to Woods.

Once the students are alone, Malakai Mitchell (Thomas Weatherall) is the first to ask Rowan if he is now an official member of the CUMLORDS. He claims he is.

Along with several of their students, Jojo and Voss immediately suck up to Woodsy before expressing their concerns. Much to everyone’s surprise, the problem practically resolves itself when the argument turns into a debate about the importance of men’s sports versus women’s sports. Both sides agree on a winner-take-all-all football match.

With that problem solved and the assistance of Malakai, Amerie turns her focus back to her Captain campaign. Her efforts are brought to an abrupt halt when Sasha So (Gemma Chua-Tran) shows up and claims that campaigning using the SLTS platform is as good as handing the election to Spider.

In the science lab, Missy Beckett (Sherry-Lee Watson) discusses her concerns with Malakai about him ignoring his feelings and getting back with Amerie. He clearly doesn’t want to discuss it and makes it known. Elsewhere in the lab, Amerie’s concerns about losing the election grow as Bird Psycho’s trolling continues to gain more popularity. Quinni attempts to comfort her by revealing her list of suspects, which proves to be rather extensive and traces back to grade 7. Their discussion eventually leads to Amerie admitting that her biggest fear is that Malakai will think she’s a bad person. Harper inadvertently gives Amerie an idea when she ironically jokes about locking Malakai into a room until he accepts that Amerie is a good person.

Later that day, Amerie looks to take advantage of Harper’s suggestion by taking Malakai to the Mystified Escape Room. While learning about their escape room scenario and signing release forms, Malakai notices Rowan outside and casually mentions asking him to join them. Trying to prove that she is a good person, she does so. Rowan attempts to turn down the offer by claiming he wouldn’t be any good. It turns out that he is incredibly good and the encounter leads to Rowan revealing that he is bisexual.

Nan (Maggie Dence) confronts Darren about not visiting Cash in prison. Despite Darren’s best attempts to explain himself, she makes him feel guilty. This eventually not only leads to Darren visiting Cash. Although their meeting begins on the right foot, it ends with Cash storming off after learning that Darren thinks he might be guilty of Harper’s assault. Darren later learns just how wrong he is when Nan explains how they came in possession of Darude the Duck.

Later that evening while Amerie continues to fail to convince Malakai that she is a good person, Quinni questions her first suspect, Sasha So. Although it appears she has a solid alibi, Quinni steals her garbage when she leaves.

On the day of the big game, Spider and Amerie separately spend several minutes giving their teams a pep talk. Her problems with Malakai not only continue but eventually send him over to the CUMLORD’s side. Sasha causes even more problems for the SLTS team when she teases Harper about men coming at her aggressively. Despite the problems within the SLTS team, the game remains close and competitive. At one point, Harper does eventually break down and violently attacks Ant. Principal Woodsy is quick to intervene and drags Harper into her office where Harper practically owns up to her issues.

Quinni makes several unique discoveries in Sasha’s trash while she and Darren continue to cheer on the SLTS team. With only 30 seconds left in the game, Spider appears to become mesmerized by Missy’s athletic prowess and makes a huge oversight that leads to the SLTS winning the match. Voss is a good sport about the whole ordeal.

Despite the SLTS’s class celebratory mood over the win, it quickly dies when they reunite inside the classroom thanks to Zoe Clarke (Kartanya Maynard). Zoe apparently feels that now is the opportune time to discuss the negative effects of meaningless sex. Most of the class disagrees with her and a heated debate ensues. It doesn’t take long before the dispute becomes personal and feeling insulted Harper ends up storming out of the classroom.

Much to Ant’s surprise, Harper visits him in the Nurse Carol’s (Adorah Oloapu) office. Although he is surprised by the visit, it is Harper who ends up surprised when Ant abruptly ends what had quickly become a steamy make-out session. He basically tells Harper that he’s all for their hooking up, but feels as if it is not really what Harper wants.

Spider finds himself intrigued with Missy’s athleticism again when he catches a glimpse of her pumping out squats in the weight room. Elsewhere at the same time, Amerie confronts Malakai about his interest in her. Although she agrees to keep things casual, she doesn’t appear at all happy with his request. Armed with her new evidence, Quinni continues to accost Sasha, only to ultimately realize that she isn’t Bird Psycho. Interestingly enough, she also learns that Sasha isn’t entirely a vegetarian as she claims.

Just as Quinni is updating Amerie on her progress on the investigation, Amerie discovers a threatening note in her locker. She assumes that the note is from Bird Psycho as it cryptically states, ‘Sometimes you need to walk through fire to be reborn.’  Elsewhere, Chook finally visits Cash where he lets him know that he’s chosen to forgive him.

While Harper and Amerie debate over Harper dropping the assault charges, Malakai visits Rowan at the lumber yard under the guise that he’s looking for wood. After a bit of awkward stumbling over his words, he admits that he merely wanted to see Rowan. Woodsy gives Harper a driving lesson.

While at work, Darren receives a text from Nan with news that Cash is being released. Much to their surprise, when they arrive to pick him up, they have competition. The episode ends without him making a decision.

Heartbreak High Review

As far as character development and story progression go, you couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling episode. That said, one of my biggest complaints with this series is there is there are so many things going on. Some viewers might be drawn to this and it could be considered that you are certainly getting your money’s worth. For me, it’s a bit overwhelming at times. I surprisingly enjoyed this episode and the theme of the SLTS vs the C**LORDS. I’d give the episode a 5 out of 10.

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Heartbreak High Series 2 Episode 2 Recap