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Flesh And Blood Episode 3 Recap

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At the start of the episode, Vivien (Francesca Annis) goes for a run. When she returns, she is stopped by Mary (Imelda Staunton) who congratulates her for her marriage. Vivien admits the decision was made very quickly. The conversation ends when Mark (Stephen Rea) arrives and Vivien rushes over. After the intro, Jake (Russell Tovey) is interviewed by DI Dough Lineham (David Bamber) and PC Isaac Cory (Karan Gill). He is told that they’re waiting for toxicology results before being asked about his father’s death. We jump back and Jake runs into the kids and Leila (Lara Rossi) at the school. Leila wasn’t expecting him and she isn’t happy that he is there. She sends Jake away before offering the kids fish and chips.

mary flesh and blood

Helen (Claude Blakley) speaks to Natalie (Lydia Leonard) on the phone about her daughter not returning home. Helen is worried since her daughter hasn’t been away from home for any significant period of time. George (Keir Charles) interrupts and says he is going away because he needs to think. George gets angry and says she is Indian and very pretty. Helen believes that Meera is the woman George is talking about and she is going to speak to HR about it. Tony (Vincent Regan) tells Natalie he thinks it is going to be a boy. He tells Natalie that he loves her before leaving. The investigator asks Jake how he felt about Mark’s marriage to Vivien. Jake says it really isn’t his business. He claims he was happy as long as his mother was happy.

george flesh and blood

After that, we jump back and time and see Jake giving Stella (Sharon Small) a massage and telling her about his mother’s relationship. He wonders if Mark might’ve set up the car fire so he can portray himself as a hero. Jake offers her another service on the house before Vivien and Mark go for a walk together. Mark knows she is worried about the hospital visit and he doesn’t believe it will be anything serious. Vivien intends she wants to cook supper that night to return the favor. They race to the top of the hill before sitting down together. Mark tells Vivien he dated several other women but he knew she was the right one immediately. He promises he isn’t going anywhere even if she gets bad news tomorrow.

helen flesh and blood s01e03

Meanwhile, Mary goes through a box of gifts from Vivien’s kids. Then, she visits Vivien’s house and finds Mark in the shower. She knows a bottle of perfume onto the floor before leaving the house without being caught. Next, Helen speaks with her colleague about Meera (Clara Indrani). Helen believes it is a police matter now but her work colleague does not. Helen is told to take the rest of the week off so she can get her life back. Mary checks on Vivien and finds out that she has received a clean bill of health. Mary shows her friend a drawing of Natalie’s imaginary cat. She asks Vivien if the kids are okay before promising they’ll come around.

helen flesh and blood s01e03

When Mary leaves, Mark tells Vivien that she is always popping over and he wouldn’t like that. Vivien explains that Mary helped her a lot. Stella helps Jake write a letter to Leila before rushing back to the office. Helen tracks down Meera and finds out she is moving due to her unemployment. Helen believes Meera tried to get back at her. Meera pleads with Helen to leave them in peace. Jake tells investigators that his mother always tried to stay in good shape. We see that Vivien has been working out with Jake and he tells her that he has been speaking with someone and it has helped. Vivien says she didn’t plan any of this before they chat about Mark’s daughter Sophie. Vivien admits she has never talked to her in person but she doesn’t want Jake to be so suspicious.

jake flesh and blood s01e03

Next, Natalie begins spying on Tony and his wife Carla (Stephanie Langton). That night, Mary goes through a bunch of clothing and cuts them with scissors. Mark wants to speak with Vivien about their upcoming trip but she wants to hold it off until tomorrow. She confesses it feels like going away for six weeks is a very long time and she hasn’t talked to the girls in ages. She is worried that something isn’t right with them but Mark says she shouldn’t worry about it. He doesn’t worry about his daughter because she is a capable woman. He doesn’t have a photo of her on his new phone. Jake meets with Leila who is happy with the email he sent. She explains that she didn’t like the guy she was seeing because he had breath odor issues. Jake tells her that he has been seeing a therapist and has stopped drinking.

tony flesh and blood

Natalie receives a call from Tony but she doesn’t answer it in time. She finds out that she has five voice messages and Tony is starting to panic. Mary spots Mark putting up a fence outside. He says he is doing it for the sale and to help Mary fix up the place since she is always helping out. Mary believes everything has been tough on him but he doesn’t mind. She says she can get around through the front despite the new fence. Natalie calls Tony while Helen speaks with Lily (Grace Hogg-Robinson). Helen apologizes for not being a good mother recently before blaming everything on her new job. Helen pleads with her daughter to come home. Tony meets with Natalie and learns that she isn’t pregnant at all.

leila and jake flesh and blood

She tells Tony she loves him but she can’t go on like this. Mary uses the clothing to create something else. Meanwhile, Jake speaks with Stella and tells her that everything is going well with Leila. He offers to come over for a visit but Stella turns the offer down. Helen asks Lily if she has heard from her father and she has. He told her he misses her but he hasn’t said anything about returning home. Natalie arrives and Helen has to come for. Mark and Vivien speak about using Mark’s last name before they meet with Stella. Jake’s interview continues and he is asked about Stella. He pretends she didn’t have a close relationship with her and that they weren’t friends. Stella calls Jake and tells him about the meeting. He wonders if it is about wills but she won’t tell him.

stella s01e03 flesh and blood

Stella reveals that Mark’s last wife died of a suicidal drug overdose before Jake’s son nearly gets run down by a vehicle. George and Helen meet with their therapist again. Helen is distracted by messages from Jake asking her to call. George explains they have communication issues since Helen is constantly business and he has become numb. He admits seeing Meera is the first time in ages he felt alive before Helen steps out to call Jake. She learns about the suicide. George storms out before we see Mark packing his luggage. He loads a first-aid kit and a small vial of something. Vivien runs along the beach before spreading out among the rocks. Natalie speaks with Helen about her relationship with Tony.

Jake arrives and their conversation turns to the suicide of Mark’s wife. Vivien goes to Mary and invites her over for drinks for her birthday. Helen and Natalie learn that a woman contested the findings of the suicide. Jake explains a solicitor mate found it online. Mark benefited from his wife’s death and the woman accused him of killing his wife. Vivien tells Mark she is going to miss her old place before he wonders if she should lay down for a bit. Then, he reminds her that there is no rush to sell. They can go to India and decide when they return. He decides to get them a drink while Mary finds something to wear. A bottle sits nearby while Mark prepares the drink. He gives it to Vivien and says he’ll give her a few minutes on her own.

Jake is asked about the mood on the evening of the accident. Jake arrives for the birthday party before he tells the investigator that nobody was arguing or fighting. He is asked if he tried to help the victim and he says he did but everyone was in shock. The investigator notices something on Jake’s hand and we see that he got into a fight with Mark during the birthday party.

Flesh And Blood Review

I am not sure if Flesh and Blood is as good as Gold Digger. Although the stories are similar, I think Gold Digger is more realistic. Some of the things Mary does in Flesh and Blood brings down the realism level for me. I am not saying the show is terrible but this episode was a step backward. It is too hard to believe that Mary is going to stroll through Vivien’s house without any concerns at all. She broke the perfume bottle and it amounted to nothing.

I am surprised nobody has noticed her odd behavior but I guess everyone is caught up in their own problems too. The episode was okay but a bit slow. I am glad that the next one is the finale. This episode scores a 6.5 out of 10. Previous recaps of Flesh and Blood are available on Reel Mockery.

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Flesh And Blood Episode 3 Recap


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